The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 7

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Widisha’s POV

“Ok, Widisha whenever you are ready we can start”. She said.

“I am ready”. I said but my heart was beating so fast, I could feel my ears getting hotter with each passing second and a knot forming in my stomach.

“Widisha I am going to put the recorder on so let’s start. Tell me something about you.”

I looked up to her, very strange I thought she would be asking about the last night but instead, she asked about me.

I took a deep breath and started “I am from a small town in Himachal Pradesh called Solan. I don’t have any siblings, my mum runs her own boutique at home and dad travels a lot. He is into the business of Mushroom farming and Rubber plantation. I don’t have much to say about myself I never had friends in school except my best friend Sonia, she is currently studying Architecture in Bangalore. This is the first time I am away from home especially mom. Dad usually comes home once in two weeks for 3 to 4 days and during my summer vacation he used to take a month’s break from his work so that we can go for trips or trekking”. I saw Kiritika was listening attentively to what I was saying. “I have taken Major in literature because I want to be a professor after completing my doctorate. Dad wanted me to join the family business but I was not interested so finally, he is planning to retire in the next five years. Hmmm, that’s all I have to say” I said.

“Ok, Widisha tell me about your college life and about your friends here?“.

“Well, it was not easy for me to settle down here at first as I mentioned before I have never been away from my parents. Initially, I used to get homesick, miss my mum terribly but things started to change eventually as I started to get used to this place. Slowly and gradually it felt like my second home. For the first time I made so many friends Sam, Abhi, Anna, and Chris, he is a trouble maker but I still consider him as my friend.” I stopped I don’t know what more to say.

“How are your friends, I mean tell me something about them”. She asked.

“Sam was the first one to be my friend or it would be better to say she dragged me to be her friend. She is a perfect description of a tomboy, her pixy cut hair, her jolly, and aggressive nature matches her perfectly. We bonded very quickly even my mom likes her very much, we were planning to visit my place together during the semester break.

Anna, she is a cheerful one who loves to talk and crack jokes. She is short height and it complements her nature perfectly.
Abhi he full name is Abhijeet Rana, he is a nice boy. He lost his parents seven years back in a car accident from that time he lives with his uncle. He always talks highly about his uncle that how he has taken care of him so well in absence of his parents and he would be forever grateful to him. But I guess losing his parents made Abhi very conservative, he talks with very few selective people but in very formal communication. I would say he is only open with me and Anna also he is a brilliant student always perfect at his work.

Chris as you will be aware he is our dean’s Son and I didn’t have a lot of communication with him in past few months because Sam used to keep him away or else Abhi would always fight with him whenever Chris would try to talk with me”. I was looking at Kritika waiting for another round of questions.

“Widisha before I go ahead if anything makes you uncomfortable please let me know”. I nodded, I was mentally preparing myself for the questions that were yet to come.

“Can you please tell me about yesterday’s night from the very start of the fresher’s party?

I couldn’t help but a lump formed in my throat. I started to speak about the party and the people I met but when I reached to that particular incident, I couldn’t speak tears were falling down my eyes and my body was shivering. Kritika handed me a glass of water, I drank the entire water and mumbled thank you to her. By the time I finished telling her the entire story I was crying profusely, my vision was blurry continuous hiccups were there. I just wanted the time to get reverse and delete that part from my life completely.

I felt Kritika embracing me in her arms she was telling me something but my mind was too occupied to register any of her words.

I don’t know after how long I was finally able to compose myself “If everything is done can I leave”. She nodded. “Also Kritika, I would like to keep this matter between us as in I don’t want my parents to be involved just now, when the time comes I will inform them myself”. I said almost in a whisper.

“Widisha I respect your decision you are an adult, so if you don’t want us to involve your parents we shall not do it but I would like to give you a bit of small advice based on my experience please tell them as soon as possible they have every right to know about it and also it’s the matter of your security”. I nodded and went out of the room.

As soon as I came out I saw everyone was standing there looking at me as if waiting for me to say something and it made me more uncomfortable. I ignored everyone, I went up to Sam and said “I am going to my room, need to call mum and then will sleep for some time as I am feeling very tired”. She gave me a sympathetic look and a small smile “If you need anything just call me or Chris”.

I went inside the room and locked the door from inside. I wanted some time for myself but before that, I need to call mum, I know she must be worried about me.
I took my phone out from my purse thankfully the battery was still there. I opened the screen and saw almost twenty-five miscalls and more than fifty messages. Ten miscalls were from Mum rest all were from Abhi. I dialed my mum’s number with one ring she picked up the call.

I never thought lying to my mum would be so difficult, she asked me numerous questions about why was I not answering she was so worried that she had to call Sam to know about my whereabouts, why do I sound so low and the list went on. I said I was having an allergy problem due to sleeping late that’s the reason I got up late and therefore have some cold after saying the entire thing I felt how stupid I was nothing is related to each other. But thankfully Mum bought my story she asked me to visit the doctor if anything is serious. The call ended after twenty minutes, I was feeling extremely guilty for lying to my Mum for the first time but I was in no position to tell her anything right now.

I opened Whatsapp and messaged Abhi that I have come to Sam’s uncle place along with her so not worry, I know I will have to come up with a good explanation for him he will not buy my allergy story, but I was in no mood to do that right now so I switched off my phone and kept it on the bedside table.

Finally, I lay down on the bed, my head was heavy, eyes were burning due to continuous crying and the knot in the stomach was still there which was continuously giving me a nausea effect. I turned and lay down on my stomach pressed my face on the pillow took a deep breath and then screamed my heart loud. My voice was controlled because of the pillow.

I screamed and cried pressing my face on the pillow yesterday night’s entire episode was moving on and on inside my head, I don’t know for how long it was but finally stopped because I had no energy left within me. I could feel my eyes had become dry and my throat was hurting due to continuous screaming. Slowly sleep overtook my conscience.

I got up with a startled as if someone was watching me. I moved my eyes around the room but no one was there even the door was locked. Suddenly my eyes fell on the bedside table there was a red rose and a letter. I was pretty sure it was not there before, with trembling hand I took the folded letter and opened it. My eyes went wide with fear of reading it.

“We shall meet soon and he will pay”


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