Crossing Palms

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Adina pulled her hand away. If Mark had been able to feel Adinas fear through Raysia she wasn't sure she wanted to be holding her hand when Raysia heard the truth. But Raysia snatched her hand back, she'd done this when they were children too, holding Adinas hand so she was able to read her emotions more clearly and always knew if Adina was lying to her. She didn't have the strength or will power to fight Raysia so she gave in.

"I spent years watching Travis run around with regular women. Even in highschool he had a new girl every day. But he never gave any of the Wiccan girls a second glance. Maybe because of our rites, but I always just wanted him to notice me. About a year ago he finally did. He would send me these cute little texts at first. And then when you moved he started showing up with flowers. We would go on these amazing dates. After a couple months he started telling me about his dreams of becoming the high priest some day. Bringing the community out into the open and freeing us from the shadows. It all sounded perfect. He convinced me to help him. To gather everything we would need to invoke the demon together. I was head over heels for him. One night we'd been drinking, and I don't remember how it got brought up but he accused me of wanting to be with someone else and called me a whore. He said I wasn't truly devoted to him and there was no way to prove other wise. I remember being on my hands and knees begging him to believe me that I was, that he was the only man I wanted to be with. Screaming over and over to just tell me how to prove it. When he told me the only way was to let him have you. I wasn't sure what he meant and I don't know why but I was so desperate for him to believe me I agreed immediately.

I remember he grabbed my face and told me to say the words 'I give you my sister'. And I did. I screamed it at him. Two or three times. He took me home and then I didn't see him for a few days. He'd sent me a text saying that he was handling some things and would be busy but would let me know when he was free. Then he showed about a week later with a huge teddy bear and a dress, took me out for dinner and the night wasn't mentioned again. I had almost forgotten about it as the weeks passed, Until the night he decided it was time to perform the ritual. I did everything he told me to. To the letter. But something went wrong. The demon laughed at Travis and told him he had failed. Afterwards, he took me home. That same night it started snowing and I called you begging you to come home." Her eyes searched Raysias as she finished. Surprised that there was nothing readable in her expression and felt nothing coming through their connection. She tried reading Raysias aura but it was like she'd been cut off.

She just stared at her. Not even blinking. Adina didn't want to move, she wasn't sure if she should. With out a word Raysia stood up, dropping her hand and walked into the bathroom. She could hear the water turn on and the glass door shut. All Adina had left was her guilt, and misery loves company. The sun started to stream in through the window and the yard below began to reveal it self. Adina walked over to it, taking in how expansive and green everything was. Trying to formulate some semblance of an apology. When she'd listened to Raysia in the hospital explain how'd she gotten pregnant, the memory of giving her sister to Travis flooded back to her. She knew it had been him instantly. But wasn't able to admit anything at the time. Instead she'd ran out of the hospital like a coward and cried in her car.

Now she stood here unable to feel anything. She'd betrayed her sister. The only person in the world who truly loved her. She'd known when she went to meet Travis last night what he'd done, but it wasn't until she was face to face with him that she started seeing the monster he really was.

Raysia emerged from the bathroom. Picked through the clothes and brushed her hair. Adina had tried to hug her, but the look Raysia gave her made her stop mid motion. Raysia wasn't stupid. She had to of put the peices together. She knew it was Travis that had raped her, and that it was his baby she'd lost that night in the accident.

Adina thought back to that nights events. How Travis had pinned her against the car and she couldnt help her. His hand hand been shoved down the front of her pants and he'd only let her go when he saw Mark. If he and his brother hadn't been there she wasn't sure what would have happened to them. The chances they'd both still be alive didn't seem very high to her. Adina sank to the floor, clutching at her stomach as she began to cry hysterically. Raysia tried to calm her down and was able to atleast quiet her howling sobs. She stroked Adinas hair as she laid on the floor, covered in her own snot and drool, with her hair sticking to her face.

Before long Raysia got to her feet and walked to the door, then walked back to Adina.
" You're my sister. You'll never stop being my sister. But I want you to know Mark is my voran or what ever the hell's it's called. " ,She said in a low, even tone, and before walking back to the door she added, "I'll see you at breakfast." Then closed the door behind her. Raysia's words echoed in Adina's ears. She'd found her vrak. That almost never happens. That's why she was so welcoming of him, why he was able to hold her like that at the gas station. Vraks were sacred among their people, their community worshipped the bond between vraks above any other bond. It was unbreakable. Grammie had told them stories of their people finding their vraks, and how a few had tried to fight it. But it wasnt something you did unless you wanted the risk of losing your mind.

Adina pounded the floor with her fist.
"What have I done!"
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