Crossing Palms

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Travis slouched on the couch, going through his plan in his mind. Adina was the key. He needed her if he was going to make a name for himself. Bring the community to heel, and bring back the traditions that had been forgotten. She was gorgeous. True arm candy. With her at his side men would envy him and women would obey him. He'd spent these past few months gathering the materials needed to invoke the demon. This time he knew what to expect and was more prepared, but with out hand fasting with Adina it wouldn't work.

And once she belonged to him she would have no choice but to follow his commands. Once he claimed his place as high priest the entire community would have to do as their told. Travis checked the time on his phone, wouldn't be long now before Adina would be showing up. He sighed, this whole process felt tedious. But he knew if she didn't feel special it would never work, she had to fall in love with him.
His thoughts began to wander back to the first night they had tried his succession. The way Adina had cried out and ran to his side. The anger he felt for their failure. The tears in her eyes when he forced her out of the car at the end of her drive way. But here she was agreeing to meet him, no questions asked. "Maybe I have all the power I need", he said to himself, admiring his reflection in the window.

There were headlights coming down the drive way. Show time. He licked his lips and as he stood up and headed for the door. She had parked almost on the front step, he noted annoyed, since the rain had stopped. His breath caught a little as she emerged from the car. Her hair glistening like the silk of spidersweb at first light, her eyes full, sparkling like gems, lips pouted and pink. As she ascended the steps the smell of her perfume was picked up on the wind. She smelled like Patchouli and heaven. An ache grew in his chest and he felt himself become aroused. It shocked him. He had never reacted towards a woman in this way. It had to be from the botched ritual, must be some left over bond drawing him to her. She had always been beautiful but he had never craved something in this way. This only annoyed him more. He didn't want to become reliant on anyone. Especially not a woman. But in this moment his desire growing in his groin out weighed everything else. His mind became a jumble of thoughts, racing in no particular direction.

Travis was just standing there staring at her. She felt like she had pie on her face or something. It was awkward, waiting for him to say something. Had she maybe gotten it wrong? Was the text from someone else? She started kicking herself mentally for not being more careful and getting her hopes up. Now she was standing here in front of man who from the looks of didn't even wan..
Suddenly his arms were snaked around her back and in her hair, as his mouth descended onto hers. The force of his kiss making her gasp for air. But there were no butterflies, the passion she had imagined was no where to be found, not even a hint. She tried to relax into him, hoping maybe she was just caught off guard. But the kiss seemed to last forever and she found herself wishing he would just get off her face. It was truly disappointing to say the least. Here was a moment she had daydreamed about. Had hoped for. But had never thought she would be completely numb to. Was something wrong with her?

She tasted even better than she looked. He wanted to drink every inch of her in. She molded to him without hesitation. Allowing him to kiss her so deeply that his mind began to swim from the ecstasy growing within him. In a place he couldn't he describe. What ever this was he didn't want it to end. But knew he couldn't continue like this, not now. Reluctantly he pulled away. Staring down into her face as he did. Her eyes were half closed almost like she lost herself in the moment like he had. As she lifted her eyes to meet his, they were full and curious. Darting back and forth searching his eyes for something. He felt another pull in his groin. Travis had a good feeling he could take her there on the floor, front door wide open, and she wouldn't protest in the least but he found himself disgusted by the fact wanted her so badly and released his grip on her. Who was this woman to have such control over him! Women were trophies, for furthering a blood line and carrying a family name. He'd be damned if any woman would turn him into a simpering pawn. He fought the urge to spit on her, hating himself instantly when the thought turned to burying his between her legs instead. Gritting his teeth to bite back his internal battle he stepped to the side allowing her to enter the house. Gesturing with an open arm that she was welcomed. He closed the door behind him and waited for her to seat herself so that he could postion himself as far from her as his living room would allow.

She was so confused. Their relationship had never been physical before. He'd always told her they had to wait until after the ritual or it wouldn't work. Before, she couldn't wait. The idea of him having his way with her body causing pulses in cervix. And even just hours ago, the thought of seeing him making her smile like a dumb middle school girl. But the kiss they just shared was so... Nothing. She felt nothing. It was boring and almost felt like a chore. Something to mark off her to-do list. She scanned the living room once he let her inside trying to find a place to sit that would put some distance between them. She decided the arm chair was probably her best bet. For a brief while he seemed to be lost in thought before perching himself on the arm of the couch at the other end. It was about as far as he could have been short of just leaving the room entirely. But she was grateful for the distance. The more she watched him this feeling of repulsion began to grow and she could feel herself sinking back against the chair as if he was some kind of science project gone wrong that she couldn't escape. He began talking about his new plan.

Ticking off a list of where things had gone wrong before and how this time they would get it right. The sound of his voice was slowly gnawing at her. She had almost reached the point of yelling at him to shut up when she heard "hand fasting".
What had she missed? Why did he want to hand fast with her? Feeling foolish for not paying more attention to what he was saying she just smiled and nodded. Then he was on her again. Kneeling in front of her, his mouth forcing her lips apart. His hand making its way under her sweater. Now she felt increasingly stupid. Had she just agreed to handfast with him?

But that was a binding of their souls, there's no way or form of divorce for something like that. A handfasting was the last thing she found herself wanting from him. The deeper his kiss grew the more disgusted she felt. What was going on? Her fight or flight instinct took over and she found herself yelling an apology as she pushed him away and bolted for the door. Clearing the steps in a single leap and jumping into her car before he appeared at the front door. She started the car and drove off, making sure not to look back at him as she did.

Something inside him snapped. Where the fuck did she think she was going? He grabbed his keys from the table next to the door and ran for his suv. Spraying gravel as he whipped the vehicle around to follow her. Adina was his. He wasn't going to let this behavior go either. She would be punished for pushing him away and running out of him. When the old traditions were brought back women would learn their place again. Never denying their husbands of their desires. He followed her back to her house. She must have noticed he wasn't far behind her because when she parked, she jumped out of the car and ran for the house. He reached the front door just in time to hear the lock click.
"Adina, sweetheart. You're only going to make things harder than they have to be.", He called out, trying to keep voice steady and disguise the growing anger that was now reaching a point where is vision was red and blurry.

When she didn't respond he kicked the door open. Wood splintered to the floor. He waited listening for any movement. When heard something hit the floor down the hall way towards the kitchen.
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