The Devil Within

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Chapter Two

A/N: There’s a little bit of steaminess in this chapter, nothing major but just thought I would give a head’s up in case anyone feels uncomfortable with that :)

I loved horror movies.

Honestly, I did, but how many times did I need to watch the Scream franchise? At this point, Scary movie was scarier, and that was the comedy version of the movies.

We were all around Tristan’s for our weekly movie night. Every Tuesday, we would sit down with some take out and take it in turns to pick a movie. This week Wyatt had picked Scream 2, and it was Avery’s turn to pick the movie after.

Most weeks, we would get through 2-3 movies.

A soft kiss was placed on the back of my neck, causing goosebumps to spread across my body. Another one made me shiver. I was cuddled on the couch with Mason while Nora sat on my other side and Tristan beside her. Jaxon and his girlfriend were on the love seat while Avery and Wyatt shared the other couch.

Mason moved his lips from my neck to my shoulder, distracting me from what was going on in the movie. I knew exactly what game he was playing, so instead of giving him the satisfaction of knowing the effect he had on me, I pretended like nothing was happening.

That didn’t last long at all because soon, his hands had dipped under the blanket thrown over us, his fingers digging into the bare skin on my thigh.

“I’m going to get a drink.” I announced to the group and quickly stood from the chair, the fluffy blanket fell onto the floor, but I didn’t care at this point.

“Yeah, I’m gonna get one too. Anyone want anything?” Mason stood up with me. It was obvious to everyone what we were about to do from the lack of replies and smug looks.

If it weren’t us two leaving during the movie night, it was Jaxon and Lily, or Tristan and Nora. Sometimes when the other two brought people over, they would disappear too.

I followed him out of the living room towards the kitchen. I don’t know why we didn’t head towards his room to be honest. I didn’t even make it to the kitchen before he was pushing me up the wall and capturing my lips with his.

Our lips moved in sync against each other, and our movements were frenzied as we tugged at each other’s clothes. My hands had somehow found their way under his t-shirt, where I gently dug my nails at his skin.

A deep moan left his lips at the action, and he took that as a sign to slip his hand under the skirt I was wearing. His grip on my butt tightened when I lightly tugged at his hair. I pulled away from his plump lips, breathing heavily.

“We should go upstairs.” I muttered, and in one swift movement he had picked me up and my thighs were wrapped around his hips. I was impressed when he started walking up the stairs while kissing me again. He even opened his bedroom door without needing to break apart.

And people say men can’t multi-task.

I broke away from his lips again to mutter the word ‘bed,’ but he just shook his head and pinned me against the wall with me still wrapped around his waist.

His eagerness only excited me, and I felt sorry for our friends downstairs who would be able to hear it all.


I guess we were longer than we thought. By the time we made it downstairs, they were watching fast & furious.

“Drinks, my ass.” Wyatt snorted when we finally walked back into the room shamefully. Instead of wearing the skirt and band t-shirt from earlier, I was now wearing some of Mason’s sweatpants and a crop top I had left here a few weeks ago.

“What was I supposed to say? I’m going to have a good dicking, see you guys when I’ve had my insides rearranged?” Avery choked on a slice of pizza at my upfront response.

“Jesus, there’s no being subtle with you, is there?” Mason asked and plonked himself back down onto the couch. I resumed my position of leaning against him with my feet tucked underneath me.

“It’s not like they couldn’t hear us.”

“You two were that loud it turned on Jaxon and lily as well as Nora and Tristan. Everyone’s been getting it tonight apart from us two.” I hadn’t even realised the others not being in the room. The volume of the tv had been turned up to block out any sound.

“Um, don’t include me. I had that tinder date earlier, and we hadn’t even had time to order food before we were in the car doing it.” Avery inputted, making Wyatt’s frown deepened at the realisation that he was the only one not getting lucky.

“You guys suck.”

A knock at the door made me look at the guys in question, we hadn’t ordered any more food, and I’m pretty sure no one else was coming over. My phone vibrated in my hand. Nora had texted me to answer the door.

“Nora told me to get it.” I said to Wyatt as he stood up; he just nodded his head and sat back down.

“What do you want?” I sneered when I spotted Zach standing on the other side of the door with a bag thrown over his shoulder. Zachary was Nora’s roommate. He went to the same college as us but was in his final year. The only reason we knew him was because Nora answered his ad for a roommate, and now they had been living together for almost two years. Two years that was filled with snide remarks and bickering for me.

To say we didn’t get along was an understatement.

He rolled his eyes and barged past me into the house. He was familiar with the surroundings because the guys would sometimes invite him over. Apparently, everyone got along with him apart from me.

“Nora asked me to grab some stuff for her, but she didn’t want the guys to see what it was.” He thrusted a small backpack in my arms. I was tempted to look inside but then pulled a face at what might be in there.

“Do I even want to know?” I grimaced.

He shrugged his shoulders and leaned against the wall opposite me. “I don’t know; it was just some girly shit.”

“And she trusted you because?” If she didn’t want the other guys to know about her being on her period, why would she want Zach to?

“I’ve lived with the girl for two years. The amount of times I’ve had to buy her period stuff is unreal.” The thought of Zach buying tampons at a store made me laugh. He always seemed so intimidating to people, so it was hard to believe.

“Wait,” it finally dawned on me. “her and Tristan are doing shit right now. Ew.”

Now it was his turn to pull a face. “Thanks for that one. I totally wanted that imagery in my head.”

“Pleasure is all mine, Zachy.” He hated me calling him that. So instead of waiting around for him to moan at me, I started walking up the stairs, but not before hearing him mutter the word ‘bitch’ under his breath.

“Aw, love you too, Zachy!” I called down, loud enough for everyone in the house to hear too. I didn’t turn back, knowing full well that he would be giving me the stink eye.

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