Crossing Palms

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"Why's Kitty taking Natalie home?", Raysia words broke the guys from their thoughts. They both looked up at her as she walked in,closing the door behind her. In the past week they'd all grown more as family. Mark and Matthew keeping watch over her while she kept watch over Adina. But the way they both looked at her now made her want to run. Their expressions dark and Marks eyes red.

Matthew just hung head, shaking it slowly. Mark crossed the room, pulling her to him when he was close enough. Positioning himself to catch her or block any blows she might throw his way from catching his stitches. Her eyes filled with horror when his hand made contact with her arm. She felt his pain, his fear, his heartache. She collapsed k to him. Clutching at his chest. Wrenching sobs tearing through her lungs as cried out, "no!", Over and over.

He held her as tightly as he could, "I know baby, I'm sorry." He kept repeating, trying his hardest to keep his grip on her. She kicked, punched and wailed and against him. Matthew came over and tried to help but Mark waved him waved, saying he was fine. Her anger began to ebb, reducing to a steady stream of tears as rocked her. She turned her face up towards his and patted his hand. He opened his eyes, looking down her face was puffy and swollen. Her lip bleeding where she'd bite herself trying to break away from. She sniffled as her tears took over again. He wiped her face with his thumbs and went back to rocking her.

Matthew had been right to send Natalie home, he knew he'd have restrain Raysia once she knew. Seeing that may have triggered the girl and though it might be selfish he wanted to focus on the woman in his arms and keeping her safe from her own grief with out having to worry about anyone else. Matthew had only stayed as back up incase she broke free, Mark has still in no real condition to chase her down.

He motioned to Matthew to come over and reached a hand up, Matthew clasped his wrist and pulled Mark to his feet. Before leaning down and lifting Raysia up as well. She nodded at them both before turnig her sister. A lump grew in her throat. Choking off her already stifled sobs. Gently she picked up Adinas arm and crawled next to her in the bed.

"Mark?", She choked out, he almost hadn't heard her. But leaned over and placed a hand on her shoulder. His breath caught in his chest, as she flooded him with her need to help Adina, she wanted the pain to stop, to set her sister free.
Marks eyes filled with tears. He looked over to Matthew, his cheeks streaked as well. For a moment they all just sat in silence, as the machines around them continued to beep.

Matthew wiped his face and left the room, a few minutes later he returned with the doctor in-tow. She looked around the room before walking over to where Raysia lay, clinging to her sister, "Are you ready honey?" She asked gently, not wanting to upset her any more than she clearly was. Raysia nodded, grasping at Adina even tighter. She held on after the machines each beeped, one by one, as the doctor turned them off. The last one being her oxygen pump. The click of the switch made Raysia jump. She felt the air leave Adina, but she never took another breath. Almost instantly the heart monitor flat lined. The doctor leaned in to listen with the stethoscope. It seemed like a forever before she removed it from her ears and placed it around her neck. She called the time out to a nurse standing by the door that none of them had even noticed. She looked to Mark, "I'll give you all a few minutes.", She said and then quietly left the room.

Raysia passed out from from her grief. Her body shaking as she gasped every couple of breaths. Matthew peeled her from the bed and carried her down to truck. "Thanks man." Mark clapped him on the back before shutting the door. He tossed Matthew the keys and jumped in the passenger side. Raysia mumbled something but he missed it. He reached back and placed a hand in her knee, but he only felt and strange need to eat. He wasn't sure when the last time she had a proper meal but given the circumstances he didn't see her being willing to eat.

The tide home passed in silence. Kitty rushed out as Matthew parked. Coaxing Raysia from the back seat. She eyed Mark frowning at him. He wasn't sure why but the look in his mother's face struck him as odd. But he shrugged it off, and followed them into the house. Kitty helped Raysia into bed and tucked her in. Promising to check in her shortly. Satisfied Raysia was squared away, she turned on her heels and stalked towards Mark. She grabbed him by his ear and drug him out of the room. Once the door was she Kitty let go, her hands planting on her hips as she stared him down. Waiting for something.

She hadn't acted this way since she found out he'd been stashing nudy mags under his mattress. He rubbed his ear, "What mom? Yours kinda starting to scare me."

"When were you planning to tell me Marcus? This is how I find out?", her voice cracked, as she fought back tears.

"I thought Matt told you, it's why he had you bring Natalie home. I didn't realise-", Kitty held her hand up cutting him off.

She sighed, " No Marcus, I'm talking about the fact that Raysias pregnant!"

His jaw hit the floor, " She's what?" Suddenly he couldn't breathe.
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