Assassins Who Cleanse Sins Away (Alternative Title: The Sweepers)

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This world is surrounded by crime, greed, and many other sins. Though in time people gave up hope for peace then a group of assassins changed that and now they cleanse the city they live in. They even take clients around the world. If you're truly tormented by anyone and want vengeance then you must contact those assassins but vengeance comes with a price and it doesn't mean your life. Those assassins are called The Sweepers.

Thriller / Horror
Mew Shadow
Age Rating:

Demon Hunters Part 1

Just before The Sweepers existed there were only demon hunters but there were slayers, unfortunately, all slayers were killed a long time ago. In this world of the distant future in 1844 the only technology was desktop computers and mobile cellphones which were limited to certain cities and countries. These technologies were created in the 1550s which would be later on known as lost technology in the far future.

Christiana: “Life...most people believe that they will live forever but not everyone can live for eternity. Life can be cut short in the blink of an eye. Demon’s lurk in the human world and now pose as human and I’m the only one who can send the demon’s back to hell before I was an assassin I was once known as an infamous demon huntress.”

It was night time at Lake City in an alley there were corpses of women and young girls with their insides are completely out. A demon has been killing women and young girls for six weeks that demon is known as Jack referring to Jack the Ripper.

As a woman and only daughter were walking home from the movies the little girl heard noises from the alley nearby. The girl decided to see what was the noise she thought it was a cat or a dog but it was a man that was weak from hunger.

Little Girl: “Excuse me, mister.”

Jack: “Huh...” When Jack looked up he thought he was seeing things.

Little Girl: “Are you, okay mister?” As the girl walked closer to Jack.

Jack: “Can you give me some food? I haven’t had any food in days”

Little Girl: “I’ll ask my mom for some.... huh?” Just when the girl was leaving to find her mom the demon was about to attack.

Jack: “I prefer to eat you!!!”

Little Girl: “Uh... Uh... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

Jack instantly killed the girl by ripping her heart out and started to eat her organs and intestines suddenly he heard footsteps coming nearby yet he didn’t have time to hide the body.

Little Girl’s Mother: “Jenny! Jenny! Jennifer! Where are you? Excuse me have you seen my... (gasp) AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oh My God!, Somebody, anyone help my daughter she’s...”

Jack instantly kills her as she screams and had sex with her dead body before he eats her organs. After he finished he ate her organs then he heard more footsteps and hid in the shadows.

Woman Bystander 1: “What was that?”

Man Bystander 1: “I thought I heard someone over there.”

Then a group of friends was walking by wondering what the screaming was coming from then found the little girl and her mother killed.

Woman Bystander 2: “Oh my god! Somebody call the police.”

Man Bystander 2: “Okay Okay.”

The man pulled out his mobile phone and called the police soon after the police came by and started their investigation. Later on, many people near the scene were wondering what happened and why the police were around.

Man Bystander 3: “Looks like the new Jack the Ripper strikes again.”

Teen Bystander 1: “Of all people to copy why that psychopath.”

Teen Bystander 2: “Who knows but this Jack the Ripper not only kills women but little girls too.”

Woman Bystander 3: “I read in the newspaper that he rapes the women before he kills them.”

Woman Bystander 4: “I even heard that he kills the women then rapes them ugh that’s so disgusting.”

Woman Bystander 5: “What shame of what happened to Sandra she didn’t deserve to die.”

While the people were talking about what happened above the scene Christiana was sitting on the roof on a tall building then Meadow appeared while the demon Jack was walking away in the crowd.

Christiana: “Damn... there are too many witnesses he got away from the crowd.”

Meadow: “You should have killed him while he was chasing that woman.”

Christiana: “I didn’t want to draw attention to myself Mem Mem.”

Meadow: “I told you not to call me that Chrissy.”

Christiana: “Aw.. your no fun.”

Meadow: “How do you suppose to catch him? Last time I checked four hunters got killed trying to get him.”

Christiana: “You’re actually worried about me.”

Meadow: “No...”

Christiana: “Liar!”

Meadow: “I will kill you.”

Christiana: “I have a way to catch him but it’ll have to work tomorrow night.”

Meadow: “How?”

Christiana: “It’s-a-se-cret!”

Meadow: “I hate you...”

Christiana: “No you don’t you love me.”

As the night past, it became day then at the train station a young man by the name Johnathan Walker is a twenty-two-year-old exorcist hunter enters the city after finishing his mission at Phoenix city to exorcize the man being possessed. Johnathan has been trained to hunt and save the lives of the innocent since he was only fourteen years old.

Johnathan: “I have to find out where that demon is at. It seems that he only appears at night maybe I can ask around here since he only strikes at this area.” Johnathan decides to ask the women and teenagers around the area about the recent attacks. “Excuse me I was wondering if you know about the----”

Woman: “Sorry I know nothing.”

Johnathan: “Excuse me I was wondering if you know about the----”

Teenage Girl 1: “What? You want us to be bait?”

Johnathan: “No, it’s just that----”

Teenage Girl 2: “Let’s get away from this guy.”

Teenage Girl 1: “Yeah.”

Johnathan has been around the area all morning finding information and end up empty-handed. He later decides to take a break and went to the local café called Community Café and Bakery then ordered a latte and biscuit.

Café Clerk 1: “Here go sir one latte and biscuit.”

Johnathan: “Thank you...oh wait one second.”

Café Clerk 1: “What is it, sir?”

Johnathan: “Do you know anything about the recent attacks?”

Café Clerk 1: “Not really but apparently the attacks are nearby.”

Johnathan: “Is that so? Anyways I know that the attacks are caused by a demon”

Café Clerk 1: “I think you’ve been watching too many movies. *Laughs*”

Johnathan: (thinking) “I know a demon is behind this but what demon is it and why nearby this café.”

As Johnathan was wondering what demon is killing innocents he finished his latte and biscuit and paid for it and left. Just he was leaving Christiana walks into the café and orders her usual two dozen slices of any particular cake.

Café Clerk 2: “Here you go miss your usual two dozen slices of red velvet cake.”

Christiana: “Thank you.”

Café Clerk 2: “Have a nice day.”

After that Christiana left the café she decided to have a little chat with Johnathan.

Christiana: “If I were you I would stop while I’m ahead before you’ll get killed.”

Johnathan: “What? Where did you--- Who was that and why is she telling me to stop?”

Johnathan was wondering who Christiana was and why she warned him after she disappeared without a trace and went to the top of the building roof and Meadow appears.

Meadow: “Were you trying to freak him out?”

Christiana: “Well... I don’t want him to get in my way to banish the ripper back to hell.”

Meadow: “Are you going to tell me your little plan?”

Christiana: “No.”

Meadow: “Why not?”

Christiana: “Because if I told you then you would stop me.”

Meadow: “That depends on what your planning to do.”

Christiana: “You can’t make me I’m gonna go back to the hotel suite and get to go and make my plan work.”

As Christiana left Meadow alone then she went to the hotel she is staying at and took a nap then hours later it became night. Christiana gets ready to attack the demon so she dressed as an appealing young girl to trap the demon. Once she finished getting ready she goes out by herself to find the demon. Then decided to go where the attacks were taking place at after going there she heard footsteps and pretended to let her guard down as Jack was approaching her.

Jack: “Well... Well... what’s an attractive girl like you doing here by herself?”

Christiana: “Actually, I got into a big fight with my parents and ran away from home and I’m hopelessly lost...can you help me?”

Jack: “Of course, I can but it’s gonna cost you.”

Christiana: “I...I... I don’t have much money just enough for a motel room..”

Jack: “I don’t want your money maybe you can pay me in another way if you know what I mean.”

Jack had his arm on her shoulder and moved his hand on her side and slide his hand on her hip then grope her butt.

Christiana: “Oh...Of course but can we go somewhere more private.”

Jack: “Oh yes, we can.”

Christiana: (Thinking) “What a disgusting pig...he doesn’t realize that he is going back to hell just as soon as we are alone. *chuckles*”

After their talk, they were going to one of his hideouts until they heard Johnathan’s footsteps and he steps out of hiding hoping to save both Christiana and the man is possessed.

Johnathan: “Let go of that girl!”

Christiana: “Huh?”

Jack: “Hey it’s not what it looks like I’m just showing her around the city.”

Johnathan: “I know what you’re really are.”

Jack: Wha--What do you mean?

Johnathan: “May our holy father God give you the strength to help fight the demon inside your innocent soul.”

Johnathan grabs his holy water in a bottle and sprays the demon with holy water.


Jack: “URGH! AHHHH!!!! You—You BASTARD!!!”

Just when Johnathan was about to grab his weapon The Cross Savior of Truth Blade to save the possessed man Jack used Christiana as a shield.

Christiana: “What are you doing? You Idiot!!! Your ruining everything!!”

Johnathan: “What do you mean? I’m trying to save you!”

Christiana: “As if! He would have dodged that weapon of yours and then killed you!”

Jack: “So, you two are partners huh? Well... I’ll be back and I will kill both of you.”

Jack vanishes from the ally then Johnathan puts his weapons back in his backpack. Christiana takes her disguise off and is very pissed at Johnathan for ruining her plan.

Christiana: “You moron!!!!”

Johnathan: “It’s you from earlier...why did you warn me? I should have warned you.”

Christiana: “You don’t know what you’re doing I almost had him in my hands and you ruined it.” She draws her sword out and had it close to his neck. “You know I could kill you right here right now.”

Johnathan: (Thinking) “Oh my--- She’s serious she-she might actually kill me.”

Johnathan shuts his eyes believing his life was ending when he heard a voice.

Meadow: “That’s enough messing with this man.”

Johnathan: “Huh?”

Meadow: “I know he is a pain in the ass but you don’t have to pretend to want to kill him. Besides, you know you can’t kill him with that sword.”

Johnathan: “Wait...she was only joking? Hold on...did he said she can’t kill me with that sword?”

Christiana: “You really do know me, Meadow.”

Meadow: “Some time today.”

Christiana: “Fine...” She puts her sword back. “Your no fun. Your lucky I was only joking the next time you get in my way I will for real kill you with my real sword after all this sword is for demon killing anyways.”

Johnathan: “Just who is that girl?”

Then the two vanished into thin air as if they were never there. Johnathan was puzzled about the situation wondering why a young girl wants the demon. While trying to find the demon he was also trying to figure out more about the teenage girl that he just met.

In the morning Johnathan went to the café and ordered two croissants and a cup of coffee while trying to find out who is the girl he met last night.

Café Clerk 1: “Here you go sir, your two croissants and your cup of coffee.”

Johnathan: “Thank you. Oh, excuse me.”

Café Clerk 1: “Yes sir. Let me guess are you gonna ask me about that so-called demon again?”

Johnathan: “No not that. I was wondering if you know or seen a young black girl with dark brown hair and wearing black clothes I think she’s around fifteen maybe sixteen.”

Café Clerk 1: “I have. She comes here once every three weeks for the same thing two dozen slices of any kind of cake. She sometimes gets three or even four dozen slices.”

Johnathan: “She must have a sweet tooth.”

Café Clerk 1: “Yes, but between you and me she’s quite attractive for someone so young.”

Johnathan: “Have you forgotten? She’s still a kid.”

Café Clerk 1: “I know I know.”

Johnathan: (Thinking) “If I stay here for a bit longer then I’ll see that girl again and I’ll try to convince her to stop chasing that demon.”

Meadow and Christiana were passing by; they noticed Johnathan at the café shop and knows what he is doing.

Meadow: “He’s just waiting to talk to you and convince you to stop chasing.”

Christiana: “Well he’s just wasting his time, after all, he is going to be bait since Jack is after him and a girl with silver hair.”

Meadow: “So that was your plan last night to let that demon do whatever he wants to you.”

Christiana: “If you care for me all you have to do is say so.”

Meadow: “I hate you.”

Christiana: “I love you too.”

They left and to wait for the day to end meanwhile Johnathan was waiting and waiting for her to come to the café but she never showed.

Johnathan: “I’ve been here all day and she still hasn’t come... hmm...he wasn’t kidding about her coming here every few weeks.”

Johnathan paid for his meal and left a tip and was leaving the café.

Café Clerk 2: “Thank you, sir come again.”

Johnathan: “I have to find that demon before that girl does but this time I’ll have to trap him.”

Johnathan went home to think of a way to capture Jack and thought of the perfect idea.

Johnathan: “There has to be a way to capture him but he’ll probably try to kill me for sure since he saw my face hmm... I got it this time I’ll disguise myself as a woman and exorcise that man.”

As Johnathan disguised himself and went to the ally while Christiana in disguise was waiting for his plan to fail.

Christiana: “Well...well...his plan is going to utterly fail.”

Johnathan: (whispers to himself) “I don’t make much of a woman but I hope this will fool him.”

Jack noticed what he believed was a woman; walks up to Johnathan and put his arm on his shoulders.

Jack: “Hello there.”

Johnathan: “Um... Um...”

Jack: “Are you lost?”

Johnathan: “Um...”

Jack: “How about we go somewhere private? From the looks of it, you’re a shy one.”

Johnathan: (Thinking) “I can’t believe Jack is falling for this once we’re alone I’ll exorcise him.”

As they went to an abandoned warehouse Johnathan was prepared to exorcise the demon out of the man’s body until he lost his balance from the high heels he is wearing then his sunglasses and wig came off.

Johnathan: (Thinking) “My disguise, No! It... It came off and now he knows it’s really me.”

Jack: “What the hell? It’s you again!”

Johnathan: “I was going to revealed myself at the end but it looks like I have to stop you now.”

He grabs his holy water in a bottle and tries to spray the demon with holy water but Jack dodges the water and attacks.

Johnathan: “AAAAHHHH!!!!”

Jack: “TAKE THIS!!!!!!”

Johnathan: “AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!”

Jack continues to attack; he punches and kicks Johnathan as Johnathan tries to block the attacks but the demon was too fast for Johnathan to use his blade then the demon sharpens his nails and plans to kill Johnathan.

Jack: “NOW DIE!!!!!!”

Johnathan: (Thinking) “No... Don’t tell me I’m going to die...”

As Johnathan realizes that he is going to die he noticed that his life was spared by a sword. The sword then slashes Jack’s arm leaving him with just his right arm.

Johnathan: “Huh?”

Jack: “AAAHHHH!!!! OH MY GOD!!! MY ARM!!!!!!!!”

Johnathan: “What the—”

Christiana: “Didn’t I tell you to stop while you’re ahead or you’ll end up dead.”

Johnathan turns around and saw Christiana in her hunting outfit.

Johnathan: “It’s you!!!”

Jack: “Huh? It’s... It’s you the infamous demon huntress!”

Christiana: “I’m infamous alright but I didn’t think that I was that popular.”

Jack: “Yeah, I heard about you they say to watch out for a little kid but I didn’t think that the demon huntress is a sexy woman.”

Christiana: “I’m not a woman I’m still a kid ya know.”

Jack: “Fine then I’ll be well known for killing you NOW DIE HUNTRESS!!!!!!”

Just as the demon was about to attack the huntress called for Meadow.

Christiana: “Now Meadow!”

Meadow appears and slashed the demon’s other arm.

Jack: “NO!! NOT MY OTHER ARM!!!!”

Johnathan: “She’s a demon huntress.”

Jack: “What you doing here serving a human?”

Meadow: “I’ll do what I have to do to protect her.”


Meadow: “Well... Then, my huntress, do you want me to banish him, or do you want to banish him yourself?”

Christiana: “I guess I’ll do it I mean after all if I let you do it you’ll just torture him for hours and we’ll never be able to go home.”

Meadow: “Fine then you’re lucky that I’m not the one to banish you.”

Jack: “YOU—”

Christiana: “All the lives you stole from you must now pay for that with your life.” Draws her sword. “Now go back to hell and by the way, once a demon is attacked by my sword they’ll never come back here so tell your, little friends, that...understand.”

She stabs him in the heart and the demon escapes the man’s body and was banished back to hell.

Jack: “NO!!!!!!”

Al: “Huh? Where am I? What is going on here?”

Christiana: “You were possessed by a demon.”

Al: “What?”

Christiana: “You killed innocent women and young girls.”

Al: “Oh God...I can’t live like this those innocent women and girls.”

Christiana: “Don’t worry you won’t be living for long anyways. Meadow...”

Meadow: “Yes...”

Christiana: “I know that you’re hungry so go eat.”

Al: “Huh?”

Meadow’s fangs appeared and his eyes changed from green to red.

Meadow: “You don’t have to worry anymore you will think that you committed suicide.” Then he bites the man’s wrist and drank the man’s blood.

Johnathan: “He’s-- He’s a vampire?!”

Christiana: “Well, of course, he is.”

Johnathan: “Why? Why is he killing that man? I must stop him! I have to save that man’s life!”

Christiana: “Don’t even think about it!! That man is better off dead!”

Johnathan: “Everyone deserves to live you don’t have the right to take another person’s life!!”

Christiana: “You don’t get it do you!”

Johnathan: “Huh?”

Christiana: “Once the demon is out of the person’s body they will remember what the demon did using their name and face that person will feel so guilty they will commit suicide so I just do them a favor and kill them!”

Johnathan: “I didn’t—”

Meadow finished drinking the man’s blood.

Christiana: “How was it?”

Meadow: “Not bad a little tangy...”

Christiana: “Let’s go home.”

Johnathan: “Wait! Just who are you?”

Christiana: “Christiana...Christiana Collins.”

Johnathan: “Christiana... huh? Where did she go?”

The two vanished to the top of the roof of a building. At the rooftop, the two were watching Johnathan being puzzled and confused.

Meadow: “Why did you do that?”

Christiana: “Did what?”

Meadow: “Telling him your name.”

Christiana: “Because he’s just a pawn in my little game besides it would be very annoying if he kept asking me my name.”

Meadow: “Is that so?”

Christiana: “Yes, after all, it won’t be long before he gives up.”

Meadow: “That is true.”

Christiana: “Wanna go home?”

Meadow: “You go. I’m still hungry...”

Christiana: “You can drink my blood.”

Meadow: “Don’t joke about that.”

Christiana: “Fine I’m going but don’t be out too long or the sun will kill you.”

Meadow: “I hate you.”

Christiana: “Lair you love me.”

Meadow: “One of these days I will kill you.”

Christiana: “Then I would have to kill you.”

Now that Johnathan knows who Christiana is he’ll do anything to save the lives of people who were possessed by demons from the demon huntress herself. Johnathan knows that this was just the beginning for him of his encounter with the demon huntress.

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