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NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON UNDER THE NAME ELIZABETH ACKERMAN. Jean-Paul Sartre once said that hell is other people. I used to think that hell followed me wherever I went… but now I’m thinking that hell is anywhere you are. I think he just wanted me to hurt. He wanted to see what it looked like on my face. That’s the mark of a true sadist. I saw the eyes of a monster through pain-drunk vision and I’ll never have a shred of innocence again because this cruel world stole it from me. When he lumbered over my shivering body, he told me that I deserved it. The worst part was that I actually believed him. I take great comfort in my routine. I work during the week, come home to my one bedroom and my cat, play sports on the weekends, and every other night; I spend the dark hours with a girl that teaches me what love feels like over again. I would’ve never guessed that those four psychos would turn my life into a desperate grasp for revenge but here I am; clutching a knife and daring myself to paint it in blood. What really scares me is how much I love it, how much I’m savoring the apprehension heating up my skin and the fear in his eyes. I love that I can make him feel the way that he made me feel. I relish the pained expression that he wears because he taught me a hard lesson. He taught me that fear is what reminds you that you’re alive. Fear is a beautiful thing.

Thriller / Drama
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fear is a beautiful thing.
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