The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 6

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Widisha POV

I felt my head throbbing with pain, I was twisting and turning to adjust myself on the bed, but it was of no use finally I groaned and tried to open my eyes. It was painful and they were burning like hell. Suddenly memories of last night were back into my mind, I felt myself self-shivering again and a sob escaped from my lips.

“Hi! Beautiful good morning.....” I turned myself and saw Chris was standing beside the bed, he looked tired no very tired, and his eyes were bloodshot red. I wanted to say something but unfortunately, I started coughing till then I hadn’t noticed that my throat was so dry. “Here have some water you will feel better”. He said handing me a glass of water. I gulped the water down hurriedly.

“Oh! Thank god you are up I was so worried”. I heard Sam opening the door with a bang and she took me in her arms. I couldn’t help as tears started to well up in my eyes. I felt her pulling away “Look at me Widisha”. Her voice sounded determination. “You are not alone in this we all are together and we are going to sail through this together, If you want to cry, I won’t stop you, If you want to scream I won’t stop nor I would say it’s alright because it’s not and we going to fight against it the way you want”. She said with confidence. I was dumbfounded, I have never ever thought Sam was mature to this level.

“Now get up and take a hot bath by the time I will get you something comfortable to change into”. “Chris I think you need to rest as well you don’t look so well yourself”. I said, he just smiles and came up to me and said: “What Sam said is absolutely right we all are together in this beautiful”. He said with a smile and went out of the room. I pushed myself to get out of the bed and drag myself into the bathroom, I had no courage to see myself in the mirror didn’t want to repeat the last night.

I stripped down and turn on the hot shower at full blast and I just stood under the shower, I was able to feel every inch of my muscle was relaxing under the hot water even my eyes were feeling better. I took the shampoo and applied it over my hair, it had a calming effect. After almost twenty minutes I stepped out of the shower. I will not lie but I felt better. I wrapped a towel around myself and I stepped out of the bathroom. My mind was numb by that time.

Sam was standing outside the door with my clothes. “What took you so long, I had started to get worried,” She asked. “Just took little more time in the shower, I was liking it so.....” I don’t know why I was mumbling. “It ok darling come on get yourself change and let’s have breakfast”.

I change into a comfortable T-shirt and track pants, thankfully Sam got the breakfast up in the room. It was a light breakfast like I prefer a cup of hot ginger and mint tea and Poha. Sam was trying to lighten up my mood by telling me stories about her cousins and their pranks. They were close to each other what I could guess, she was interrupted with a knock on the door I turned my head to see Chris was peeking inside. “Hi! Can I come in?” He asked in a very timid tone. “No Chris, you can’t.” Before I could reply anything Sam said but as usual, he ignored Sam and came in. “Had your breakfast?” He asked looking towards me I just nodded. He looked better I guess that he also took bath as his hair was wet.

“Good girl, Dr.Gupta is here just for a routine checkup, if you are comfortable I can ask her to come up”. He was looking into my eyes as if trying to find out what I was feeling. I just nodded, he sighed and went out of the room.

After a few minutes I heard the door open Chris came inside along with a middle-aged woman, I guess she would be of my mom’s age. “Hello, Widisha I am Dr.Minakshi Gupta how are you feeling now?” I replied ok, she then asks Sam and Chris to go out of the room. “If you need anything just call I am outside the door,” Sam said and they went out of the door.

“So Widisha I am going to ask a few questions if you feel uncomfortable please let me know Ok!? I nodded my head. “Are feeling any pain internally?” No doctor. “That’s good, do you mind telling me what happened last night?” I sighed and narrated the entire episode of yesterday, I couldn’t stop my tears coming down from my eyes I even told her about me suffering from nyctophobia.

“So anyone else knew about this phobia?” she asked “No doctor except my parents no one knows about it, I was detected in early childhood, my parents made sure to install a power generator at our house in case of power cut it can be used as a backup, also I have a habit of keeping a night bulb on when I am sleeping and this got triggered after many years,” I said

“I see, have you taken any professional help for it?” “No doctor, whenever such thing had happened before I was either with my mom or dad so it was not so bad like last night”. “Ok Widisha you need to listen to me very carefully, I know what had happened last night was not right but that doesn’t mean you’re being weak or you will stop living your life and you don’t need to do it alone. I can see you have some wonderful and caring friends, I know it’s not easy but allow yourself to open up in front of friends, it will help you to heal from inside. Lastly, I would like you to come to my clinic next Saturday for a checkup”. She said comfortingly. I know what she said was right, I need to try my best but last night’s incident is still fresh in my mind, and how much I am trying they are not allowing me to think about anything else.

Dr.Gupta left, Sam came inside “Your Mom called” my eyes immediately snapped “Did you tell her anything?” I felt my heart thumping inside my chest “No Widisha chill, I just said that you are sleeping and I will ask you to call her when you are awake. That all I said”. I took and a sigh of relief. I don’t know how my parents would react if they come to know about this, I still remember one time I had cut my little finger while cutting some onions that was the last time my mom allowed me inside the kitchen. I don’t know how they are going to react to this situation.

“Hmmm Widisha uncle wants to meet you”. Sam said nervously “Who?” I didn’t understand what she was telling. “I mean Chrish’s dad our dean, we had to inform him about the situation yesterday night so he in his study if you are comfortable we can go there?” She was fidgeting with the hem of her dress. Study? Oh right, how I can be so stupid as not asking Sam where we were. “Sam if I may ask where am I?” “We are at Chris place Widisha yesterday when you didn’t come back so I went in looking for you”. Then she narrated the entire story, I was surprised to hear Chris getting angry and also that he was here beside me for the whole night.

We both went to the study, though I didn’t have any pain I was emotionally drained and my head still hurts. Sam opened the door for me to get in first, I entered the room and saw Mr. Raichand was there along with a man and woman. I couldn’t recognize them but I was feeling very nervous because of the unfamiliar surrounding suddenly my eyes landed on Chris he was standing at one corner of the room along with Prithvi, Vansh, and Raj, Sam also went and stood beside them.

“Good Morning! Widisha how are you doing?” I felt Mr.Raichands voice echoing in the study. “I am good sir” it came out as a whisper. “Widisha please have a seat, first of I would like to apologies to you it’s my duty to protect each and every child studying in this college and I failed doing so,” he said, I was surprised never thought he would apologies to me but before I could say anything he spoke, “Widisha this DGP Arvind Verma and Inspector Kritika Singh they both shall handle your case”. In my case, I didn’t even register a case.

“Widisha I know what are you thinking but we are here because Mr.Raichand has called us and you don’t have to worry about anything going out in public you should say thanks to your friends they had handled yesterday’s situation very maturely”. Mr. Verma said.

I look towards Chris he was smiling at me I felt he was trying to say to keep my calm, I looked towards DGP Verma his looks definitely states the power and the wrinkle in his forehead head shows the years of service he has given towards his department and nation. Ms.Singh looked very young compared to DGP Verma. “Widisha, we all are going to go out of the room and Ms.Singh here is going to ask you few questions be comfortable and answer them ok”. I just nodded

Everyone went out of the room except for Ms.Singh and me. My heart was thumping inside my chest. “Ok, Widisha whenever you are ready we can start”. She said.


Notes from the chapter

Ginger and Mint tea: It is one of the forms of tea loved by the Indians (my own favorite). It can offer some relief from the common cold and sore throat. It also soothes headaches and may aid in digestion.

Poha : Its flattened rice mostly had breakfast in the Indian Subcontinent. The style of preparation changes from region to region but is generally light and healthy.

DGP : Director general of police, is the highest-ranking police officer in an Indian State or Union Territory. DGP typically heads the state or Union territory police force, who in case, is also called State Police Chief.


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