Crossing Palms

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Still holding her sister, Raysia took a deep breath. She could still feel Travis's hands on her every time she closed her eyes. She hated him. For what he'd done, to both of them. But a memory tugged at the corners of her mind.

"I think I know why Travis was like that." They all looked up at her expectantly. Releasing Adina she sat back down and lit herself a cigarette. Letting the memory in she told them about the the therapist their Grammie had sent her to as a child after their parents were both gone. How she had seen this little boy in the office. He was always leaving as she was arriving. One day someone started screaming from the doctors office while she sat waiting. The doctor and secretary had to the wrestle the boy out the door as two paramedics showed up to take him. They'd asked her to wait in the office while they talked to his parents. She got bored while she waited so she went to the desk and started looking at a file. It said that T. Bailor was diagnosed with split personality disorder, agression and homicidal tendencies. But after that day he would smile at her when he saw her in the waiting room. It made her skin crawl. When the girls started school that fall she learned T. Bailor was Travis and that he had a reputation as a bully so she tried to avoid him. Over the years she kept that information to herself because she didn't want him to target her or her sister. And was grateful when they made it through highschool without ever getting on his radar. But now she felt there had always been a reason for it.

She looked around, they all seemed to be soaking in her words. She remembered reading about it when she first found the file. How people like him we're more likely to become serial killers and mass murderers when not given the proper treatment. That in some cases they could be triggered by traumatic or devastating events in their lives like losing a loved one, romantic relationships ending, or even being overlooked for things like a promotion or award. Raysia felt that maybe when Adina rejected him it pushed Travis over the edge. Might have been a long time coming but she was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Kitty stood up and began pacing. This would explain the sudden extreme behavior. But this also meant that they needed to be more careful with how they proceeded. Not only was he Wiccan with the ability to draw people to him, like sending out a pheromone that made people want desire him. But he had a history of psychological issues that would have made even the average person dangerous. Kitty was having the same thought, that perhaps Adinas rejection had been what flipped him. She didn't know much about mental illness but if the crime shows were any kind of accurate the individuals that suffered from these kinds of things usually went after the person that is most involved in their delusion or cause of their grief. If that was true, he would be looking for Adina. Probably wouldn't give up until he found her and anyone who he felt got in his way or hindered him would be in danger.
"Ok. So this means the two of you girls can't back go to your house any time soon. Maybe in a few days my boys will be able to retrieve any personal or sentimental items for you if you get a list together, but we need to keep you out of his reach."she paused, " We also need to get you stocked on any personal items you may want and clothes of your own choosing. I can take you both for lunch and shopping. We'll also get you set up with new cell phones."

Raysia's eyes bulged. " No Mrs. Kitty we can wait. You don't have to do that." She tried to politely reject the woman's offer, she didn't feel right having someone spend their money on her. But the look Kitty gave her told her not to argue. Matthew began to snicker from his perch in the corner where he'd moved his chair in order to stretch his legs out. Kitty smacked his shoulder, only making him laugh harder. Raysia and Adina exchanged looks. Mark threw his hands up in defeat, " Fine, mother. But I'd like a chance to talk with Raysia alone.

She shot him a look, " Ray."
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