Crossing Palms

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Mark sent His brother a quick text telling him to follow them. So that he had a way home but also incase she changed her mind, this was all so new to him he didn't know what to expect. Matthew didn't say a word just looked over from where he was parked and nodded to him. As they drove Raysia tangled her fingers in Marks free hand, rubbing the back of his knuckles with her thumb and watching out the window as if this was something they had done a hundred times. He could see her out the corner of his eye, as she would steal looks at him and smile, then go back to watching the road. It brought him peace. A complete sense of contentment he had never tried to imagine. But it was brought to a screeching halt as they turned the last corner, not ten minutes from her house. Her hand tightened around his. Through her he felt a suffocating surge of fear. Her whole body was rigid. He began to pull away thinking maybe he'd done something to scare her, but her grip tightened, "No. That's not me. Something's wrong. Something with my sister." Mark didn't ask questions. His speed increased as he flipped the hazard lights three times to signal his brother that something was going on. Matthew increased his speed as well, to keep pace.

As they pulled into the drive way, Raysia began to hyperventilate. All the lights were off in the house, Adinas car parked almost on the porch and a black SUV right behind it. Raysia knew that car. It was Travis Bailors. As they parked she could see that the front door was open and that Travis's SUV was still running. Her heart lurched into her throat. Adina was in serious trouble. Travis had always been known for a bad temper. And in recent years for believing he should become the high priest of their community. His abuse towards women was well known, since he practically bragged about it every chance he got and right now, he was in there with the only family she had left. Mark already knew the situation, he was well aware of Travis after investigating him and Adina. He knew this wasn't going to end with out a fight tonight.

The back door opened and Matthew slid into the seat. Handing Mark a gun and both men began checking their clips before exchanging a look. Raysia started to reach for her door handle when Mark grabbed her arm and shook his head. Her eyes were streaming with tears. He swallowed hard, ,"We'll be right back, stay here and lock the doors, I'll get Adina for you, I promise." Raysia wanted to get her sister herself but his whole demeanor had changed and something told her her not to argue. She nodded her head and without thinking stole a kiss from him before he pulled away from her and left the car. Matthew was right behind him, never saying a word. Raysia climbed into the driver's seat and hit the auto lock. Watching the two men jog up to the house. As they entered Raysia saw that the shed door just behind the house was swinging in the wind, it had taken only that moment of looking away for her to lose sight of Mark and Matthew. She watched the house without blinking. The fear she felt now was her own. Even for just a moment she had been able to feel again, her gifts making an appearance for the first time in so long. But now she couldn't feel her sister. She tried reaching out to her, closing her eyes and willing herself to focus when the window shattered.

A hand reached through searching for the lock while another hand grabbed her by the hair. The door swung open and Raysia was dragged from the car. Travis threw her against the side of it. Wrapping his hands around her throat and moving just inches from her face.
"Raysia, where is your sister?", Travis's voice was low, raspy and too calm. His eyes were wide and bloodshot. A part of her felt relief, his question meant that he hadn't been able to find Adina. But now she wasn't in a position to protect herself. His grip growing tighter and cutting off her oxygen. Raysia made no attempt to answer him. Instead she stared into his eyes, challenging him. Probably not the smartest thing she had ever done but she was too stubborn to just submit to this piece of shit. Travis slammed her against the car again, this time the back of her head connected. Her ears began to ring and a white flash came over her eyes from the pain, it left her gasping for air and scrunching her eyes shut. Travis shifted his weight, placing his leg between hers. Holding her in place with one hand he reached down to the front of her pants with the other.

"I have no use for you, but I know ways to get little bitches like you to talk. I want your sister, she's mine. But I can always go through you to get to her.",he whispered as he tugged the button open and yanked her zipper down. From somewhere behind her Adina screamed, "No!", Out of the corner of her eye she saw Mark approaching slowly. His gun raised and eyes locked on Travis. When he saw Mark, Travis released Raysia. She moved to the trunk of the car and around to the other side where Adina was hiding behind Matthew.

One arm out protectively the other holding his gun on Travis as well. His eyes never leaving the target. Matthew quietly coached the girls over to his truck. And waited outside as they climbed in. Travis had slowly raised his hands in the air. A cocky grin across his face and he moved slowly back towards his vehicle up by the house. Mark moved with him, turning in a circle until his back was towards the truck and he began to walk backwards. As he reached the driver's side Travis had also reached his suv, but was standing outside of it, watching them. Mark hopped in the truck, while Matthew waited until the ignition turned over before following suit. As they backed out of the drive way Travis was yelling towards them but his words were muffled over the sound of the engine and Adinas hysterical sobbing. Mark drove as fast as the truck would let him, occasionally checking the mirrors to see if Travis had tried to follow them. Matthew climbed in the back seat.

"Adina, I need to check you over, you may have a fractured cheek bone and need to make sure your fingers aren't broken.", He tried to be gentle, and he could see the terror on her face but she didn't pull away as he checked what appeared to be the worst of her injuries. Once he was finished he climbed back into the front seat and pulled a water bottle out from under it for each of the girls. Eventually they reached the interstate, Adina had fallen asleep with her head on Raysias lap. Mark still hadn't said a word, but now when he checked the rear view mirror she could see his expression had changed. To what she had no idea. And Matthew had rolled his window down to smoke. Seeming unphased by tonight's events.

Raysia tapped him on the shoulder and motioned as if to ask if she could have one. So he passed her the pack and a lighter. "We'll stop at the next exit to buy some stuff and get you two cleaned up before we decide where to go from here. But you can't go back there. I don't know how much your sister's told you but that guy has been on our radar for awhile and so has she. We'll do our best to fill in any blanks you might have, but she's lucky he didn't find her tonight." Matthew gave her a wry smile, but almost choked when she frowned at him, " I dont know what you're talking about. Who are you guys? What do you mean my sister's been on your radar?"

Matthew shot a glare in Marks direction as he slammed his fist against the steering wheel and making Raysia jump. He immediately felt like an asshole and his shoulders dropped a little. They're been through enough tonight. He didn't need to make things worse for her. But worse was inevitable now.
Adina hadn't told her. And now they both were going to have come clean about their roles in all of this.
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