Crossing Palms

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He couldn't help but wonder what was going through her mind. He watched as Raysia and his mother took over in the kitchen. Both of them laughing like old friends. He was a little impressed with how she talked about food. Seemed to be a true interest for her. Matthew just kept laughing in his direction every time he realised he was staring at them. His brother was all too amused with how this woman was hypnotizing him. Mark and Matthew were flipping each other off when he sensed Raysias mood shift. The smile disappeared from her face, she looked stiff and uncomfortable. He was about to go over to her when Adina entered the kitchen.

Her eyes were swollen and red. She stood in the door way looking awkward. He wasn't sure what the girls may have said to each other before joining his family in the kitchen, but he had a feeling that what ever it was couldn't of been good. The way Adina looked at Raysia, was the most heart wrenching sight he had ever witnessed. Her spirit was gone, her aura dim. Like what ever fight she may have had at one point was washed away. He didn't know Adina, aside from watching her activity with Travis. But because of Raysia he felt a duty towards her as well. She needed help. Needed time to deal with her own demons. But for now, all he could offer was a cup of coffee. He pulled a cup down from the cabinet and set it by the pot. After pushing Matthew out of the way he held up two types of creamer, "We have hazelnut and Caramel. You're welcome to either one."

She looked down at her feet and whispered caramel. Mark handed it to her and pointed her towards the coffee maker. As she finished making her cup his mom announced the food was ready and started passing out plates.
Kitty- "Matt there had better be something other than bacon on your plate.", She gave him a stern look, but she knew it wasn't going to happen. She watched the way the boys piled food on their plates and sighed. They acted like they hadn't ate in days. Kitty took her place at the far end of the table. Matthew sat down to her right and Mark and Raysia to her left. Adina seemed unsure of where to sit until Raysia reached over and pulled on her shirt, guiding her sister into the chair next to her. Adina smiled for the first time. Raysia didn't eat near what Kitty felt she should and Adina only nibbled at a piece of toast. When everyone was almost done Kitty cleared her throat.

"Well I'd like you all to get comfortable. I'm happy to have you girls here with us. Safe. But I think some things need to be brought out into the open before we can decide what to do next.", She smiled at Mark and Raysia. They seemed to be adjusting well to their new bond and hated having to put her son in this position but she wanted them to have a clean slate. A chance to be equals. And to see if they could piece together what her boys had missed with their investigation. Something about this Travis Bailor situation was out of their usual dealings and she didn't like it. Usually once they handled a case it was closed. But now she had a suspicion they'd missed something.

Mark and Matthew cleared the table. In the kitchen Mark snapped his fingers at his bother and whispered, "What is she doing? Is she trying to ruin this?" Matthew shrugged, "How am I supposed to know, it's mom. She's not the same person she was a year ago." Mark knew this was true. After his parents divorce had gone through his mom almost changed completely. She was more open, more affectionate, she was even kinder. The Kitty Dawlisky that had raised them wasn't any of these things, it was a nice change, by all means. But there were times it still shocked them.

Back at the table Kitty was watching the girls. Raysia wouldn't look at Adina, who busied herself by picking at a napkin. The tension was emense. Kitty waited for the guys to come back before she dove into things. This was going to be hard enough for them.
"Ok first things, first.", she started, folding her hands in front of her on the table,"The boys and I are former investigators for the wiccan council, yours was the last case we handled almost a year ago. We started because someone reported in that there was a couple looking for the ingredients to a very specific ritual. Given the severity of this particular ritual it needed to be stopped. So thats when we started watching Adina and Mr Bailor. Mark was lead on this, of course while looking into them he had to look into their family and friends.", she nodded towards Raysia as she said this. Kitty stirred her coffee and took a sip before continuing,"The night they were supposed to perform the rituals, Mark switched out some of their ingredients so that it wouldnt work. On his way back from the Mears house, after making sure that the situation was over he found Raysia at the scene of her wreck. He was the one that took her to the hospital. We all left the business the next day due to my divorcing their father. We packed up and moved here at my behest because I wanted to know more about you. I knew there had to be reason my son saved your life as it was against our regulations. Yesterday morning the boys went to check on Mr. Bailor and the two of you. And from what he told me he was having some difficulties, Im guessing due to your vrak bond, after finding Raysia asleep where the wreck had occured, but they did their work. Finished the check up about an hour or so before these two met at the bar.", she pointed between Mark and Raysia. Then waved her hand to Mark signalling him to continue. He turned to Raysia and gave her a small smile, she squeezed his hand in return.

"I offered to drive her home. Matt followed us in the truck of course. When we were almost there she reacted to her sisters fear, we got there as soon as we could. Recovered Adina, and then Raysia from Travis' attack and made our way here. Only Adina knows what happened between our leaving Mr. Bailors and when we got their house.", his gaze never leaving Raysia while he spoke. He wanted to be sure he caught every emotion on her face. He knew she had to have questions, knowing now that he had invetigated her as well, and that he had found her sleeping by the tree. But her face stayed blank, no reaction to anything. He began to get nervous and plead in his mind that she give him a chance to explain, as if hearing him she squeezed his hand again. So he Continued. "Well at first I didnt look into Raysia all that much after learning she had moved to the city for work and hadnt been home for months, I didnt see how she would be involved. But after the accident and my mothers insistance on knowing more, I looked into your medical history searching for updates. I found the hospital report from the night you were attacked, the report from the obgyn and the report from the wreck. Which caused you to...", he trailed off not wanting to upset her. "I want you to know that until last night I had no idea that, what was drawing me to you was the vrak bond. If I had known I wouldnt have left you that night when I took you to the hospital."

This time when he finished talking she nodded, accepting what he was saying. He could feel warmth and understanding flood through him from her hand where she was still holding onto his. He wanted to take her in his arms, and hold her to him. He wanted to shower her in kisses and thank her for believing him. Adina cleared her throat, snapping him out of his own thoughts.
Adina - "Yesterday afternoon I got a text from Travis all it said was he wanted me to meet him, where ,and when. So I got ready, ate dinner with Ray. Then she left. Few minutes later I drove to Travis's. He was weird when I got there. Touching me and kissing me in ways that he never did before. I realised that I felt nothing in response to him, my whole body began to feel repulsed. I freaked out and ran to my car to drive home, but he followed me. When we got there he chased me around the house for awhile. Screaming that I belonged to him. That if I just did as I was told that things would be ok and once my sister joined us we would be one happy family. That he would make sure we knew who was in-charge. Im not sure how long this went on, but I was able to sneak into the basement. As I was climbing out the side doors, I ran into these guys.", Adina grabbed the pack of cigarettes sitting on the table and went to light one when Raysia caught sight of her sisters wrist. There was a bloody bandage just barely visible, poking out from under the sleeve of the hoodie. Raysia jumped up and grabbed Adinas wrist. Yanking up the sleeve she found that the bandage went almost to the elbow. Adinas eyes instantly welled over in tears, shame pouring from her. It broke Raysias heart feeling the sorrow her sister was battling. No one said a word as Raysia held Adina to her chest. Pulling her fingers through her hair and trying to soothe her.

Raysia - "I know you didnt mean to hurt me. I know that you wouldnt have ever wanted something like that to happen to me even during our worst of fights. You didnt know what you were getting into. Im not going to forgive you for something you didnt do. What Travis did to me was on Travis thats not your doing. But you have to accept that or youll never stop feeling guilty. Din, I love you. Youre my sister. And..", she grabbed Adinas arm and held it up, showing her own arm to her, "This! This is gonna stop right now!" She wiggled the arm and then dropped it. Adinas crying increased as she nodded, wrapping her arms back around her sisters waist. SHe really didnt blame Adina for what happened to her. There was something that she seemed to be the only who knew. Something a nosey little girl once found out at the therapists office after her parents were gone.
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