Crossing Palms

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Kitty stood just outside the door, listening to her sons argue. Mark seemed to be upset and Matthew was finding this amusing which, was only adding to Mark's frustraitions.
"Why can't you just help me for once without laughing at me?", Mark grumbled.

"Because, bro, it's fucking funny. And there isn't a whole lot of information about it. Dude, you should see yourself right now! ", Matthew was laughing between each word. Unable to contain himself. Kitty peeked in. Mark was sitting on a bar stool his head down on the bare counter, rolling it from side to side. Every few rolls he'd pick his head up and drop it back down with a dull thud.

Matt, please. I don't want to fuck this up man. Is there anything?", the desperation seemed to be growing. What ever it was she could see it was really wearing in him. She had always been so hard on her children. In their line of work it was necessary. She wanted them to be strong. But now, she wished she been able to spend more time just loving them. She'd know how to comfort him right now. Kitty walked over and placed her hand on his back. Head still on the counter he turned to look up at her. His face was red and he had bags under his eyes.

Mark- "Hey Mom. So, how much did you hear?
Kitty- " Not enough to know what's going on. Either of you want to clue me in while I make us coffee?"
Matthew just shrugged, and put his hands up in surrender.
Mark- " Well, as you know, we went to check up on Travis Bailor this morning. But on the way there I found Raysia asleep by the tree where she had the wreck. I waited to be sure she was ok and she almost caught me but she didn't. Travis seemed fairly normal when we got there but we both could feel the change in how aura. Something happened that night but can't pin point what it was. Any ways we finished our surveillance around six last night and decided to head to the bar. When Raysia showed up.", He took a deep breath but didn't continue, Kitty was growing impatient and didn't think the girls would be up stairs for much longer. She threw a lot holders at him and he looked up at her. "Well?", She asked lifting her coffee to her lips to sip it.

Mark- "Well, we lock eyes and I felt something change. Light a light flipped on. It was weird but I felt drawn to her, I met her outside when she went to leave and when her hand touched mine I knew that I would never be the same with out her. It has to the vrak connection you told us about growing up. It was like I'd known her my whole life. We were driving back to her place, Matt was following in the truck of course. When she got this overwhelming surge of fear, I could feel it radiating through her hand as she held mine. She said it was something to do with her sister. When we got to their house Travis was there looking for Adina. The door had been kicked in and we found Adina as she was sneaking out of the basement. But in our way back to the truck we found Travis with his hands all over Raysia. He had her pinned against her car. When I saw his hand down her pants it took everything u had not to shoot him. Matt got the girls in the truck and we headed here." As he finished he dropped his back down on the counter.

Kitty was just about to ask something when she realised Raysia was standing in the door way. Tears in her eyes.
Kitty set her coffee down and walked over to her. She grabbed Raysia by the shoulders and looked in her eyes for a moment. Kittys gift was the ability to hear the thoughts of those she touched. And Raysias mind was a sawrm of betrayal and confusion. She didn't understand why any of this was happening. She didn't know why all she wanted to do was hide in Marks arms. A man she had only met a few hours before, why she couldn't hate her sister or why the woman standing in front of her was looking at her like she was losing her mind. Then it dawned on her, and Kitty smiled. She nodded to Raysia and her head fell. Kitty took her into her arms, wrapping her in a tight hug.

"It's ok dear, I'll do what I can to help two understand all this. But for now I think you should just enjoy each other and have some breakfast. We can talk it all out when you're ready or rested. Which ever comes first.", She held Raysia at arm's length, looking her over. She was a beautiful girl, and she was pleased that Mark had been paired with such a strong woman. The brief time she spent sharing this young woman's thoughts, even through the pain, she saw Raysias refusal to give up or stay knocked down. She also saw the block on her gifts. The guilt she felt for not grieving the baby she lost was continuing to stamp out her control. And now that she knew Travis was the one who had assaulted her that guilt was shifting into anger. But this was something only Mark could help her with. If Raysia officially accepted him. Thing was with vraks, they had to face each other, arms crossed in front, and meet each other palm to palm before the bond was truly completed.

Kittys heart hurt for the two of them. She released the girl. Mark took her by the hand and pulled her gently to him. She didn't resist. A part of him still expected her to reject him. After everything Raysia had been through he didn't want to push her too far or over step but he the need to just be near her was overwhelming. He just wanted to hold her for as long as she would let him.

Raysia was a little surprised, she hadn't expected Kitty's embrace. It was comforting. She had a calming effect about her. Maybe that was just a mom thing, something you learn once you have kids. She wasn't sure. She hadn't expected though that Kitty would be able to see inside her mind or what ever it is that she'd done. But when Raysia asked in her mind "can you see my thoughts", the woman had nodded. Not having to explain anything was nice. Saved Raysia from trying to figure her own thoughts out. So much information had come out in such a short time that she didn't know what she was really thinking or feeling. She didn't understand what this new thing between her and Mark was but Raysia let herself relax into him. He was a comfort that she hadn't had before and really needed.
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