Crossing Palms

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After Raysia went for the closet, Mark wrapped a sheet around him and headed for the door. Matthew shook his head, a chuckle floate into the air at the sight of the sheet around his brother. "Sorry, we got a situation." Matthew held a hand up to his to cover his eyes, ensuring he didn't see any thing as he passed a couple bags to Mark, "Adina got these for Raysia, said they should fit."

" We'll be down in a few." He said, taking the bags and closing the door. Raysia peeked out of the closet to see if the coast was clear. He smiled and held the bags up for her to see. Her whole body relaxed as she walked towards him, still completely naked. He held the bag up above her head as she reached for it, making her press against him as she stood on her tip toes. He stole a kiss before giving in and letting her have them.

She had a new glow of enthusiasm about her. She seemed more at ease and comfortable. Atleast he hoped she was. He wanted to take her again she bent over dumping the contents of the bags onto the bed, but he knew he needed more time or he wouldn't be able to deliver properly. She'd milked him for everything he had.

Instead he headed for the closet. Grabbing fresh boxers and jeans, before pulling a t-shirt free from it's hanger and heading back into the bathroom for a quick rinse.

When he came back out Raysia looked like a whole new person. Her hair was pulled into a tight pony tail. She wore a lynard skynnard t-shirt with a plaid long sleeve button down, jeans that looked painted to her, and a fresh pair of black DC's. Her cheeks flushed when she caught him staying at her.

"You ready princess?", He asked watching her nose scrunch up. Mark laughed, "So that's a no on princess." His eye brow arched as she nodded, he didn't know how she was doing it but everything about her, even the simplest movements warmed his heart. He hoped that some how he could keep her this happy forever.

After slipping his boots on he took her by the hand and headed down stairs. They found Matthew and Kitty in a large office, surrounded by books and windows. But she noticed Adina hadn't joined them. Kitty seemed strange, pacing behind her desk. Matthew walked over and handed them both a drink, "I think youre gonna need these." He waited for Raysia to take the drink before walking back over to Kitty. He waited to see if she was going to say something and when she didn't her cleared his throat.
Matthew- "So this is what we know. Travis went to a black market dealer last night. Paid for information and a girl. A young girl. I got a call about two hours ago. From a friend posing as a body guard. He said it only took about six hours for the dealer to call Travis back, and have him a laptop with information on all of us.", He took a sip of his drink, giving Mark the chance to cut in, " How young Matt?", he asked, teeth clench together. Matthew sighed, looking over at their mother before he answered, " Between thirteen and sixteen."

Kitty threw her glass at the wall and Raysias jaw but the floor, this was a new level of sick. Even after what Travis had done to her, she hadn't expected this. Then it clicked, like a grenade going off. "My sister knows already, doesn't she?", Raysia tried to ask but her words came out more like an accusation. Matthews face fell, his eyes on the floor and he nodded his head. "After I got the call, I came in here looking for mom, wanted to let her know what was going on. We talked for a bit trying to decide what the best course of action would be when I looked up and saw her standing in the door way. The look on her face was pure horror. But she took off to her room before I could say anything and I didn't think it was a good idea for me to run after her."

Raysia has tried to listen but her dream from the night before rushed back to her, the little girl, could it have been Natalie?
Mark saw the look she gave him and nodded. He explained her dream to them as Raysia ran at full speed up the stairs to find her sister. After the way Adina had handled things she wasn't sure how this would go over. Raysia could only imagaine the guilt that would be plaguing Adina right now. Knowing they'd escaped only to be replaced by an innocent child. She checked each room she came to not knowing which one Adina might be in. When she got the the fourth floor it was already cracked, Raysia pushed it open only to find shopping bags in strewn everywhere and a note on the bed. Her heart sank into her stomach, she didn't need to read it. Adina was gone. And Raysia knew exactly where she was headed.

Snatching the note off the bed she practically flew through the house to the office, shoving the note at Mark as she gasped for air. Another panic attack gripping her. He handed it I we to Matthew as bent down to Raysias side where she was now doubled over in a chair, gasping for air. He rubbed her back and talked to her, their connection through the vrak bond allowing him to send his own emotions through to her. Helping to steady her breathing with his own.

Matthew waited for Raysia to regain her control, he needed her to be composed so that Mark could focus. He looked over at their mother, Kitty gave a knowing nod before going over to help Raysia. Her breathing slowed and she wiped her eyes. She could feel his anger, his mind set on his intentions, as he rubbed her back.

She grabbed each side of his face, his beard scrunching under her fingers, and kissed him. "Be careful. I need you all to come back safely.", She cried, wiping away more tears. He cupped her chin and kissed her again before pulling away and storming out the door, Matthew hot on his heels.
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