The Devil Within

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Chapter Three

“Nora, pull it tighter!” I wheezed out before sucking in another deep breath. I was trying to squeeze into a leather catsuit I had bought months ago that I had seen on sale online. Tonight was the Halloween get-together, but everyone still wanted to dress up for it. It was an hour until we had to be there, and I was nowhere near ready.

She tugged on the zip harder. It was only halfway up. “I’m trying to, woman! Jeez, how small is this thing?” Yeah, maybe I should have looked at the sizing guide before I bought it, but I swear it fit me when it arrived.

“I’ve gained a few pounds because of me not being able to sleep. I end up just snacking, and obviously, it’s piled on.” I admitted it didn’t really bother me that I had gained a little weight. I’ve always wanted to be a little curvier, but I could never put the weight on up until now.

She let go of the fabric and flopped back onto her bed, slightly out of breath. Her nurses’ dress had risen, showing off the flower tattoo on her thigh. I had paid for her to get it done for her 21st birthday, and she paid for the one on my ribcage. It was cute.

“Oh, please,” she dragged out. She lifted her head off the bed and gave me a once over. “the only place you’ve gained a little weight is on your boobs and ass.” Her eyes danced with amusement when I threw a cushion at her.

“Do you have something I can wear instead?” I asked, changing the subject.

Curls fell into her face as she nodded and pointed in the direction of her closet. “In the bottom drawer, there’s the leopard print outfit I wore last year.” She didn’t even finish her sentence before I was rummaging through her drawer, trying to find it. From what I can remember, she wore a jumpsuit last year.

“Aha” I smiled triumphantly and held the outfit up in front of me when I finally found it, the material was thin, so I knew I would need to wear a jacket over it. I slipped out of the clothes I was already half wearing, which was much easier to do than putting it on.

“This is the one, isn’t it?” I walked back into the room in my underwear and shrieked at the person in the doorway. “What the hell, Zack!” I used the fabric to cover my front and walked back into the closet, I would have turned around because that would have been faster, but then he would have had the perfect view of my butt.

I didn’t even hear him knock to come in.

It was a good job that he couldn’t see into the closet from where he was standing. I yanked Nora’s dressing gown off the door and wrapped it around myself. It was easier and quicker than putting the jumpsuit on.

“You could have given me a warning,” I said walking back into the room once I had secured the tie around my waist. Nora was now at her desk, doing her makeup, and Zachary was still leaning against the door frame as they finished off what they were talking about.

“I didn’t realise you would come out in your underwear; otherwise, I would have told you.” She defended while trying to drip fake blood onto her face.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen half-naked women before.” My eyes flicked towards his direction, where a smirk was playing on his lips. Something about his smirk really made me want to punch him. I wasn’t usually this violent, but Zach was just one of those people that always got under my skin.

“I have to say, the pink thongs were pretty sexy. Don’t you think, Nora?”

I was about to respond, but Nora beat me to it. “Zach, stop it.” She swiveled in her seat to face me, “You know he’s only riling you up to get a reaction out of you.” She shot him another filthy look, and he must have taken that as a sign to leave.

He raised his hands in a surrender motion and left the room.

“Those thongs are pretty hot, though.” She added with a sly smile.


We had finally finished getting ready. I was sporting a fox eye make up look and added a few leopard spots on my face thanks to Nora’s incredible makeup skills.

“Tess, get your ass down those steps and into my car now,” Nora demanded behind me as we left her apartment building. One of the downsides to where she lived is that she was on the sixth floor, and the lift had been broken for months. It didn’t look like it was getting fixed anytime soon.

“I’m going. I’m going.” I may or may not have started drinking while Nora was doing my makeup, so I was feeling a little tipsy. Nora was jealous that I had begun drinking without her, but she was driving over as my car was in the shop getting repaired.

My phone blared in my pocket, echoing through the building. I could have sworn I put that that on vibrate earlier. “Hi, dad.” I answered immediately. He was currently on shift and only ever called when it was necessary or when he wants food.

“Hi, sweetie. Sorry, I can’t be on long, so I have to make this quick.” He paused, and there was a rustling sound coming from his end. “Don’t leave your friend’s house tonight, like don’t go clubbing in town.”

“What? Why?” We weren’t planning on leaving the party to the club anyway, but who knows what could happen.

“Listen, I’m not supposed to tell you, but we’ve had an anonymous call saying that there is going to be another murder in the town tonight. It’s probably a prank call, but we can’t be too sure.”

Hopefully, it was just a prank call, but even then, that’s messed up. Who the hell jokes about that kind of stuff anyway?

“Alright, we’ll stay at Tristan’s. Thanks for telling me.” I pushed open the door to exit the building as we neared the end of our conversation. A slight gust of wind blew my black hair into my face making it almost impossible to see.

“I’ve got to get going. Have a good night. Love you.” I didn’t manage to reply before he hung up the phone.

“God, you’re a mess,” Nora muttered and helped me get the strands of hair out of my lipgloss. The small smile told me she was finding it amusing until it dropped and her face turned serious. “You should really turn the volume down on your phone. Do you reckon it is a prank call?”

I pondered over her question as we walked to where her car was parked at. “It would make sense if it was, like why would a killer tell the police that they’re about to kill someone?” It didn’t make sense why they heighten the chance of them getting caught.

She unlocked the car and climbed inside. I followed suit. “Unless it’s a game to them. In criminal minds, the unsub taunts the victims and sometimes the police. It’s messed up.” The car jolted forwards slightly before she put it in reverse. I never said Nora was a good driver.

“You watch too many crime shows. I’m sure it’s just a prank call.” But the quiver in my voice told us both that I didn’t think it was a prank call at all.

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