Suffering Gift

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Ophelia spent most of middle school known as zombie girl. The kids that teased her had no clue how much medication she was taking daily for her to get by the day. She couldn't sleep well since she was thirteen years old and her parents were afraid of her hurting herself again. O couldn't remember the traumatic experience that caused the nightmares or the fear of someone hurting her. The therapist had her on antidepressants, antipsychotics, and sleeping pills. She wasn't cutting herself anymore and the nightmares had stopped but at 15 she was withdrawn and lacked enthusiasm for anything. No matter how much the doctor insisted, her parents would not institutionalized her at such a young age. She was in high school and had a boyfriend. Her father suggested lowering some of her medications and the doctor agreed, with his own agenda of course. Things were looking good until the day an argument with parents made her little sister run after her. Maddie was not supposed to walk into the bloody bathroom scene and O's scream only made things worse. She didn't want to hurt anyone but she didn't know was that was just the beginning of her suffering and her gift.

Thriller / Romance
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The Room


The straps were tight, there's no point in struggling against them. The room is small and cold, the itchy blanket didn't help keep me warm. Soon they would come in and either take my for my treatment or abuse me. Sleeping doesn't help my nightmares are just as bad. I can hear the voices nearing, once they untie me, I will fight.

As the door opens the lights don't come on automatically as they should all I see are the eyes that haunt me. It's not the nurse it's him. In the darkness I can feel him get on the edge of the bed, I hear the screech of the springs in the bed.

"Pain will help unlock your gift child, you must suffer."

He is whispering into my ear. I feel his breath against my neck making my hairs stand on ends.

"I am in hell, there is no gift here." I answer him with defiance in my voice, but fear in my heart.

He puts a hand around my throat. His nails dig into my skin, I can feel the blood coming up and starting to drip on my neck. Then he squeezes, "fuck you" I manage to chirp out as the air is slowly leaving my body. Just as I begin to blackout, I suddenly wake up choking in my bedroom.

I'm not in the hospital bed anymore. I am home in my full sized bed no straps tying me down, no torture, just my memories. I get up to get a glass of water in my bathroom, and I can see it. The bruises are on my wrists and the scratches on my neck. I was there again. No more sleep tonight, the nightmare was real. I lived it and now my dreams take me back.

I have had trouble sleeping for years my dreams hurt me. They were under control for awhile but now something is happening. I will not let the monsters hurt me any more. Now I will fight or die fighting.

My dad bought this amazing house, about a year ago. Missy made sure I had not only a walk in closet but my own bathroom. They have a room almost the same size as mine, but my parents wanted me to have something nice. Let's just say my last bedroom was small and not private and it's the first time I have my own bathroom. As I look in the mirror I see her zombie girl but she is gone and I have no intentions of being her again.

3:48am I go into my closet and start going through my clothes. Black jeans and a mock neck top that will cover the marks on my neck for school. I had a small pile of laundry starting so I started to put it together and tossed it in my hamper and cleaned my room. Since I had trouble sleeping my room was always neat, almost to the where mom thought I had OCD. "O has OCD."

Funny now I get privacy. When the incident happened all I wanted was a moment alone I wasn't going to hurt anyone. That's not what happened and I spent a year in hell now I am in a new school new friends and a new me.

'Hey you awake?'

I looked at my phone Kevin texted me.

'Yeah but why are you up?'

'The asshole wants me to go wait for a delivery before school, want me to pick you up you can keep me company and I can give you a ride to school. '

'I don't know what if dad gets up early and sees us?'

'We will be gone before he gets up, come on it's almost 5AM you know you're not going back to sleep now.'

He was right and maybe we could makeout a little bit before we got to class.

'Sure, I will be ready in 20 minutes.'

'Great I will be there in 10 maybe I can catch you before you get dressed. '


He wasn't kidding I got out of the shower and he was on my bed waiting for me.

"If dad finds out you sneak in here you are dead."

"Your father loves me or will when you tell him I am your boyfriend not just your friend. "

"When did we start getting into the titles, I thought you said you didn't want a girlfriend?"

"Well you're different from anyone I ever met. "

I was in my underwear and towel sowly I walked over and straddled his lap. I kissed him licking his lower lip, which was plump and warm. He was a great kisser he put his hands on my hips and took the towel off.

"Damn girl" he voiced soft and breathy he started to kiss my jawline and noticed the marks on my neck and pulled away quickly.

"Babe what is this?"

I moved back and started to pick up my outfit to get dressed.

"Babe?"he questioned again this time he looked at me like he was worried.

"I was cleaning my room and dropped some stuff from the top of my closet and I guess I scratched my neck with the hangers." He looked at me like he was not buying it but left it alone. "Come on let's get out of my room we can't wait for the delivery here." I finished getting dressed and went to his dad's club.

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