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Lakshya :a key to open is a story about a girl who tries to find the reason behind the death of her loved one, Abhi .Later acknowledges a connection between Abhi's death and her parent's death,who died when she was 6 months old. she has a responsibility to protect someone after loosing her parents and abhi . did whom she want to protect?what was the connection?

Thriller / Mystery
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A morning nightmare

AUGUST 4, 2020.

2:00 AM.


That’s the only thing I could see. Everything around me is horribly dark, I couldn’t see past my own hands. I glance around with fear.

“Where on earth am I? What on earth am I doing here?“, I asked the voice inside me.

‘How can I know girl, I am inside you’, the voice snaps.

I am totally confused with the reply the voice inside me gave. I raised my chin and gazed up, a thick admiral blue starry sky appeared. I slid my head down and narrowed my eyes in the dark to peer at my wristwatch. Short and long needles together pointing at number three on my dial.

My mind is urging me to scream for help, ironically, I can’t make a word out of my mouth. I feel like I am isolated from the rest of the world. The silence around me makes me feel weird. Precisely, I am going insane with fear inside. I take a deep breath and close my eyes in an attempt to find courage but my mind seems to be holding a ‘Courage Absconded’ board. I huff at my mind sarcasm and opened my eyes to start glancing around.

My remaining sanity vanishes when I look at my wristwatch again. Hour’s needle and minute’s needle both forgot their duty and had a ‘fun racing’ competition in my dial. They are both circling round each other and abruptly stopped and pointed to number four. I feel like I am standing on a time treadmill and my surroundings are getting changed with the speed of lightning.

‘What the hell?’, the voice inside me starts dancing with fear.

My heart was in my mouth when I raised my head and glanced up, tearing my gaze away from my wristwatch. About 30 yards apart from me, something is illuminating like an apparition and hangs mid-air. I closed my eyes again in fear.

’You didn’t kill anyone. So, no ghost is going to take revenge on you. Come on!, gather your strength”, the voice inside me assured.

Hesitantly, I rubbed my eyes with my fore fingers before peering at the illuminating object. Gradually, the silver object starts attaining its shape like from a blurred 144p resolution to a 720p resolution to my eyes. A green triangle shaped object with a silver border is in view resting on a thin pole instead of a grotesque ghost head on a ghost body.

‘Coward, see. It’s a just road sign board pole’, the voice inside me burst out laughing.

Abruptly, the voice stopped laughing when it realized what that meant.

‘Sign board! It’s a sign board, maybe you’re on a road!’.

I got dumbfounded from the thought ‘What the hell am I doing this late in the middle of the road’.

‘Are you going to take a look at what’s on the sign board or not?’, my mind frowned at me.

I peered at the sign board, hoping it would help me to find where I am. ‘TRUCK LAY BYE’ the sign board announced, the words neatly embedded with silver color radium. Beside it, there is a faded arrow symbol. The arrow is faded in a distinguished pattern. Wait, I have seen this sign board before.

“Where? Where have I seen this sign board?“, I tried to question both my mind and the voice inside me.

Both of them were exchanging glances and shrugging their shoulders at me. Suddenly, a thought hit my head ‘Medical camp’. I had seen this sign board at the edge of a road adjoined to a hillock two days earlier when we were going to a medical camp in Jambhavi hills. But, why am I here now?.


A loud sound forced me to alight from my train of thoughts. I glanced around to search where the sound was from. My stomach twists when I see a person with a white shirt and grey trousers lying on the ground, his back to me in a pool of blood.

’Run!’, my mind screamed at me but I couldn’t. I was completely paralyzed. I am starting at what seems to be a lifeless body lying on the ground and is 10 feet away from me. His blood is crawling on the ground. My gaze ran over his body and stopped when a tiny stone was rapidly twinkling near him in the dark. I peered at it. It is not a stone but a ring. Surprisingly, it was similar to the ring on my left hand.

A sudden ‘what if he is Abhi’ thought came into my head. I feel the blood slowly rushing to my ears, my heart loud in my chest. It couldn’t be.

“Lakshya! Lakshya!’, someone is screaming my name.

Involuntarily, I look back over my shoulder. A large vehicle was heading towards me to hit. Its large and bright headlights forced my eyes to close. I feel someone grabbing my arms. Suddenly, I opened my eyes.

What the hell?.

I am in my tent. My roommate, Satya, was grabbing my arms and shaking me.

She asked ” Lakshya, are you okay?. You were screaming in your sleep”.

“Staya, I am fine. Stop shaking me”, I grabbed her arms away from mine.

“Need some water?“, she asked me while reaching for the water jug.

I nodded an answer. She handed me the glass and said “I told you not to watch horror movies, didn’t I?“.

“Where’s my phone?“, I asked her absent mindedly.

“Here”, she handed me the phone, grabbing it from a table beside her.

A pile of messages from Abhi appeared in the notification box when I switched on the phone.

‘Hey Lakshya! Guess where I am?’.

10:15 PM.

‘Aren’t you going to guess?’.

10:18 PM.

‘Hmm… I guess you are sleeping. See you tomorrow morning ’.

10:50 PM.

I feel the dread I felt in the dream starts to twist again.

If he is here, does that mean the dream is going to become true?’, the voice inside me hisses, literally gnawing at my mind with her teeth.

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