Crossing Palms

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Mark's heart stopped when he saw the way Travis was holding Raysia his hand at her pelvis. He wanted to drop him as soon as he saw him. But Adina's out cry had caught Travis's attention and now he was aware of the gun aimed at his head. Travis immediately let go, backing away with his hands raised in the air. Raysia scrambled away over to where his brother was and Mark knew she'd be safe with Matthew. What ever happened next was between him and Travis. He never took his eyes off his target. One move in the wrong direction and his life would be over. The smile on Travis's face made him sick. How could this bastard be enjoying himself?

Mark backed up towards the truck and hopped in. His only goal now to get the girls out there to safety. They'd have to protect the girls, take them some where Travis couldn't reach them. They'd have to go to his mother. As he sped down the highway that thought bothered him a little. His mother had been pleading to meet Raysia, as if she had known there was more to the situation the whole time. And now he connected with Raysia, forming a bond with her that most Wiccans spend a lifetime searching for. And he had no idea what that meant for her. He'd done his checking up on her, digging up her medical records. He'd only meant to check up on her after the accident but he'd come across the report from when she'd been taken. He found himself unable to call it was it was...

Mark wanted to comfort her, he couldn't imagine how hard it must of been for her. Then to have Travis holding her like that. He glanced in the mirror trying to catch a glimpse of her. Raysia just kept looking away from him. Resting her head against the back window. After they merged on to the interstate Matthew had told her that they would stop some where soon and do their best to fill in any information Adina might have left out, but she looked confused and Mark didn't think Adina had told her anything after all.

The road in front of him seemed to pass with out any real effort. Matthew tapped his arm and pointed to a sign indicating to get off at that exit. He pulled in at the first gas station. Easing the truck up next to a pump. Raysia had pushed Adina off her lap and jumped out of the truck before he was able to put in park. He jumped out and raced after her. Just barely catching her by the arm. He expected her to fight him but instead she turned into him, burying her face against his chest. Her arms wrapped around him. This was all so new to him but he was grateful she wasn't pushing him away. That Raysia was, for the time being, accepting him. And all he wanted was to make things right for her. Resting his cheek on the top of her head Mark let the moment they were sharing be enough for now. They were only two hours from his mothers and there was a good chance that once Raysia knew who he was she would sever the ties between them and he'd lose her. He wondered if she would do the same with her sister. Adina had played a major part, and she'd kept it from her own sister. The only family she really had left.

Raysia pulled away and looked up at him. Her eyes moist with fresh tears. His heart broke a little seeing her this way. Cupping her face with his hand he wiped away a tear with thumb as it began to fall. She held his hand there, kissing his palm. Her eyes closed for a long pause before looking back up at him. Her red hair tickling his wrist as the wind blew. Mark pulled her closer. Stroking her hair as he held her. He had no idea what he was doing but he knew he'd give up his last breath to keep this woman safe.

Suddenly she felt herself being shoved and woke up confused. The truck had stopped and Raysia had jumped out so quickly that she thought something had happened. When the guy driving jumped out after her she wasn't sure if she should run or not. She watched out the back windshield as he caught up to her only a couple feet away, her jaw going slack when her sister melted into this guy's arms. Raysia wasn't usually so trusting or welcoming of people. But here she was letting this man craddle her like a child. The other guy had gotten out and watched for a minute as well but when they started to just stand there he turned his attention to pumping gas instead. Adina looked around the truck, still trying to figure out what her next move was. She didn't know how Raysia became acquainted with these guys, but they had saved her life.

Travis. The thought hit her like a ton of bricks. She hadn't expected him to chase her down like that. She suddenly felt very sick. Adina lurched forward out of Raysias still open door to the trash can across from them at the other pump. Her insides began heaving as what remaind from the chilli exited her body. She lost control of herself and couldn't fight it. Wave after wave her body contracted and forced the contents of her stomach to vacate. Raysia had appeared at her side. Rubbing her back trying to comfort her. She didn't deserve it. Adina had walked right into a trap. Right into giving up everything she loved. She'd thought that some how she was special. But when she faced Travis for the first time since Raysias accident she no longer felt anything towards him. Not to mention, after what they'd seen tonight Adina was going to have to come clean.

About Travis. About her. About her sister...
Her stomach churned and protested,there was nothing left to come out. Her heaves were now empty but she still had plenty of tears to shed. Adina had honestly thought that with time it would all go away. With time the scars would fade, Travis would move on, Raysia would heal. Seven months she spent praying for things to go back to normal. Seven months of crying herself to sleep. Seven months of looking her sister in the eye after hearing her story of how she'd gotten pregnant. Seven months of secretly being jealous. Jealous that the man she thought she loved and had given her sister to in an attempt to prove her devotion, had impregnated her. Only to lose the baby. Adina could only blame herself this time. This was the worst thing she had ever done. And for what? A little power? A man who, as it turned out, was a freaking psycho? Almost killing her sister?

In that moment she snapped. Collapsing onto the ground and babbling incoherently, begging for Raysias forgiveness. Pleading that she hadn't known what really happened. Crying that it was all her fault. The people around them had stopped go stare now. The store clerk rushed over offering assistance, and she screamed at him to go away. But Raysia grabbed her by arm and hauled Adina to feet. She watched her sister look from the man she'd been crying into not long ago and back to her. Confusion written across her face. When Adina began to sob again, Raysia tightened her grip and shook her.

"I don't know what's going on but you need to pull yourself together.", She whispered, knowing that everyone was listening. Adina hiccuped as she nodded. Agreeing to control herself. She made her way to truck, the man who had pumped the gas was now sitting in back and eating a bag of chips as though this was an every day thing for him. Adina looked back at Raysia who nodded towards the truck. Reluctantly she climbed in next to him and shut the door. She didn't deserve saving. Didn't deserve her sister. Didnt deserve to breathe.

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