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Matvey is second in command to the Russian Tsar(mob boss) Anatoly. His sights are set on Anatoly's niece his childhood friend Vanya. Things begin to become clearer as plots emerge and love blossoms. Marriage, death, plots, a broken game of chess. Matvey struggles to come to grips with his love for the girl he watched grow up. Vanya must come to grips with his cold demeanor and constant absence. A fairy tale of sorts is set in motion. When the last rose blooms...

Thriller / Romance
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Matvey licked his lips.

"I know you like Vanya," The fat man said.

Matvey stared at him unblinking. "She was promised to me by her father. That's the arrangement."

"I understand that you feel for her, and the arrangement you had with my brother. But it's changed."

"Feel? That's strong. Fine then." Matvey smoked his cigarette.

The older, fatter man smiled. "Glad you agree. I'll let you get going. Don't forget, shipments due."

"Course Tsar."

Matvey turned around, leaving the room. His eyes narrows.

That pig. Just what did he plan to do. He waited for the elevator.

Changed? No. Nothing changed. Except power. And that fat fuck.


Vanya smiled. Matvey looked down at the small brown woman. Now she was a woman.

"Oh little fox," he put his hand on her head, with a smile. "Late as always."

"Oh shut the fuck up! I'm not that late. The bus was late."

"If you would learn how to drive would you have that issue?" He mused. "And such foul language! Who will marry you with such a sharp tongue?"

She scoffed. "Hm. As if I'd change how I speak to soothe your tiny little ego."

The 6'4 man quirked his brow, he pinched her chin gently before palming her face, . "I could show you how tiny my ego is; but I think you're big words may not match such a tiny body."

She looked away.

"But I could teach you anyway," he murmured, forcing her gaze to his, his finger under her chin. "How would you like that, Vanya."

Her skin went hot. "Don't be crazy, Matvey."

He bit his lip, leaning in a little closer. "But it wouldn't be so crazy, would it," he murmured hotly, his lips almost against hers.

He paused smirking. He plucked her forehead.

She touched it. "Thy hurt, Matvey."

He chuckled. "What a cute expression, for such a foul girl."

She elbowed him. "Shut up!"

He chuckled. "Your uncle is waiting for you. Go on in, Little fox."

She pouted. "Will I see you tonight at the event?"

He stepped into the elevator. "Of course you will little fox."

She crossed her arms. Her 5'2 figure stood imposing as she could as the doors closed in front him.

"I hope not!" She shouted.

"Don't lie," he smirked.

• • •

Vanya stepped into the room. The music was nice and the people were...

Matvey was talking to his friends. He looked angry. She started toward to him almost immediately.

"Vanya," a man stepped in front of her.

Matvey looked up. She was here. And look at that dress...she looked wonderful.

Who was that boy in front of her though. She smiled and nodded softly.

He narrowed his eyes.

"Matvey if you stare at her any harder she may catch fire," his friend Nikolai smirked.

"Who is that, boy? Do you know Nik?"

"No. But I heard he's the plan."

Matvey narrowed his eyes. "I knew you knew something. Plan?"

"Yeah," Nikolai took a shot. "And she doesn't have a clue. But I'm guessing she's about to find out."

"I don't imagine your uncle told you about me," the man smirked. "But I'm your new fiancée."

She narrows her eyes. "No you're not. Because I'm not engaged."

She pushed past him.

He stopped her putting his hand on her shoulder roughly. "Yes. You are."

She glared at his hand. Then she tooling it between her own, throwing him over her shoulder and slamming him into the ground.

"No. You're really not," she smirked.

The party paused. Matvey got up, handing his cup to Nikolai. He swiftly came to Vanya side.

"Are you okay," he glanced down at the man.

"Yeah. Yeah I'm fine. But my uncles really gonna hear some strong words from me."

Matvey put his hand on her cheek. "There there. Calm down little fox. I'll talk to him."

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