Loveless ....

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The story of a psychopath and a detective an unlikely pair working together . Read more to find out

Thriller / Romance
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The beginning ......

Zions POV

The crimson red blood fills my hand with a knife in one hand the once pure white walls were now stained with my parents blood , laying on the ground are my so called parents . They were just laying their so ....lifeless . The thing is I’dont feel bad at all for what I did in all honesty it excites me . Standing right next to me was my half brother Joshua petrified with fear I watched him like a predator hunting his prey. I walk towards him , I watch his s Scrunny little legs shake just like a frightened bunny with his freckled face and a buttoned nose and two big blue orbs for eyes, he was so innocent .

“you better not say anything kid or you’ll be next” I stared at him with my ice cold gaze sending him whimpering in fear

“y-you k-killed them how could you brother mother was right your nothing but a loveless child”

Oh dearest brother I hade to kill them for the sake of our family I gave you a warning and you should’ve ran while you hade the chance dear brother “

I swiftly moved closer to my prey digging my knife into his heart eventually killing him this was my first homocide and I knew from that day forward it wouldn’t be my last .

It’s been 17 years since the day I’ve killed those people. After I was done killing everyone in the manor i burnt it .everyone thought that I died during the fire , dumasses I took on a new name and moved to America eventually starting my new life . My name is Zion clazempyy and I’m a psychopath

Humans are such dirty beings they only care for themselves they lie and trick people for their own satisfaction . I’ve experienced being abandoned and shunned away by society . I was abandoned by my own mother before I could even make it out of her whom . I’ve grown used to it by now , being alone I rather be alone then dealing with the harsh reality of things . It’s easier to just walk away with a smile on your face . They ask if I’m okay and I feel obligated to say yes because I know deep down they don’t give a shit .

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