Thirst for Revenge

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Once the Thirst for Revenge is awakened, it cannot be quenched until it breaks you apart. Choose wisely, my love, for it is you who would end up hurt in the end. Though the satisfaction is real. Once you start you cannot stop. Try as hard as you can.

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Life is full of unexpected events isn’t it?

When you expect the least, it hits you. What do you do next? Do you sit around and wait for the God to fix everything or do you get up and get your life in control?

Here in Mumbai, living a normal life with her best friend in a two-bedroom apartment, were two fresh graduates from their local college, switching between various jobs to survive in a metropolitan city.

Rosalie Sebastian, 23-year-old orphan, with hair as dark as the midnight which fell till her waist and light eyes, she was a beauty. She had sharp cheekbones, all the curves sit right perfectly in its place. She was unapproachable, with the straight look she always carried.

And her friend, the only person in Rosalie’s world on whom she could count on, Elizabeth Garter, 21-year-old. She was the epitome of bubbliness and innocence, curly hair that enhanced her look and rosy cheeks which show cased her innocence.

“Are you ready to leave, love?” she speaks while coming out of the kitchen with her face in her mammoth sized bag.

“Yes, I am, can we leave already? We don’t want to be late, for what the manager says the band that is arriving is very important.”

“What band is it? You got any idea?”

Rosalie shakes her head, picks the car keys up and walks out. Eliza follows close behind her.


“Woah this place is huge!”

“Close your mouth Eliza we don’t want you to be drooling. I get it it’s a nice place but get your act together.”

“Geez woman would you just relax please. They haven’t arrived yet; they’re running behind schedule.”

“Oh yeah?” Rosalie mocks her by placing her hand on her waist while Eliza just grins like a fool.

Rosalie was anxious, she had done a background check on the band, she had nothing to worry about, yet she found herself getting lost in the thoughts. She couldn’t wait longer, the moment their boss had assigned them the band, Royal Spell, Elizabeth was squealing in excitement as it was her first time assisting Rosalie. Whereas, Rosalie was curious, she knew that the band was new, and that they were a hit.

The faint ringing of the bell echoes through the room, cutting short their conversation.

“Hello ladies, sorry for the tardiness but we got stuck in the traffic, you know how Mumbai traffics are.” A man just around 50 enters inside the room with a soft smile gleaming on his face.

Richard Williamson.

The manager of the band Royal Spell.

Five men enter after him, to say that those men were not beauties would be a crystal-clear lie. Each one of them had something different yet alluring about them.

Rosalie found herself intrigued, her gaze lingered on each of them, studying them.

“It’s okay sir, we were just waiting for you. I am Elizabeth and she is my friend Rosalie.” Eliza introduces them, smiling at them to welcome them.

“As you might know, I’m Richard, and these fine young men are the members of the band Royal Spell. We will be recording them. You guys may get familiar with each other, I’ll just fill the necessary forms.” Richard says and leaves the room to go to the office.

Those two women, work for a music industry, where they help with the recording and technical stuff. Even though the job that they did sounded interesting the pay was not enough for them.

At first glance, the role of the recording engineer might seem rather simple to someone who doesn’t understand just what goes into it. In a nutshell, the recording engineer’s job is to capture and record the music being played by the musicians. But of course, there is a lot more to it than just that. A good engineer will be responsible for all the recording devices in the studio, regardless of whether they are analog or digital. And as we move deeper into the 21st century, computer knowledge is becoming more and more essential.

While the recording engineer’s job seems pretty technical, there is a little room for creativity even here. A skilled and creative engineer can listen to what his artist, or musicians, or producers want the music to sound like, and can help reach that goal by choosing the best microphone setup or placement, or a specific compressor setting.

Rosalie was a master at her job, music, was something that she could do anything with. She had accepted Elizabeth to assist her, seeing that she wanted a break from studies.

Richard explained about everything to them, the producer and the other crew members after getting to know each other, got to work.

The recording soon started, as per the song they had their solos.

Rosalie's eyes shifted to the one singing.

Rafiq Khan.

Mostly known for his soft vocals and pitch. The writer of the group. Spoke only when needed or else he’d stay confined to himself. Brown hair, with decent height and sparkling brown eyes. Age 23.

Olive Anderson.

A former athlete who found his interest in music, with the height of 6′3 he towered over everyone in the group. He spoke with utter confidence, the wise one. Age 22.

Yogesh Roy.

His name screams trouble. The oldest of the group, 24. Known for high pitches, and fluent in different languages. Wherever he goes, he never ceases to spread laughter all the way. His voice, coursed excitement through the listener's body.

Aman Jadhav.

The baby of the group and the youngest, aged 21. The most loved one because of the baby face and blue eyes. His vocals hit different. Also, the always hungry guy. His voice moved like fluids, smoothly, one would want to keep hearing his part over and over again.

Levi Rodriguez.

Known for his deep vocals the voice so deep that it could make the hair on your back stand. He always carried an aura that allured every soul, to solve the mysteries he hid. Black lustrous hair, graphite grey sharp eyes, tattoos and piercings. The total rebellion. His voice was seductive, as if pulling you into a trance where he was all you could hear and dance to his rhythm.

All five were hard to not stare at, they were like the art of God.

Rosalie's gaze lingered on Levi more than she had intended to.

The practice recording was done by eight in the night. Murmurs of how tired they were and needed a long sleep echoed through the hall.

“It was pleasure to work with you girls. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, and boys your cars are waiting outside for you all. Have a goodnight.” Richard left.

The boys wrapped up their things and were escorted out. There were cars waiting for them as Richard had said.

“Goodnight beauties! We will see you tomorrow.” Yogesh winked at them. The rest except Levi waved their farewells and left immediately.


“They looked like models.” Elizabeth exclaimed putting on the aloe-vera mask she recently bought from the nearby medical store. She wanted to glow she said, if only she knew the real beauty she was.

On the other side of the bed Rosalie rolled her eyes like every time she did and flipped the page of the romance novel she was reading.

“I liked him.” Eliza nudged her to get her attention.

“Liked who honey?” She squinted her eyes closing the book, god knows she already had a clue who intrigued Eliza. She knew Elizabeth since her teenage years, like the back of her palm, she knew every thought that crossed Eliza’s head.

Elizabeth loved messing with Rosalie.


“He is a flirt. Don’t.”

She smirks, “Watch me.”

And the book hit Eliza’s head, erupting the laughter in the quiet room, Rosalie secretly wished that it would stay like this, without any problems and her sweet little Eliza always smiling.

Little did she know, the quiet and peaceful days were about to end.


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