Lies and Deceit Hidden in the Wind

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Chapter 4 pt. B

As we entered the Grand Hall I saw Brinley. When I saw her I had to do a double-take. Brinley was dressed in the most beautiful gold dress I had ever seen. The color was a deep and rich gold that made it seem like they have woven the dress out of gold. The dress was lined with black. She, like me, had a dark red sash over her outfit. Her mask covered her face but it was dark and dramatic like the rest of her ensemble. I walked up to her with my arm out for her to grab hold of.

Brinley gave me a quick smile before her face became stone. Dramatic, I see. I assume that’s the theme of this Masquerade Ball. I relaxed my face and pretended I was above it all. I imagine that we looked stunning together.

“Are you ready?” Brinley whispered.

Everyone’s eyes would be on us as soon as this door opened. Everyone would be staring at me for once in my lifetime. I would be the center of attention. The realization of that fact hit me like a stone wall. I opened my eyes wider and quickly looked around the room. I looked down at my surcoat and vest. I had worn these items since I was merely 7 years old. Finally, they weren’t designed for a child. I was an adult. I would be an adult as soon as I walk through the door. No one would question it anymore. No one would whisper about my age as I passed. I was getting married. I was an adult.

The music quieted and slowed to a stop. Everything was still. There was a muffled voice talking in the room. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I was taking short and shallow breaths. I had been anxious for this moment to arrive since I was 16 years old. Now it was here, and I was more scared than I had ever been.

Another second passed.

The voice continued to talk. The doors would open soon and Brinley and I would be subjected to the judgment of everyone. I could already hear what they are going to say.

“Oh look at him, there is no way he’s an adult now,”

They were wrong.

“Look how gorgeous the Aus is! Too bad she got roped in with that child.”

They don’t know anything, Brinley wants to marry me.

“Oh poor boy, I heard that there was a shortage of food in the castle. Look at how skinny he is!”

That’s none of their business.

“How is he the Ene’s boy? He’s so small!”

I am my father’s son.

My lips pursed together in a tight line. My eyebrows furrowed as I stared ahead. All these voices in my head are screaming at me to answer them. I had to push them out. I wasn’t going to ruin Brinley and my engagement party.

Such a child.

It was the loudest voice in my head. The only one that was actually there. The others were just phantoms of anxieties. Perhaps they were placed there by a loud voice.

“You will not ruin this for me. I swear to you, it will not happen.” I thought as I adjusted my arm so Brinley could hold onto it better.

Brinley caught my eyes, “Are you okay?” she mouthed.

I ignored her worries and focused forward. I just need to get through this moment. Everything will be okay. I just need to get through this.

I focused hard and caught the last of what the announcer was saying

“-the celebration of their promise to each other. Now the guests of honor, Chi Lucian Kreed of the royal family Kreed and Aus Brinley Idris of the court of Cadia.” The announcer finished.

The doors opened and we saw the Masquerade thrown in our honor for the first time. Just as I imagined, all eyes were on Brinley and me. There were a few gasps in the crowd but other than that I couldn’t hear anything they were saying. A few of the noblewomen, whom I couldn’t place, leaned to their companions and whispered to each other. When I saw this I braced myself and promised that I wouldn’t lose it. I would be okay. Let them whisper. Perhaps they were just jealous of Brinley and me.

I guided Brinley into the room and everyone’s eyes remained on us. I took a deep breath and slowly let it out. I calmed down. Who cares if they are staring. We stood before the crowd and no one moved. I don’t think anyone was even breathing. Everything was still. It was like we had all frozen in our positions of grandeur.

Then the music started playing in the background. In the beginning, it was only violins and their sad songs. They wailed their eerie tunes and I recognized the beat. I faced Brinley and met her eyes. She stared intently at me. The room around us was dark. It helped to feed the false atmosphere we had created.

Girls around us had luminescent flowers in their dresses and hair while their suitors wore them as boutonnières. It cast an ethereal glow around the room. Few candles were lit. The lights were pulsating around the room.

Brinley and I took a step closer towards me. She held her hand out and I matched her. We were so close but not yet touching. We circled each other. Everyone’s eyes were on us. I couldn’t stop now. I couldn’t mess up.

The light from the luminescent flowers made Brinley’s dress sparkle. It shimmered like shining stars. I hadn’t noticed it before when we were in the Grand Hall. The music picked up and got faster and urgent. I held Brinley’s waist as we twirled and danced in intricate circles. No one was dancing around us. We were all alone on the ballroom floor. Per tradition, the guests of honor would have the first dance.

Brinley gave a grand smile as the song hit its climax. I dipped her and held her in my arms as the song winded down. Like the beginning, it was only the violins playing their chilling song. We broke apart and returned to the near touch of before. We circled each other as the song died. One single note was being held out. Brinley and I took two steps backward and as the last strand was losing volume we bowed to each other.

Our audience applauded as we stood facing each other. I grinned at Brinley. I generally enjoyed dancing. Especially ballroom dancing. There was something about it that seemed poetic. Two people moving in sync with each other. Just completely trusting one another as they moved about the room. It was beautiful. Ballroom dancing is the physical form of poetry. That is what I’ve got from that.

Our applause died down and we walked out from the center of the room

“Chi Lucian and Aus Brinley,” The announcer smiled.

After our dance, the Cons lit the chandeliers and we could see one another. All the luminescent flowers stop glowing and return to their normal colors. It made me wonder if my father was behind this. Perhaps he truly wanted Brinley and me to make an entrance. If he did, I applaud him. That was perhaps one of the most magical scenes in my life.

It truly was extraordinary.

Brinley and I walked to the corner of the room to get away from all the dancing couples. Masquerade Balls weren’t her thing either. Our real relationship got started on our equal hatred of Masquerade Balls, even if they were for different reasons.

I dislike the Balls because it doesn’t sit well with me having a bunch of people I don’t know in the Fortress. I also dislike the fact that I have to dress up to impress all these people I don’t know.

Brinley dislikes Masquerade Balls, not Balls in general. She doesn’t like the fact that she and other people have to wear masks. Brinley has a hard time recognizing people if she can’t see their faces. That makes it extremely difficult to figure out who she is talking to. I asked her why she doesn’t just ask who they are and she stared at me blankly.

She said and I quote, “I feel like asking who they are is rude and I don’t want to be rude. What if instead of my best friend I’m actually talking to a town mayor. That would be pretty awkward.”

I guess I can see where she’s coming from but no one is going to judge her for a mistake like that. I could happen to anyone, and it was only going to be one person witnessing it. Either way, she just would rather we have a Ball without the use of masks.

“We made quite the splash, didn’t we Lucian?” Brinley asked as couples danced around the room in intricate circles.

“Of course we did. My father made sure of that.” I cannot lie, I was very proud of my father for caring so much about this event.

This event was very important to me and if my father couldn’t see that then what was the point of having this Masquerade?

“I’m very glad. You need that win,” Brinley rubbed my shoulder.

“Did you end up writing a speech?” I winced as I recalled my headache.

Brinley’s eyes narrowed, “You didn’t write your speech, didn’t you?”

“I, well, um, I asked you!” I pointed out.

“What happened? You were in your room for like two hours, what were you doing?”

“Sleeping,” I admitted quietly.

“What in Malcens?!” She hit my arm. “This is our engagement party and you didn’t even write a speech!”

“Hey, I passed out. I’ll wing it. Don’t worry, love.” I assured her.

As we sat and talked in the corner of the room people stopped occasionally to watch us. It was as if we weren’t real people but a recording. I suppose to them we aren’t real people. They hear about all the things we have done and will continue to do. They feel the effects of our actions and our words. The only thing that disproves our humanity to them is that they have never witnessed us take such action.

They think of us above them and perhaps in some minds, it is true, such as my father’s, but that’s only because the power hasn’t shifted in so long. The Kreeds have been rulers of this Shire for years and years and will probably remain in our hands for years to come. Maybe we do need a wake-up call, but it won’t come in his lifetime. Hopefully, it won’t come in any of our lifetimes. If the power shifts then there will be immeasurable discord and panic throughout the Shire.

Brinley ran a hand down the fabric of my surcoat. She looked like she was appreciating its richness but in reality, it was probably her filling the silence. We had fallen into a comfortable silence just listening and watching the upperclassmen dance among the noblemen. They blended seamlessly. Perhaps this was the only time they were indistinguishable. If the noblemen knew I was having these sorts of thoughts in my head they would probably kill me. The Lower Class of Noblemen and the Upper Class of Village men were nearly the same. They both got invited to Balls like this. They were in the same bracket for taxes, although they don’t know that. They bought all the same sorts of things. They were, essentially, the same. The only difference was their ego and birthright.

“Lucian?” Brinley asked quietly.

“What is it, love?”

“I need to know, why didn’t you write your speech?”

I sighed. I hated that I would lie to her but I have to. It’s to keep her blissfully unaware. She cannot know what I know. It would break her heart.

“Is it really that unimportant to you?” She asked.

“Brin, I can’t-” I started but quickly got interrupted.

“Chi Lucian, your father is requesting you visit him.” A Cons walked up to us.

I frowned slightly. I didn’t expect my father to want to talk to me right now. Usually, during Balls, he just sits on his throne and watches. He doesn’t let anyone talk to him, only a few Conses, and just watches the whole thing. It’s ridiculous.

“Can it wait? I’m discussing something very important to Aus Brinley.” I responded.

“Very important to me? Wow, Lucian, I didn’t realize our engagement meant so little to you,” Brinley shook her head and grabbed a glass of wine from a passing Servant.

“Sorry, I don’t think Ene Edmond would like to wait?” The Cons responded.

Brinley rolled her eyes and downed her glass in a single swallow.

“Brinley, can we discuss this later?”

Brinley sighed and calmed herself, “Yeah, of course, we can discuss this later. It’s not fair of me to expect you to disobey your father to talk to me.”

“Thank you, love. I’ll find you soon.” I promised her before walking away.

Now that the candles were lit, I could see the room a lot better. Everyone was wearing bright clothing, unlike Brinley and I. I suppose it was so we could be recognized quickly. It makes sense that they would want to find us quickly, although we do stand out more when we are together.

I walked through crowds of people and the whispers started up again. I could hear them mixed with the music.

“What’s he doing without Brinley?”

None of your business.

“I heard they fought!”

None of your business!

“Do you think we are here so the royal family can announce the engagement is off?”


The whispers are what really got to me. I kept my face calm and collected so that they didn’t have the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of me.

They can see right through you.

Of course, they can.

I blocked all voices out of my head and walked toward my father. Calm and collected. That’s what I must be. They cannot get to me. I am calm and collected and they aren’t getting to me. They can’t get to me.

I took my place on my father’s side. I folded my hands behind my back and waited. My father looked slightly tipsy as he slumped in his throne.

“20 years of throwing these parties. I’m getting tired of it Lucian,” My father groaned.

“That’s wonderful father,” I responded half-heartedly. “Now you understand the hatred I’ve always had of these dreadful parties.”

“I swear to the omn, kid, you are 19 years old. You should enjoy these parties. I’m old, I hate them. You are young, you should love them. Wait, have you always hated them?” My father asked as he sipped his wine.

“If you must know, the answer to your question is yes. I have always hated them.”

“Why? I loved them when I was your age.”

Of course, he did.

“These people don’t belong here.”

“Lucian, these people are our subjects. We invite them to things like this.”

I rolled my eyes. It has nothing to do with their social statuses. Father wouldn’t understand that though.

“How many of these people do you actually know, Father?”

“Quite a few of them, I’ll have you know, son.”


“Fine, how many do you actively make attempts to talk to?”

My father chuckled, “You have me there son. I’m not a very extroverted person. I’d rather keep to myself than actively talk to people.”

“Yes. I know that.” A poisonous tone seeped into my voice but my father didn’t pick up on it.

My father nodded. Count on him to not know when I’m actively trying to get him to see I’m mad at him.

“Alright, why am I here? I was talking to Brinley about something very important. She is now very angry at me and I’m here discussing whether or not I like parties? Why am I here?”

“I can’t talk to my son?” My father asked.

How ironic. The second I can’t talk to him is the moment he wants to talk to me.

“You never seemed interested before.” I sarcastically remarked.

My father’s eyebrows shot up and then his face relaxed, “Right.”

His reactions alone made me question whether it was worth it to make such a remark or not. Probably wasn’t. After everything he’s done, he’s still my father.

“You are right. I didn’t call you here to discuss your party. I want to know if you are happy. Are you?”

“What?” I squinted.

“Are you happy, Lucian?”

“What kind of question is that? Sure. It’s nice you made the effort to throw me a party. I guess I’m happy.”

“Are you happy with your life, son?”

I sighed, “What do you want me to say? That I hate my life? It’s not true. I’m getting married. I’ve never struggled in life. I live a good life. Sure there are aspects I’d change if I could but I can’t so I won’t be unhappy about that.”

“You don’t feel like I’m forcing you into a marriage?” He asked.

“Forcing me into a marriage? Brinley is, perhaps, the best part of my life. I’m not getting forced into anything.”

Father lifted an eyebrow, “Then why have you been mad at me lately?”

I snorted, “Lately? I’ve been mad at you for the majority of my life.”

This seemed to surprise my father because he looked taken aback.

“Why?” He sputtered.

“Because you aren’t mom!” Anger flashed in my face.

I had tried to keep all the emotions in and become cool calm and collected like my father, but they bubbled to the surface. If I didn’t watch myself I would blow up.

“Look kid, I know I’m not mom, and I’m sorry for that. Soon I hope you realize all I did was to help you.”

I clenched my teeth and bit my lip to try not to start yelling at him.

“It never felt like that to me,” I whispered.

“Look I’m sorry kid. You were so much like your mother. I couldn’t let myself get close to you. You are more like her than you could ever know. I didn’t want to lose you too.” He winced.

“So you just ditched me to raise myself. When I lost mom, I lost you too. That was probably the worst thing I’ve ever gone through. Listen, Father, it’s great that you are apologizing for not being present in my life after mom died, but you are going to need to give me more time to forgive you.”

“I understand, go enjoy your party” He looked down at his lap.

Then I left. I just walked away and I couldn’t believe that I had actually confronted my father. It made me want to do a victory lap or throw up my guts. Either way, I was glad I had gotten to do it.

I looked around the room trying to find my Fiancee. Seeing as we were the only ones dressed so dark, you would have thought it would be easier to find her. I walked around for a while just searching. I eventually got enveloped by the dancers. I realized I had to write a poem. I watched the dancers and realized I had the perfect thing to draw from.

Like I had said earlier, I had had the most magical event happen to me tonight. The moment I shared with Brinley. The first dance of the night. This poem would serve both purposes. It would serve as something to feed to the public, and it might help convince Brinley that I did care about our engagement and she would forgive me. Maybe she’d buy it if I told her I wanted to surprise her.

“Chi Lucian?” a voice asked.

I turned and came face to face with a tall woman. I didn’t recognize her, but I felt I should. She seemed to be vaguely familiar.

“Yes?” I responded.

“Oh my, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, hasn’t it?” She grinned.

“I guess so-” I trailed off so she could fill in her name.

“Oh wow, you don’t remember me,” She said aloud but it seemed like she was talking to herself. It made me feel bad. I had met so many people that I’m barely able to retain names anymore.

“Sorry, love. I deeply apologize,” I winced.

“Nope, it’s my fault, I haven’t seen you in years. I’m the Lady Nola Booker. How do you do?” She bowed.

Nola Booker. The name sounded deeply familiar. I furrowed my eyebrows in deep concentration. Where did I know this woman from? Nola. Hm.

“Well, kid, it seems you are getting married, and it wasn’t to me,” Nola laughed and suddenly I remembered where I knew her from.

Of course! It was Nola Booker the maid I was in love with at 7. I can’t believe that I forgot her. She was such a big part of my childhood. Wow, she looked different! I guess It didn’t help that she was wearing a mask.

“No way, Nola? You are back?!” I laughed at the odd coincidence of seeing her here tonight.

“Of course! I heard my favorite little boyfriend was getting married and I had to see it for myself. I convinced my husband to let us return to Fyn for the party.”

“Wow, how is he these days? I know my father was extremely pissed when you and your husband up and left to get married,” I laughed.

It was still insane to me that Nola was back. She left back when I was 11 years old. I wonder if Ronin remembered Nola. He probably did, they were best friends before she left.



“Have you seen Ronin yet?”

“Ronin’s still here?” Nola’s eyes got wide.

“Of course, where else would he go?” I shrugged it off.

“Oh, I just assumed that he had left to travel the Shires with his Guitar as he had planned to.” Nola rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“He was planning on leaving? When?”

“Oh, when he turned 20 and honed his guitar skills.”

That whole idea was laughable. I couldn’t imagine Ronin traveling through towns as a Baird. That just doesn’t seem like him.

“Do you want to see him? I’m sure we can find him somewhere,”

“Of course! I would love to see Ronin again,” Nola beamed.

“He’s engaged as well.”

Next to me, Nola hesitated for a second, “What did you say?”

“Ronin got engaged! His Fiancee is great, they are such a great couple.”

Nola stopped for a minute and seemed to be contemplating things, “who is his Fiancee?” She asked.

“Oh, she’s Aus Brinley’s, my Fiancee’s, Per. Her name is Andromeda Omari. She is the sweetest thing and she is so talented. She’s also a noblewoman and so Ronin is going to be a nobleman when they get married. He’s going to be my Fel since he doesn’t have to be a Cons anymore,” Nola seemed to get further and further away as I kept talking.

Nola seemed to even pale a little.

“Nola, what’s wrong? Don’t you want to see Ronin?”

“Right, of course, I want to see Ronin. He’s my best friend.” her face melted into a smile but I didn’t believe everything was fine.

We walked around for a while and then found Ronin next to the tables of food.

“Hey! Ronin! I have someone I want you to see.” I called him.

His head shot up and he paused his conversation with Andromeda.

“Chi Lucian, who do you wish for me to meet?” Ronin asked.

Nola gasped as she looked at him.

“Oh wow,” She breathed, “He looks the same.”

“Nola? Is that you?” Ronin shot up and stared at her from underneath his mask.

“Yeah it’s me,” She opened her arms for a hug and Ronin ran to her.

Andromeda shot me a look and I nodded to reassure her. There will be no Fiance snatching tonight.

“Oh my goodness, I haven’t seen you in years!” He sighed.

“I missed you,” She buried her face into his coat.

Andromeda raised an eyebrow.

“He’s fine,” I mouthed.

If there’s anything I know about Ronin is that he is loyal to his death. He wouldn’t leave his Fiance that he’s been in love with since what feels like forever ago. That’s just not in his personality. Besides, Nola ran off with her husband 8 years ago, and as far as I remember Nola and Ronin have been friends and nothing else. I believe I would know because I’ve shared a room with him for 11 years.

Nola and Ronin pulled apart and Andromeda walked up next to me.

“So what was up with that long heart-wrenching reunion? Is she the eternal love that everyone’s been waiting to return?” Andromeda asked with a weird tone in her voice.

I didn’t understand what she was talking about but she sounded sad.

“Oh of course not. Ronin has been in love with you for over 4 years. If he was ever in love with Nola, he isn’t now. You are his Fiancee, love. You won. A lot and I mean a lot would have to happen for him to start dating Nola. Firstly being you breaking up with him and not the other way around,” I explained gently.


“Of course! He’s in love with you, and that isn’t a word I use lightly.”

“Excuse me, everyone!” Ene Kane’s voice boomed through the Ballroom. The music stopped and everyone stopped dancing to wait for Ene Kane to continue talking.

“My name is Ene Kane Idris, I rule the neighboring Shire of Cadia. Firstly I would like to thank you all for your hospitality. Fyn has been wonderful to my wife and me. There are two reasons we have gathered here tonight. First and foremost we are gathered here to celebrate the engagement between my daughter, Aus Brinley Idris of the Court of Kadia, and Chi Lucian Kreed of the royal family Kreed. I deeply apologize to the two for throwing their engagement party 1 and a half years late but we love and support the two of them in their journey towards marriage.”

Huge applause went up in the crowd. I grabbed a glass of wine from a Servant and downed it. Another reason for them to stare at me. I did however locate Brinley. When her father made this announcement a circle formed around her, just staring at her. Poor Brin.

Then Ene Kane continued, “They are truly an inspiration to us all. I remember 3 years ago when my daughter was merely 19 and we told her she was getting married. She hated the prospect. I remember my progressionist daughter hated the idea of an arranged marriage and I felt so horribly for making her do it. I knew she would eventually find happiness but she fought me every step of the way. Until she actually met her future fiance. I always knew he was a good kid but my daughter Brinley was starstruck by Chi Lucian from the first day she met him,” Ene Kane reminisced.

That’s a lie. Brinley and I didn’t like each other for a while. I was an introvert who didn’t like meeting new people and Brinley hated everything our marriage would stand for. We weren’t exactly the best match in the world. That was it! I could write a poem about this.

We don’t make sense

She is the light in the dark

I am the dark in her light

That was only the beginning of it but I could tell it would be impressive. As I was compiling my poem, Ene Kane was continuing to tell lies to the public about Brinley and me.

Ene Kane raised a glass, “To Chi Lucian and my beautiful daughter Brinley, for showing us that love can find us in unusual places. To an engagement that was once a business deal and blossomed into the result of true love. To Lucian, my future son in law for being the perfect future husband for my daughter.”

“Hear hear!” The crowd echoed

I raised my half-empty glass and drained the rest of it.

Raise a glass to a hopeless boy in love

I thought bitterly. Wait, that’s good. I can use that. Ene Kane stepped away from the spotlight and his wife, Sor Larkin stepped in. Her voice was equally as powerful.

“Hear Hear indeed. To everyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Larkin Ai-Idris. I’m the Sor of Cadia and Ene Kane’s wife. Brinley, the Bride, is my beloved daughter. Ene Kane had a great speech about their love and now I am here to talk to everyone about the second reason we are here tonight. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we have to make some changes with Chi Lucian and my daughter’s wedding.”

Whispers went up through the crowds. I could hear a few around me.

“They are changing something?”

Had to be done.

“Everything is tradition! What are they changing?!”

If you listen you’ll find out.

“I heard whispers about this from the castle. It’s because she’s pregnant. They want to get them married before she shows.”

“How scandalous! They aren’t going to make the two-year mark? The audacity to call themselves self-respecting royals.” Some lady scoffed.

I rolled my eyes. They have no idea what they are talking about.

“We have moved the wedding forward to next week.” Sor Larkin responded.

“I told you! She’s pregnant and it’s Lucian’s Con’s baby! “

Oh my goodness.

“How do you know?”

“Please it’s never the Fiance’s baby. They are watched like hawks. Brinley and Cons? No one expects that so they don’t get watched.”

I put my hands in my palms. Brinley wasn’t pregnant for goodness’ sake. We were getting married in a week for the same reason our castle looks like swiss cheese. The Villages are revolting and Brinley will be safer when we get married. People really shouldn’t talk about things they don’t know.

“Why?!” Someone yelled.

Sor Larkin looked over at my father and he nodded.

“As you were entering this evening you probably noticed something. The Fortress is under construction right now. That is because two weeks ago we were under attack from terrorists. A group we call Revolutionaries tried to kill my daughter Brinley. After we all got out of the attack safely and soundly we sat Brinley and Chi Lucian down and discussed how we could best keep my daughter safe. The decision we decided upon was getting Brinley and Chi Lucian married as soon as possible. We are only breaking tradition to save the life of your future Sor. I apologize because we have to deal with people such as these threatening the lives of our young royals.” Sor Larkin lowered her head.

Sor Larkin and Ene Kane walked away from the microphone and off the stage when Brinley began running up for it. I had to beat her there. She needs to know I care about our engagement. I got to the stage just as Brinley was preparing to speak.

“Lucian, what are you doing up here? I’m giving my speech since you didn’t write one.” Brinley hissed quietly.

“Oh but I did,” I grinned.

“What?” She whispered.

“Can I please go first? You need to hear what I have to say.” I responded quietly.

There were some murmurs in the crowd and she and I continued to debate on the stage.

“I swear on the omn, if this isn’t honest to Bonitas speech then I’m going to murder you in your sleep.” She threatened me as she began to walk off the stage.

“Thanks love!” I called after her.

“Ehem,” I started, “Hi everyone, my name is Lucian, Lucian Kreed. I don’t do much public speaking and so I’m sorry if I, um, mess up a little. Earlier this evening I argued with Aus Brinley Idris and so I wrote her a poem. Those of you who know me personally know that I’m not good with speaking but I am good with words so this, um, this is for you Brin.” I looked out into the crowd and I caught Brinley’s eye. That is how I was able to get the confidence to say the poem I had written.

“She is the light in the dark

I’m the dark in her light

Whispers destroy their images

Tiny words dig chasms between one another

Eyes burn holes in their intricate filings

She runs far and wide

Spreads her gift so all the world can see

He undoes her light

With inked black lines swirling in her iridescence.

So raise a glass to the beautiful Bride

Raise a glass to the built upon world

Raise a glass to a hopeless boy in love

Raise a glass to the life that they shall live

Even if their story is built on a lie

They make no sense

They have nothing that they share

And that’s what makes them flawless

Because nothing else is there

They were sent to be

Each other’s other half

A positive

To a negative

They don’t make sense

He says the wrong things

She bends my words

They hurt each other’s hearts

But they belong together

Because they share the same soul

And they are faultless with each other

Because they chose one another

She is the light in the dark

I’m the dark in her light

And together they are grey” I finished quietly.

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