Crossing Palms

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Adina took off down the drive way, pushing herself into a run as Travis's house looked in front of her. The door was left unlocked and she slipped inside. She hadn't seen his car any where after the taxi dropped her off, she was hoping to find a good hiding place to catch him off guard. She made her way through the living room, up the stairs and checked both rooms but there was no sign of a little girl. She heard a door slam and dashed under the bed in his guest room. She felt like she was there for hours. When his voice came booming through the walls as he claimed the stairs.

"I know where they are. Yeah. Plans have changed. I want Raysia alive, unharmed. You can play with her sister all you want, just don't kill her. I'll need her later. Go for it man, what ever floats your boat. Fuck for I know. I mean it, I want Raysia in perfect condition. "

Adina could hear every word as walked through the hall to his room. She had to cover her mouth to keep him from hearing her breathing as her heart beat harder than it ever had. She though her chest was going to explode. The call ended, she heard the click of his phone lock, followed by the sound of keys clanking down. Adina began to edge her way out from under the bed to peek towards the door when she heard his foot steps again.

"Natalie! I want every inch of you clean when I come down there! ", He yelled. Adina choked back bile that rose in her throat. The little girl was there somewhere, the thought of what he may have done to already making Adinas stomach churn. There was a thud, followed by a second. A minute passed and she could the shower from his private bath turn on. Adina scrambled out from under the bed and peeked in Travis's room. His keys were at the corner of the dresser and boots lay in the middle of the floor. She crawled as quietly as she could to the dresser and reached up for the keys when an arm wrapped around her waist. She screamed in terror as his laughed tore through his chest. Deep and throaty, something about it sending chills up her spine.

He let go of her and fell towards the bed. Travis's grin grew wide and toothy. His eyes holding a new level of crazy she'd only seen in movies. Adina backed away from him, the bed stopping her from putting any real distance between them.

"Well. I see one of my girls were eager to come home. But where's Raysia? " His voice was low, almost a whisper. He began to move towards her as he spoke, easily closing the gap between them. When she didn't answer he lunged for her. His hands closing around her throat, choking her. He began to slam her head against the floor as he asked again. Adina clawed at his hands and face trying desperately to free herself but his grip only got tighter.

"Fucking. Tell. Me. Where. She. Is.", He pushed out through gritted teeth, driving Adina into the floor again and again before hearing a squishing sound. Her hands fell away from her throat, as blood pooled on the floor around her head.
Travis yanked his hands away, and then slapped her. But she didn't move. He grabbed her shoulder and lifted her I to a sitting position but she fell back with a loud thud when he let go. He backed away from her into the dresser and waited. But she never moved. The clock on the wall seemed to tick on forever in the silence. Panic pulled at his mind. What was he supposed to do now? He needed Adina to keep Raysia in check, with out her Raysia would never grow to love him. His sweet angel. She would resent him, resent their children. He'd have to keep locked up now, atleast until her spirit broke.

He kicked at Adina, cursing her for dieing. Her being so fragile and breakable. He began to pound her lifeless body with both hands. Screaming at her to wake up.

They could hear Travis up stairs, yelling Adinas name between calling her a worthless whore. They'd found the little girl downstairs cuffed to a wall. Matthew picked the lock at her ankle after explaining in a hurried whisper they were there to help. She nodded and stayed perfectly quiet. When the lock fell free he asked if she could walk and she nodded again. They met Mark at the door, he told Matthew to get the girl outside to the truck and he'd wait for him so they could get retrieve Adina. Matthew grabbed the little girl by the had and led her through the through the house.

Mark had lied. He had no intention of waiting for Matthew to return. Soon as Matthew was out of sight Mark crept towards the stairs. Travis's ear splitting wails cutting through the house and making his ears ring. He took the steps one by one not knowing if any of them creeked and didn't want to give Travis the chance at having the high ground.

Mark made his way down the hall to where he could hear Travis carrying on. There was a soft thud coming from the other side of the door. Marks first thought was that he'd gotten ahold of Adina and was now forcing himself on her. His instincts took over and he kicked the door. It's swung open with a loud crash. Mark stopped dead in tracks. Adinas body lay motionless on the floor. Travis was kneeling next to her, his fists, arms, face, and legs coated in blood. Marks hands began to shake.

Mark screamed, "What did you do you fucking stupid mother fucker!" His heart broke. She still hadn't moved. His eye began to well over. Tears stinging their way forward. Travis unged for him, knocking him into the wall. Mark tried to aim the gun upward as he fell but Travis reached for it forcing his shoulder to dislocated on impact with the wall. And the gun fell away. Mark tried to gain the upper hand but Travis wiggled free and got to the gun first. Spinning around and pulling the trigger.
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