That one night

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One night Lisa went out. She had no idea what was in store for her. After a fun night with friends Lisa vanashed. Everyone has given up looking for her thinking that she died. Until 3 years later that case reopens with new evidence suspecting the father. Will they be able to find Lisa before time runs out?

Thriller / Mystery
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It started off like any other night, movie and dinner with friends. I never expected anything. All I remember is walking and feeling dizzy. I tried to breath but it all went black. I remember feeling anxious to get home. I remember walking home.It was cold and it was nasty. They were boxes and a bloody mattress. There was a very vile oder. I'm pretty sure it is mold. I looked around when I heard a voice calling out of the shadows. It was a girl she looked around 15 so close to my age. She asked me to come over to her and help her. I was hesitant at first but got the courage to go to her.

“Hi” she said

Hey are you okay? How long have you been here? Where are we?”

“I don’t know were we are all I know is that he gets really angrier if you talk out of turn. My name is Alisa. And I got here yesterday night I was walking home last night after a party.”

I looked at her lost in thought I looked at her and said “what did you need help with?”

I looked down she was chained unlike me. I wonder if she tried to run or something. I pick the lock with my Bobby pin in my hair the I help her to the bed in the far right corner of the basement lookin thing. I carried her to the bed and helped her under the dirty sheets. We started talking again.

“How did you get chained to the wall” I asked

“I tried to fight back ,he punched me then chained me up.”

“What do we do?” I ask with my voice shaking

“I don’t know we haft to wait and see”

“Okay, but we can’t do this alone so we stick together”

“Okay” she gave a small smile

I have a small smile back. We are going to figure out what to do in the morning but for now we need sleep.

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