Crossing Palms

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Travis parked in the same spot. The guards didn't check him this time, allowing him to enter the club. Loud groans could be heard from the line as he walked in. He made his way through the crowd on the dance floor to the VIP section. It had barely been a few hours but Makkon had the information. The guard escorted Travis through a side door, that led down a new hallway, stopping in front of an open door. Behind a large desk sat the girl who had given him the napkin the night before to write down the twins information. Makkon sat on desk next her, watching her fingers move at lightning speed across a keyboard. Completely enthralled as she worked, Makkon hadn't looked up when Travis entered the room.

He cleared his throat to gain the man's attention. Makkons head snapped towards Travis and eyes narrowed. But the girl didn't miss a beat. The man stood and came around the other side of the desk. "Have a seat friend." Makkon gestured in the direction of a chair but Travis shook his head, he just wanted to know where the twins were. He wasn't interested in Makkons games. "She's almost done, then you can take the laptop and decide what to do with the information you find there. Though I have to say. There are a few details I find very interesting." Makkon practically sang out, a grin turning his mouth up at the corners.

Interesting details? What the hell was that supposed to mean. The laptop closed shut with a sudden clap and she handed it to Makkon. He looked at the device for a moment, as if deciding whether or not to hand it over. With a dramatic sigh Makkon held the laptop out to Travis, he tried to take it from the man but Makkon didn't let go, Travis's locked with him as Makkon spoke, "Remember friend, I'm just the messenger." Makkon then let go of the laptop. Travis nodded to him and turned on his heels to leave. As he reached the door that led back into the club he heard Makkon say loudly, " That man has serious demons."

The screen lit up as soon as he lifted the lid. Being too impatient to wait til he got home Travis had decided to pull over at a gas station and see what was on the laptop. There were five folders. Each with a name. His, Adinas, Raysias and two men; Marcus and Matthew. He was really concerned with his own folder, he knew his own life and wasn't keen on a reminder. He clicked on Adinas first. It was short and simple. Nothing didn't already know and nothing recent meaning she hadn't been to the hospital or gone anywhere requiring identification since he'd last seen her. He closed the folder and clicked on Raysias. His chest bitching as he read. The years of therapy as a child. The boy she had gone into detail describing her fears of the things he might do to her. He was that boy. The memory or the day he'd send her in the waiting room at the doctor's office came to him. She horror that was written on her face and he was forced from the building. As he continued to read he learned how she had done everything she could to hide from him at school, to be invisible,and laughing because she didn't know it had only made her stand out more. Even Adina had tried to catch his eye, but only Raysia hid from him. Making her the ultimate prize. Travis scrolled through and found the hospital report from when he'd released her. His eyes bulging when he found the words 'positive for pregnancy'. Raysia was pregnant, with his baby? He flood of emotions went through him. The strongest rising to the top. The need to stroke her swollen belly, the memory of her pinned against the car made it way to the front of his mind. Suddenly realising her stomach had been flat. She wasn't carrying his child. His first thought was that she must have aborted the child, his fist came down on the center arm rest, cracking it and sending small pieces flying. His eyes scoured further, eager to know what happened to his baby. The accident. She'd lost it in the accident.

A part of him was relieved to see she hadn't chosen to end the life of the child they could have shared together. It gave him hope that their future children would be welcomed with open arms. His eyes closed as he pictured Raysia swollen with child. Her stomach taught, as he looked down at her on her knees, mouth around his cock, encasing it as he drove it deeper into her throat, taking every bit of it with out hesitation. Looking up at him with nothing but love and adoration.

His hands found their way to pants, pulling his dick free, he held on desperately to the image in his mind and he frantically jerked himself off, aiming his load at the floor just before it sprang free from his balls. He smiled to himself thinking, 'that would have gotten her pregnant for sure'. There was a new pep in him. He put the car in gear and made his way back onto the interstate. Images of Raysia breast feeding their son as he suckled at her other breast, or sending her over and taking her in the ass while she gave birth. He had so many new ideas. He couldn't wait to get her back, and spill himself inside her until he was satisfied she was pregnant. He had new plans. All them revolving around Raysia. Of sharing Raysia with their son. He wanted her between them, as they took turns filling both her holes.

As he pulled into his garage he remembered Adina. He felt nothing for her now. But he knew he needed her if wanted Raysia to behave until he could break her in. Travis stormed through the house to the add-on where Natalie lay passed out, still covered in her own vomit. He slammed his fist down hard on the bar, scarring her awake. She sat up quietly whispering, "Sir?"
He could see her tiny body tremble, she wasn't ready for him again yet and he could smell the mixture of blood, shit and vomit from where he stood making his lip curl.
"Go wash your ass Natalie, Daddy wants to have some fun."
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