Artistic Vengefulness

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An artist who was obsessed with an actress who cross their paths on unexpected situation which gives an unexpected turns to their lives. will they able overcome their problems together?. can they come out of their dark past which was haunting them.

Thriller / Mystery
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Haunted mansion

Only silence can be heard from the four corners of abandoned room white walls with old paintings which are screaming red alert .Dim red lights which are flickering on the corner of room. On other corner of the room an unconscious girl in her early 20’s tied to a chair. Slowly she started gaining consciousness her muffled breathing can be heard. She slowly opened her eyes she saw a man about 6’1 height with perfect toned body,black eyes filled with dark expression,wearing a black ripped denim with grey t-shirt with black leather jacket he was breathtakingly handsome his facial features his silky black hairs were all perfect he was looking like a demon with his angelic features.he was sitting across the room crossing his legs looking other corner of the room in dim light. She started breathing heavily when she noticed her hands and legs are tied to a chair and piece of cloth covered her mouth she started struggling to loosen the grip of rope which tied across her hand firmly which gained attention of the man. He looked towards her with an intense gaze “Are you awake, I was waiting for you to wake up” he spoke with deep voice.

"You are too beautiful in person than u seem on that bloody screen".

"who are you" I asked him while looking floor. I was too scared to face him. He started laughing demonically. I looked towards him. His eyes were piercing to my soul

"you are mine now. Nobody dares to take you away my me".he laughed like manic

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