Crossing Palms

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Present day

Ray was exhausted, still confused where all that time had gone and beyond pissed at Adina. She stormed down the hall to her room and flopped on the bed face down. There were too many things that just weren't adding up and the more she tried to make sense of any of it, the more confused she became. There was a sudden roar as rain began to pelt the side of the house and blurring the view out of her window. The sound was welcoming, something to focus on besides her own thoughts. Raysia let it soak into her mind, doing what she could to clear her mind, before she knew it she had fallen asleep.

Standing in the kitchen she looked around, trying to decide what to eat. But there just wasn't anything she wanted. The rain was coming down so hard that she really didn't want to go out and pick anything up either, so she settled on some hot chocolate and decided to find something to watch. An hour passed before she finally settled on an 80's zombie movie she had never heard of, about ten minutes in her phone chimed.

From: unknown
"When you're ready to try again let me know."

Adinas heart began to race. Echoing in her ears loud enough to drown out the rain. How had he gotten her number, why now after months of nothing. Just when the guilt was starting to subside. But something in her ached at the thought of being near him again, of being at his side, the fairy tale "from rags to riches" romance. She started chewing at her bottom lip, if she went back to help him, was it worth the chaos she knew now would follow. Last time she almost killed her sister and it was still affecting the world around them. Was there really a chance that this time would be different? The urge to be with him was quickly out weighing any other emotion. And quickly typed out "just tell me when and where" before pressing send. Travis Bailor. A giddy feeling washed over her. He still wanted her help, still wanted her. Forgetting for a moment what it meant if they actually brought his plan to fruition, she got lost in the idea of being his, chosen by the next high priest. She would be adored by all. Practically royalty in the community.

Adina couldn't contain her excitement, she bolted off the couch and raced up the stairs two at a time before turning the corner and colliding face first with Raysia.
"Dude!", Raysia barked rubbing her eye and glaring at Adina through the one good one.

Adina was still in hyper drive and called out an ,"oops", over her shoulder as she disappeared into her room. Once the door was shut she started rummaging through her closet, determined to find her good butt jeans and getting an outfit ready. She still didn't know when he wanted to meet but she knew it would be soon, he wasn't a very patient man and hated waiting. After she had finally dug out the pants she went in search of a cute sweater, settling on a maroon knit turtle neck. She was just about to get in the shower when her phone chimed again.

Name: unknown
"8pm-my house"

That would give her about 6 hours, plenty of time to come up with an excuse to slip out. Adina started to feel nauseous with panic setting in. What if Travis had waited so long because he was angry or spent that time to find someone to replace her? What if he was only meeting with her to let her go? She hated this feeling, this wave of despair and nausea. She tried talking her self down, telling herself he wouldn't have bothered if that was the case. He wasn't the type to give time to anyone once he was done with them. But the nervousness stuck with her as she went through the paces of showering and dressing. Making the decision against any make up just in case she started crying for some reason. Adina made her way down stairs to kitchen surprised to find Raysia cursing over a bowl a chilli for burning her tongue.

She tried to stifle a laugh at Ray who promptly flipped her off and slid a bowl over before pointing at the stove. The chill smelled amazing! Her sister knew what she was doing when it came to food, and her chilli was always a treat. She had even made fresh corn bread. Adina dished out a bowl and sat down at the little table next to her sister who was still holding an icecube to her tongue.

"Its-th ho-th.", She mumbled past the cube making Adina laugh again. Which was followed by, " you th-uck."
Adina stirred her chilli, making sure to blow on it repeatedly not wanting to burn herself as well. They sat in silence as they slowly ate. Adina trying to formulate a viable excuse but coming up short. Raysia finished and took her bowl to the sink, then headed for her jacket by the door and grabbing her keys off the counter.
"I'm gonna go out for a bit, maybe take a drive or stop by the book store. Not sure when I'll be home but based on the outfit I'm guessing you've got plans of your own so I'll see ya tomorrow.", And then left. Well that was easy Adina thought, she didn't have to say anything.
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