Is This Really Happening

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I was 7 years old when I realized that I could see ghosts and hear different voices around me when no body was there. My parent's just always thought that I was talking to myself as I would be playing with my toys. As I got older, made friends it all just stopped. Then after I had turned 18, I saw the ghost of my grandma while I was at my boyfriends house. He told me that it was his grandmother, but I knew different because she had been sitting on the couch. I moved to a different state several years later, thought everything was great until weird different things would happen. Several failed marriages later, thought that I had found the love of my life. Then I had forgotten that he had near death experience in his early 20's. My near death experience was when I was a young child and the house I lived in caught fire at night with myself, my sister and my father. So with us both experiencing that things in our life seemed to be going great, then different things happened. Pictures of our bedroom with a complete stranger's foot and leg on our bed. I knew that I didn't take the pictures and he said that he hadn't. And to top it off the pictures were taken with his work camera. We moved to a different place, stayed for a couple of years. For some reason I was wanting to come back home. I'm Meish, the ghosts are back now and so are the voices. And my family thinks I'm just crazy.

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Chapter 1

Unpacking the 6th box of different things for the small apartment, Meish Teak is having second thoughts about moving back home after being gone for almost 16 years. She left this place to escape the madness that comes to her. "I remember you," Meish looked around the room and no but her was in room. "great I move back and they find me right away. But at least all the different voices haven't found their way to me," talking to herself while shaking her head. And hoping that it's only the ghosts, cause she could deal with that, just when it's the voices of people who are among the living still, things seem more complicated for her. Strange things happen, sometimes good but bad as well.
"What was I thinking? I don't know why I ever came back home?" Meish thinking to herself, while walking to the local diner. The diners' only a few blocks away from her small house in the Bay Area. If you take a walk through the small park to the cliff side, you're able to see The Golden Gate Bridge. "I forgot how beautiful it is here," walking while lost in thought. Heading for the front door of the diner, while almost bumping into someone, looking up to see this person, "Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." Thinking to herself, "Wow, he's good looking."
"It's ok, are you ok? I'm Dev Grim," "Yes, I'm ok. I'm Meish Teak, nice bumping into you Dev Grim. Well I'll see you around, I'm going to grab me some lunch inside." Looking back at Dev Grim as she walked inside the diner, she can't help herself as she's checking out his very yummy looking backside as he's walking away.
After waiting to be seated, taking a table only meant for two or one, next to the window looking outside at all the different people walking by or the different cars driving by. Looking at her menu, trying to figure out what to get to eat for lunch, when everything sounded really good at the moment. "Hi, how are you today? I'm Anna, what can I get you to drink?"
"I'm doing ok, thank you for asking. I'll have a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, the club sandwich with fries. And how are you doing? I've not been here in a while." Anna was always so nice to her whenever she'd come to the diner to eat. "I'm doing ok, things have been a little rough, but I'm making. I'll be back with your coffee and get your order in. It's nice to see you again." Staring out the window, seeing several couples walking hand in hand, makes her wonder if there is a man in this world that's only meant for her.
"Here's your coffee, as soon as your foods ready I'll have it right out to you. If you need anything else let know," "Thank you Anna, I'm just off in my own little world right now." "Why are you just sitting here? You're not doing yourself any good day dreaming about the right man being out there if you don't let men see who you really are, I know that you remember me." The voice in her head stated to her, while giving her chills up and down her arms. Sitting here in the diner she didn't dare respond to the voice in her head. It'd be different if she had a bluetooth headset for her cell phone, cause then she'd just look like she was talking to someone on her cell phone and not some crazy person.
After adding cream and sugar to her coffee, taking a sip to make sure she got it sweet enough for her taste, "Shit that's hot but it's sweet enough." "Why did I move back? I know that there was only tears and heart break for me if I stayed. Then my stupid ass would've forgiven him again for the 13th or 14th time, when he was never going to change. Hell he really never did love me. I feel so stupid for wasting all those years on a man who didn't love me and was only using me," fighting back the tears while waiting for her lunch to come.
Walking back to her small house, listening to all the noises around her and how it's different from where she used to live. There's so much more here for her to do and enjoy. Thinking about the different places she could go and draw until her hearts content or even go get in a baseball game as long as the Giants were playing at home. Maybe even one day get brave enough to get dressed up and go out for a drink at one of the different clubs here or across the Bay. But then she might just have to see if there's any fishing poles and tackle somewhere in the garage. There's plenty of Bay shoreline to fish from or from one the piers.
"Maybe that's why I've not met the right man. Because I'm too much of a tomboy?" thinking to herself as she walked the rest of the way home. Knowing that she couldn't help that she enjoyed a lot of different things that guys normally do. But she still enjoyed a good romantic movie, being the romantic that she is. Was wanting real unconditional love so wrong? She didn't believe it was wrong. Still believing that there's someone out there for everyone, it's just some may not have found that special someone to spend the rest of their life with. Meish knew that she hadn't yet, due to all the failed relationships she's had in the past. She just knew that she couldn't deal with her heart being broken again by a man claiming to love her and not really mean it.
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