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Heartbreak hell

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Chapter 2 - Danny

I’m completely exhausted when I finish work. The music I come home to fills my heart with joy, I love living with Ellie. We are both very similar with being shy, but together, she fills a missing piece in my heart which I never knew I had until I met her. Now I would do anything to protect her.

I kick my boots off before I walk along the hall and into the kitchen where Ellie is. She is busy making something and wiggling her ass along to the music. I lean against the door frame and watch as her long dark brown hair sways across her back. One day I will marry her, but we agreed not to rush into anything.

“Hey baby.” I move across and wrap my arms around her waist and lean to kiss her cheek.

“Were you standing watching me?” She turned her head and smiled. Damn she caught me.

“You are so sexy when you move with the music.” We sway together and I rest my chin on her shoulder.

“Bad day?” She wrapped her arms over mine and held me. She always seemed to know when I needed a little bit more. I don’t talk too much about work with her as she finds it unsettling, knowing I’m out there risking my life doing the job.

“Mmm, what are you making?” I glance down at the worktop where she had chopped some potatoes into large steak chips.

“Well, since this is our second week in this house and we never managed the dinner I planned the other night, so I’m doing it tonight.” She kissed my lips and I was already drooling with thoughts of how delicious the steak and chips meal would be.

“Did you get a sauce for the steak?”

“I wasn’t sure which one you prefered, so I got the peppercorn sauce and a creamy mushroom sauce.” She dried off the chips and placed them in the fryer. “I’m putting the steaks on now, so if you want a quick shower before eating you have time.”

I slap her ass and she squeals making me chuckle. “I like a bit of spice.” I wink at her as I head out and up the stairs. The shower is exactly what I need, I finish up and dry, coming out to mouthwatering smells.

“Perfect timing.” She places two plates down on the little table we have.

We sat chatting about what she was up to today, only because my mind was filled with an uncertainty which I didn’t need her worrying about. “Did you see Emma and Thomas?” I help clear the plates away.

“I’m meeting them tomorrow at the coffee shop.” Ellie flicks her hair back over her shoulder. “I’m meeting them about 10am if you are about?”

“I’ll pop in, only so I can spend some time with you.” I have been working so much of late and I like Ellie having her own friends as I have mine, although most of my time off has been spent with my brothers. Well that was before we all started having girlfriends and wifes. I know I’ll get a speech from mom next time I see her about when I am going to propose to Ellie. We snuggled down to watch a movie as we both had eaten so much we could hardly move.

The next day Ellie went on ahead of me to meet Emma and Thomas, I wanted to pop into the police station first to find out if there were any updates. I hated doing this on my day off but something in the pit of my belly was telling me something wasn’t right.

“Hey Bostyn, how’s things?” She is at the front desk today.

“Big boy is in the back if you want him?” She lets out a chuckle.

“Actually, have you heard about this new development on the missing girlfriend? The Chief thinks she might have something to do with the State killer?” I lean against the counter.

“No, not much, The Chief just told us to keep our ears open and our eyes peeled for anything strange. I don’t think we have had anything as big as this here before?”

“I hope it is all rumors, I’d hate to have to tell some poor girls mom or dad that their daughter was kidnapped and killed. We don’t even know how he does it yet. Anyway I better head to join Ellie for coffee.” As I leave I wave my hand in the air across the station as Adam appears, I get out before he starts talking.

I hop on my bike and go join Ellie. When I arrive I spot a new bike in the grounds of the car park, one that I’ve not seen before. Now my mind is going into overdrive. I scan the area as I walk up to the bike and touch the engine; it’s warm so I know it has been here a not too long. I head into the coffee shop and meet everyone.

“Hey baby.” I lean down to kiss her as she turns her head towards me. “Hi Emma, Thomas, how are you both?” There is an unsettled atmosphere around the table. “I’ll grab a coffee.”

The place was really busy and it took me a while to get served, all the time there was something gnawing away in the pit of my stomach. Call it police intuition or whatever but I haven’t had this feeling in a long time, and the last time led me to finding a girl murdered by her own dad, someone who was close to the police. There were new faces in the coffee shop, people going in and out, but there was one guy who sat with his back to me. I received my coffee and went back to join the others.

Ellie glanced at me as I sat down. “Danny.” She bit her bottom lip and her eyes showed me worry and it wasn’t about her. Emma sat running her fingers along the chain she had around her neck. “I don’t like to ask you to do this, but… Emma has been chatting to someone on the internet, I’m not sure if he is who he says he is. Can you do a check?” Ellie pleads with me. She knows I don’t abuse the police database system to find out information on someone, but my girl is worried about her best friend.

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