Heartbreak hell

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Danny Peterson, a shy police officer has to help out a friend who finds out they have been targeted for some Internet fraud. When it turns more serious and Danny finds he is in the only hope for his friend.

Thriller / Romance
Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1

Danny Peterson, shy and dedicated to his job. Recently moved in with his girlfriend Ellie to a beautiful place together. He finds out his job is about to get a whole lot harder as it’s just about to get personal.

Chapter 1

Emma is sitting in the coffee shop with best friend Thomas, they are currently waiting for Ellie to turn up. All three of them had grown up together. Emma had moved back to the city after having her heartbroken and split from her boyfriend. It’s been a year since that day. She has started chatting to a few guys from Instagram on the internet. There was one and he seemed really nice, he had suggested that it was better they spoke through a different chat room.

Straight away he was saying really nice things to Emma and making her feel really good about who she was. He lived in South America, and he worked in the army, which only made things harder. They had been exchanging photos of each other and information. He promised that when he was on his next leave that he would come and visit Emma, she got so excited that she had to tell her best friends. Ellie comes in and greets them both before ordering her coffee to come and join them.

“What’s got you all excited?” Elle could see that Emma had something to say the way she was smiling.

“Well... I know you’re going to think it's crazy but you know that guy I'm chatting to, well he's going to come across and see me.”

“Is it that guy Alex that you showed us?” Ellie looks at Thomas, she can tell he is worried about her also. “You know I'm happy for you, that you have met someone but I want you to be careful okay.”

“I know..but we've been chatting for the last two months and he's going to be on leave soon, we're going to meet up, well he's coming here.”

Ellie is now really worried and asks her how much information she has given out to this guy she has never met before. “Tell me you haven’t told him exactly where you live?”

“He’s coming over next month.”

“Oh god, Emma.” Thomas is one of Emma’s best friends and she hadn’t told him this information. “Tell me you haven’t sent nude pictures or anything like that?”

“Oh god... no...no...I'm sure he's not like that, and he's sent me pictures of himself, we did some video chat, well he said he couldn't use his camera because he was on a base so I wasn't allowed to see where he was.”

“Shit babe, you know what we told you about that, how many stories have we heard about people getting blackmailed about stuff like this.”

Emma pulls up a picture of Alex, the guy she has been talking to, Ellie agreed that he was cute Thomas said he didn’t like the guy.

“You don’t like any guy that takes their fancy to Emma.”

“Well, she's like my sister... I saw how hurt she was after that fuckwit last year.”

Thomas and Emma had literally grown up together, their families were neighbours for years. Everyone thought that Thomas and Emma would end up dating but they only ever had the closeness like a brother and sister. Neither of them had any siblings so they were together the whole time. Elle does agree with Thomas though, about Emma’s ex, she didn’t like him either but tolerated him for Emma’s sake.

Ellie suggests getting Danny to look into him and see if he is legit. Emma tells them everything that she knows about this guy. As they are talking a tall, heavily tattooed guy walks in and orders a coffee. Ellie steps out so she can call up Danny.

“Hey, babe can you do a check on some guy for us?”

“I’m just about to finish my shift, where are you?”

“The coffee shop.”

Ellie can hear Danny chuckling. “I think you must live there when you’re not at work.”

She thanks Danny as he will turn up shortly to get the information off her so he can check this guy out. When she heads back in she notices the guy at the main counter looking over at Emma.

“Hey Em, that guy is staring at you.”

Emma blushes as Thomas and Ellie keep telling her how hot he is and that he is definitely watching her.

“He is not.”

“How do you know? Take a look, I bet you he is still looking at you.”

Emma is about to turn to look when the door goes and Danny walks in. He comes straight to the table as they always sit in the same spot and kisses Ellie before sitting down next to her. Emma passes over all the details she has on the guy and sends over a picture from her phone.

“Give me a few minutes and I’ll be back.”

He heads back out the door leaving the three of them drinking coffee. Emma looked up and noticed the guy had disappeared from the side table he was sitting at. Feeling slightly disappointed Emma excuses herself and heads to the toilet. The cafe only has two small toilets at the back one for the guys and one for the girls. Both were engaged so she stood outside waiting. The guy’s door opens and out walks the tall tattooed guy she had noticed before.
Emma felt her heart jump out of her chest and on top of him as he stopped dead in front of her.
He is slightly older than Emma, not the usual type of guy that Emma would go for but his gorgeous blue eyes draw her in. He watches her as her tongue wets her lips and she ends up biting the bottom lip holding there between her teeth. Just then a woman steps out of the female toilet followed by a stench to knock a horse out. Both of them smile and chuckle.

“I’m so desperate for a pee.”

“The men’s are not too bad.”

“Yeah, I think I might just do that.”

He watches her as she goes past him and into the men’s toilet.

Griffin hasn’t had a proper girlfriend in years as he has been away working for a company that deals in safety amongst workers at drilling stations, covering most of the different states.

As Emma walks back through she spots him sitting back in his spot. She can’t help but smile at him as she finds there is something about him that gives her warm and fuzzy feelings. He smiles back wishing that he had the guts to talk to her but she is with friends.
Danny comes back in and he has worry written all over his face.

“This the information he gave you? This is what he told you?”

“Yes, that is everything.” Emma can start to feel a sick feeling coming over herself.

Ellis is trying to comfort her.

“I’m sorry Emma but all this information is false, there is no one in the army with that name in the squadron. Emma, I need to know how much information you gave him about yourself?” Danny rests a hand on her arm.

“I told him everything.”

Ellie looks at Danny. He suggests that Emma starts to talk less to him and try to let him down slowly when she does speak to him. He will check more out on his next shift and perhaps talk to his brothers to see what they think. Emma thanks Danny for helping out. Both Thomas and Ellie tell her that it will be all okay and that they are there for her if she needs them.

Danny goes up to order a coffee as Emma sits there thinking how stupid she feels. She got caught up with this guy called Alex that she now knows is not his real name. He made her feel good about herself and always told her how beautiful she was to him. Now she is lost as this guy who has just walked into her life makes her feel something different. She can imagine herself being wrapped up in his arms, He makes her feel safe and she doesn’t know why.

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