Crossing Palms

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The roads had already iced over and small flurries were coming down. Making the back roads home even more isolated, but Raysia had no choice if she wanted to get home. Driving at night always sucked, but sometimes it was necessary. She cranked the radio trying to drown out the silence. As she drove through the familiar turns and took in the secnery, Raysia couldnt help but fear what this all meant. Snow? This had to be a bad sign, it never snows in Florida, and even on the very rare chance it does, it never lasts long enough to actually stick to the ground. This has to be some kind of omen or cosmic imbalance, either way it wasnt natural.

She reached over to change the song when a dog ran out in front of her, swerving away she lost control and over corrected. Sending the suv rolling until it slammed against a large oak tree. Unconcious and bleeding internally Raysia's life was hanging by a thread. Luckily a truck was passing by and saw the overturned vehicle. A young man jumped out and ran over, the engine had already caught fire and was growing angrier. He found Raysia and began pulling at the doors trying to pry them open. Finally the back drivers side opened, he climbed inside and unbuckled her. He pulled her between the seats and out the door. Swooping her up newly wed style, he ran back to his truck and placed her in the passenger seat. The gash on her head was still bleeding and she wasnt opening her eyes. He started to panic, no one could know he was here, he wasnt supposed to be here, but he couldnt leave her either. His family would just have to understand that sometimes you cant plan for things.

Deciding that it wasnt worth a life, he jumped back in the drivers side of the truck and started racing towards the nearest hospital. Took only fifteen minutes to get there. As he pulled into the emergency drop off a guard started walking over yelling that he couldnt park there, until he saw the unconcious girl in the passenger seat and radioed the nurses station asking for assistance. Several nurses came rushing out, asking questions about what happened and who she was. He explained finding the wreck to one of them and approximately where to find the suv, if anything was left of it. "Thank you, you did a good thing here", the nurse touched his shoulder and walked away. Oh yeah, sure, he saved this girls life, but he took a chance bringing her in. If she had gained conciousness and seen his face he would have been compromised. His mother and father would have made him leave the country and everything theyve worked so hard for would have been for nothing. He figured now was a good a time as any to duck out before anyone had any more questions for him. It would be a long drive back to Maryland and he wanted as much distance between him and this palce as possible.

Three days later

"Well its about time, sleepyhead.", Adina cheered as she set down her phone and stood over her sister, reaching for the call button to the nurses desk. Raysia slowly tried to pull herself into an upright position but the pain in her right side made it diffult and her face felt like it was three times the size its supposed to be. A nurse came bustling in and smiled, "Well hello there young lady. The doctor will be glad to hear youre awake, how are you feeling?", the nurse was gentle as she helped Raysia sit up and picked up the water pitcher in a gesture to offer a drink. Raysia sipped gratefully at the cool water and let out a deep breath that she hadnt realised she was holding. "Thank you", she whispered. The nurse busied herself checking her vitals and iv lines. Adina hovered close by nervously fidgetting with her necklace. Lack of sleep and worry writen all over her face. Before the nurse left she let them know the doctor would be in as soon as he was available. Once the door was shut Raysia closed her eyes and held her hands over her chest, making the shape of an upside down triangle with her thumbs and fore fingers. But nothing happened. She tried again. Still nothing. Her eyes snapped open and glared at Adina, "Why cant I heal myself?", she pleaded to her sister. Adina started to cry as she sat down in the chair beside the bed.

"Im so sorry, I was afraid of this when I couldnt feel your presence any more. Mom would have known what to do but all I could do was wait for you to wake up and hope that maybe you just needed time to rest." Adinas eyes were already red and puffy, and Raysia could hear the sorrow in her sisters voice. This couldnt be happening. How was this even possible. Maybe she really was just weak and in need of rest. "Ok Adina, its ok, Ill be alright. I could really go for a cheeseburger though.", Raysia did her best to lighten the mood, hoping maybe she could get her sister to smile. After all they say laughter is the best medicine.

Adina agreed to go grab them some food and said she would be back shortly. As soon as she was gone Raysia tried again to heal herself but only ended up frustraited. She flipped the blanket away so that she could better see herself. Her right leg was in a cast, bruises up and down her arms. She lifted the hem of her hospital gown to find stitches along the left side of her abdomen just below her ribs. She tried to think back to what happened. She could remember that she was driving, and there was rain... no it wasnt rain it was, SNOW! Suddenly like a movie playing in fast foreward she remembered everything. But there was only thing that was kinda fuzzy for her, the trip to the hospital, the only thing she could remember of it was the strong scent of pine, old spice and fresh dirt.

Maybe Adina knows who brought her in, or possibly the doctor. They must have gotten the samaritans information, right? The least she could is reach out and thank them once she was able to go home. Exhaustion was starting taking over and Raysia was no match for it, she knew there was no way to keep her eyes open until her sister or the doctor came in so she didnt try. Laying her head back on the pillow, she let her eyes close and focused on her breathing, five breaths later she was out like a light.
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