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Tainted minds

By WriterReincarnated All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Thriller


I was created to be destroyed.

I thought changing to society's want will change their view on me. I was wrong.

I believe in justice, now. Justice is what will bring us together again, a force strong enough to overthrow the leaders.

I will not let them take away my people. They have tried. But they failed. I am hurt, not broken. Now I will hit them hard, fight like my life depends on it. Because it does.

I lie on the pale white bed in one of the less important sections of CDDP. Perhaps i should give up? If i do, everyone will suffer. everyone but me. I glance at the dagger encrusted with precious stones. just one move would be needed to end this torture. But the torture will last much longer than after I have passed.

I reach out and grip the blade of the dagger with my hand. it cuts into my skin and I feel something sting me. The blood slowly drips and falls onto the plain bed sheets. i struggle to stay awake, probably because of the sedative the men had given me. i wont let them take me. If i fall asleep, they will take me, experiment on me and then discard me. I wont let them use me like that. I was born for a life of my own. If I kill myself, they wont be able to use me for their own needs.

I turn the dagger around, the beautiful hilt now coloured red by the blood on my hands. i take a deep breath and shove the dagger into my stomach, trying to make it as painful as possible.

Blood pours down my arm, staining my porcelain skin. a quiet voice in my head tells me to stop. I quickly dismiss it. The dagger in my hand drips with the blood of its victim. Me.
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