Crossing Palms

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Ray had decided she wasn't going to sit around the house any more. Though her leg still ached from time to time her body was back to normal. She drove around for awhile before pulling up to the only bar in town. It was a run down, well-worn out little building with a couple blinking signs in the windows and a fire pit out back with a sound stage. No band tonight, fairly quiet. She rubbed her hands on her thighs like usual, trying to decide if she wanted go in when she saw the truck from earlier, it looked extremely new and almost glistened as the moonlight bounced of it's black paint. Making it look either sinister or some how angelic. She wasn't sure, was angelic even a way to describe a vehicle?

Instantly feeling defiant and annoyed she grabbed the keys and went inside. For a bar it was well lit and warm. A few people from highschool greeted her, exchanging small talk and the usual questions about life. It was actually pretty busy, the building full of music and conversation. It took her a little while before she spotted the man from that morning. He was tall. Solid. Looked like his shoulders could stop a train on their own. But his expression and posture were humble. She watched him, sipping her drink from time to time, making sure she paid enough attention so that she didn't get lost in the conversation. Something about him called to Raysia. Like she had known him before. Something in her core that felt a connection that she couldn't place her finger on. An hour passed before someone joined him, a man not much older from her guess. He'd said something to the first man, and suddenly his head popped up.

She locked eyes with him. Her heart pounded, she could feel the blood draining from her face. She knew she'd been caught staring and wondered how long the other guy knew before outing her. Embarrassment washed over her. Not knowing what else to do to, she quickly excused herself and bolted for the door after paying her bill. The cold air hit her hard as the door slammed behind her. Her keys were caught on her pocket and she tried tugging them out as she walked right into him. He was warm, and smelled of pine, old spice and dirt.

She panicked backing away trying to apologise. When she looked up into his eyes she felt frozen, like a deer in headlights. His eyes captivating her. Pinning her in place. Who the hell was this guy? Why was his presence making her insides turn to mush? He bent down and picked her keys up. Holding them out to her with a smile, "I suppose I should apologise. For this morning and well, just now. I didn't mean to scare you but you should really watching where you're going. ", He said. His voice was deep and almost sounded like a drum. His smile was enough bring angels to their knees.

Raysia reached for the keys, as her finger tips grazed the palm of his hand she felt heat rise in her chest like she just drank a shot of whiskey. Then it clicked. This was what their grammie had explained to them was the connection. When two halves of them same whole meet, they collide with a force that bonds them forever. Granted it didn't happen often in the Wiccan community, but on the rare occasion it did it meant good fortune for the community. His eyes flickered. He felt it too.

Quickly he pulled his hand away and raked his fingers through his hair. For a moment they just stood there staring at each other. Until the cold set in and Rayisa started to shiver.
"Do I know you somehow?", She managed to get out through chattering teeth. He shook his head. Then something about him changed. His brows furrowing. Like he was lost in a debate only he could hear.
He shifted to the side and gestured for her to pass, as she headed for her car he held out his hand, "Mind if I drive?" A
She thought about it for a second before she gave him the keys. After her experiences with men she couldn't figure out why for the life of her she was trusting this complete stranger but she couldn't help it. Something about him made Raysia feel more safe, more comfortable, more home, than she ever had. They crawled inside the car and she turned the heater up, impatiently rubbing her hands together as though it would speed up the process. He grabbed her hands and held them, bringing them to his face, where his body heat flooded towards her.

I had been sitting there, just trying to unwind from my mother's nagging of still having not met the girls whos life I had saved, for some reason she wouldn't it go, when my brother appeared next me and informed me I was being watched. My head snapped up and instantly I locked eyes with her. Raysia.

I hadn't seen her since the night of the accident until this morning when we were passing by and found her asleep beneath the tree where her life had almost ended. For some reason I'd felt the need to stop and make sure she was ok. When I'd gotten to her she was fine, but I was sure I'd disturbed her because she started to move around, so I hid a few trees away and sent my brother a text to turn around and pick me up. I had tried to leave with out her seeing me but no such luck. She'd gotten out of her sisters car and started to say something but I told Matthew to hurry the fuck up as I jumped in the passenger seat. All day I had tried telling myself that I was only drawn to her out of curiosity, not knowing for sure how she recovered from that night and never being able to let anything go, of course I was curious. But now, looking into her eyes, I knew that wasn't the truth. It was the pull, the one you hear stories about and girls dream of. When two Wiccans meet and a link is formed between them, stronger than any hand fasting or binding spell. He knew now why he hadn't been able to leave her that night. But she looked scared, like she had been startled. When Raysia had gone up to the bar to pay her bill he decided to try and meet her outside by the door, maybe try talking to her.

When she burst out of the door she ran right in to him. Instantly sending a shiver up his spine. He felt the urge to check her and make sure she was ok but he didn't think a stranger pawing at her was a good way to start. He desperately wanted to say something, but his voice wouldn't budge. He was dazed by the way the lights danced behind her and lit up the red curtain of silk that framed her face. They may have been twins but she and her sister looked nothing alike. Not knowing what else to do he forced his words to form and offered an apology, while bending down to retrieve her keys from the ground. When she reached for the keys he felt the bond between them ignite like a thousand Sparks sending his nerve endings into a frenzy. It must have started that night, when he carried her to his truck.

Now he just wanted to wrap his arms around her and sheild her from the world. He felt a pang of guilt, for leaving her at the hospital that night, but how was he supposed to know? She wasn't even conscious then and he had too many things to worry about. But it would explain why he kept finding himself thinking back to her all these months, why he hadn't been able to fight the urge to check on her any longer. She began to shiver, he didn't want her getting sick because he couldn't manage to pull together a proper sentence so Mark stepped out of her way. He knew he owed her an explanation, and given the circumstances he knew if he left any details out, it would be devastating to both of them. Some how, he choked out an offer to drive but Mark felt like a puppet, someone else operating his body and making it move. Not aware of his actions until afterwards.

Sitting next to him in the car Raysia rubbed her hands together, glaring at the car like she was threatening it's life if it didn't give her heat. He reached for her hands and brought them up to his face. He felt them both instantly become warmer. His eyes closing as he soaked in her touch. Raysia was like a warm breeze, surrounding him. He wanted to get lost in the feeling. Without noticing her move, or maybe he was the one who pulled her to him. He didn't know. But their lips touched, carefully for at first. Then much more urgently. Both of her hands were holding his face, pulling him closer to her. Pleading for the space between them to close. When Raysia stopped, breathing heavily, she whispered, "Drive."

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