Crossing Palms

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Adina dropped onto her new bed. Kitty had been more than accommodating. Furnishing her with a new room, clothes and anything else she had even looked at. Matthew was kind, never seeming to grow impatient, though he didn't speak much. She was grateful for everything they'd done. Any other day she would be wallowing in glee at her new situation. The matriel things would have brought her pure joy, but Adina couldn't shake the empty feeling that filled her.

A loneliness was setting in that she'd never known before. It had always been them against the world. Her sister was her best friend. She had relied on Raysias strength her whole life. But now, there was a hole inside her. A crater building and no matter how hard she fill it back in. She wanted to scream, to cry, to feel some form of something to know that she was still alive but nothing happens. No tears rained down. No sound from her throat. Just deafening silence closing in on her. She forced her eyes shut and almost instantly succumbed to sleep

Travis pulled himself out of his toy, and rolled over onto the bed next to her. Her body shook as she lay face down silently sobbing into the mattress. He rolled his eyes and sat up, telling himself she would learn to enjoy his touch soon enough. He lit himself a cigarette, studying her body. He decided she would develope nicely with time and become more pleasing to the eye. But she didn't spark a fire the Raysia did. He would find a use for her but doubted her ability to hold his interest. This only made his groin ache more. The memories of Raysias body and the way it had responded to his touch. Hed been able to empty himself in her over and over. Her ass had beckoned him before long, he'd been surprised in the beginning at how tight her pussy was before discovering she'd been a virgin that first time. But when he slid himself into her ass he had almost lost his load the first stroke. Her body had gripped him in ways he nevered though possible. None of the women who threw themselves at him had ever felt the way Raysia did around his cock.

He cursed as the ping from his phone interrupted his thoughts. Travis dropped his legs over the side of the bed and strode over to where he'd deposited his pants on the chair. He slid his finger across the screen and the sound of it unlocking filled the room. It was Makkon, saying he'd gotten the information and he could pick it up tonight at his club.

Travis closed his eyes and let out a long slow breath. He was now a step closer to finding the twins, it was only a matter of time before he brought them home where they belonged. A son from the corner caught his attention, for a brief moment he'd forgotten about the girl in the corner. He pulled his boxers back on and went into the kitchen, grabbed a few random things from the cabinet and tossed them on the bed.
"What's your name little girl?", He asked, growing annoyed at the sound of whimpering. She sipped her face and sniffled before answering him, "Natalie, Sir."

He kinda liked that. Natalie. Wasn't a horrible name. "I have some things to do. You're free to take a shower, might be some clothes in closet that would fit you. I'll be back later. Be a good girl." He cooed as he watched her slowly roll over and then try to sit up. Her face cringing with every movement. The way her eyes screwed shut and a tear fell down her cheek caused his cock to twitch, making him reconsider for a just a second if he would lose interest in her after all. He braced himself with a knee on the bed and frred his dick from the confines of his boxers with one hand and fisted his hand in her hair with the other. Her eyes grew wide like saucers, fear plain as day on her face. She tried to shake her head but his grip grew tighter and pulled her back as his other hand landed and solid blow to the side of her face making her bite her lip. "You don't tell me no. You never tell me no. Do you understand me!", Travis screamed just inches from her face. The girl cried out instinctively. Travis stood up straight and shoved his cock in her open mouth, taking advantage of her reaction. Her hands came up and tried to push against his hips which only made him pull her hair tighter. He pumped into her mouth with unrelenting force, Natalie vomited over and over but he didn't stop until he felt his cum race up his shaft. With one last thrust he used both hands to shove her head down further to base, pushing past the spot in her throat that resisted and pouring himself inside her. Giving Natalie no choice but to swallow his thick salty seed.

When the throbbing ended and he could himself softening, Travis withdrew from her mouth and pushed her away. The sound of her whimpers annoying him again. Looking down he saw the pools of vomit at his feet and seeping down the side of the bed. Instantly growing disgusted.
"You'll learn with time.", He spat before walking away. Natalie curled into a ball as she heard the door shut and the lock click. Utter despair took over as she began cry uncontrollably into the comforter. This was her life now. And all she wanted to do was die.
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