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Heartbreak hell

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Book 3 in the Peterson Brothers series Danny Peterson, a shy police officer has to help out a friend who finds out they have been targeted for some Internet fraud. After finding out The Heartbreaker is a serial killer and he is on the move. Things turn more serious and Danny is the only hope for Emma who also happens to be his girlfriends best friend.

Thriller / Romance
Arri Stone
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Chapter 1 - Danny

Danny Peterson, shy and dedicated to his job. Recently moved in with his girlfriend Ellie to a beautiful place together. He finds out his job is about to get a whole lot harder as it’s just about to get personal.


My headache thumped as I rubbed my temples trying to ease it. I have been following up on a case and we keep hitting dead ends. I’ve been partnering up with Tyler these last few weeks, and he is as stumped as I am.

“What do you think?” I sit back in my chair scratching my beard.

“We have gone through every clue twice.” Tyler shrugged his shoulders. “What about the boyfriend again?”

“He has a clear alibi, but I’m with you… it’s almost too clean.” I scrap the chair back and pace the room trying to piece my thoughts together. “Let’s go through all his moves before and after she disappeared.”

Tyler and I head back into the conference room where we had everything set up. Every note taken we went through, we must have spent the next three hours going over it all again. “Ahh.” I throw up my hands in the air. “I’m with you, he’s done it, but we can’t prove it.” I pinch the bridge of my nose. This guy’s girlfriend disappeared without a trace, he had gone out with no clue that his girlfriend was going to leave him, and when he came back she had gone, but her stuff was still there. He called up the police after she hadn’t returned over 48 hours later. Three weeks later and we are still trying to find her.

“Do you think the Chief will go for it if we ask to put surveillance on him again?” Tyler pulled a face, one we all do when it comes to asking the Chief to do things.

Inwardly I groan. I’ve been here long enough to know the Chief. He is a good and fair man, but when it comes to asking for more man power when it isn’t classed as necessary, everyone backs away till one person is left standing out the front. Today I am that man.

Tyler stands behind me as I raise my hand and knock on the Chief’s door. “Yes.” His deep voice booms out.

“Sir.” I didn’t get a chance to say anything as he put his hand up to stop me.

“I know what you are here for, right now and I can’t give you the extra surveillance team you need. We are under a lot of pressure right now and there is a new case I need you on. It could also be related to the disappearance of the girl you are looking for.” Chief raises one of his brows. “There are some missing persons in other states, I have been talking to one of the other investigators who has been following this killer, she has an idea that he may be on the move again shortly, we have to keep an eye out for any suspicious movements from newcomers.”

“So, the boyfriend isn’t guilty?” Tyler crosses his arms in front of his chest. I know he was certain that he was connected somehow.

The Chief sighs and tips his head back. “He could be still connected, I’m not dismissing that point, but this killer… He has been named as the State Killer, or the Heartbreaker. He stalks his prey and hunts them down; the investigator, Detective Ellis, is still figuring out how he does it.”

I gulp down the lump in my throat, as a police officer, I’ve seen many sights, but the aftermath of a killer is the worst. Adam had to deal with one a while back; poor bitch was mutilated. “So, what do you want us to do now then sir?” I glanced at Tyler as I shove my hands in my pockets.

“We inform all officers involved with this new development, Detective Ellis will contact us in the next few days to keep us informed. In the meantime, finish up your shift and head home.” He leans back in his chair and signals us to leave.

Closing the door behind us, Tyler and I head for the break room. “Make mine extra strong will you, I’m going for a piss.” Tyler continues along the corridor.

I make two strong coffee’s and set them down on the table before grabbing one of the comfy chairs, groaning as I do.

“That bad, is it?” Adam’s voice came round the door and made himself a coffee.

“Hey Adam, just a case which could be turning into something bigger.” I just want to close my eyes for five minutes.

“How did the move go?” He made himself a coffee and sat down on the chair next to me.

“Yeah, Ellie has done a lot of the unpacking, I still can’t believe I asked her to move in together.” I had been thinking about moving from where I lived, and surprised myself when we were talking one night. We still have some things to sort out, but I love living in an actual house rather than an apartment.”

“So when is the moving in party?” Adam guzzles the rest of his coffee down. I don’t know how he can drink it so fast.

Tyler walks back in and plonks himself down. “Which one is mine?” He gestures to the two cups on the table.

“The one closest to you.” I reach out and take the one I had made for myself. “As for the party Adam, you know I don’t really do that sort of thing. Anyway Ellie likes things quiet as well” He should know me by now.

“Spoil sport.” He crunches up the styrofoam cup and bins it before leaving. “See you later Danny.” He waves a hand up as he walks out of the door.

“So, back to what the Chief said?” Tyler takes a sip out of his coffee.

“I fucking hope we don’t have a serial killer coming here, it’s bad enough with the criminals we have. I’m just starting a new life with my girlfriend and I don’t want her to worry about who I’m after.” I close my eyes and let out a yawn. “I just want this shift to end so I can go home and crash out.”

“Another coffee then?” He picks up our empty cups and goes to make more. “If we do have a serial killer coming to our area, we better keep a closer eye on Mr asshole boyfriend?”

“Yeah, I think we should make a move and head over in his direction next.” I gratefully drink the lukewarm coffee Tyler had made, and we head off to check out what our suspect is doing.

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