Ill -Fated Journey

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What would you do? Will you change the bad choice you made if it found you love?

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was my first date. He was two years older and I couldn’t tell my mother. She’d totally freak out! She had me at fifteen and harped on the dangers boys present practically every, fricking day! It was my life and just because my sperm donor turned out to be a complete loser that didn’t mean everybody was like that. No one told her to sleep with him, she could at least give me that much credit!

I, at least, was still a virgin. I just wanted my first kiss that’s all and Brian didn’t go to my school it was just a quick hook up at the movie theatre. My friend Malika was even tagging along. So, you see I was completely safe. I knew what I was doing. I got straight A’s, I wasn’t bad, but Malika was right, I was turning old before my time I needed to act like a kid every now and then.

Why did my mom’s words haunt me while I stood waiting, I don’t know? But suddenly, I felt like I should go home. He was late anyway. It was time to go in and it looked like I was gonna be stood up. I guess Mom was right after all – boys really are a waste of …

“There he is!” Malika exclaimed excitedly in my ear. “Giiirrrl, he is hella fine! Too bad that Kesha aint here, he’d make her hella green!”

I blushed at her words and stood straighter to greet him, pushing out my meager chest to look more womanly.

“Sorry, I got caught in traffic. Were you waiting long?” Brian apologized as he greeted us.

“Not really,” I replied, after all, I thought, what’s thirty minutes when you’re waiting for a hot piece!

“I got my dad’s car today, so I got to be real careful with it.” Brian told me then paused as if he just had an idea. “How about I give you a little tour, it’s parked around the corner!”

“But the movie’s about to start…” I began when Malika yanked me to the side.

“He wants to give you a tour, let him!” She whispered furiously.

“I can see it after the movie.” I hedged.

“Did you come here for the stupid movie or for his fine ass? Just go!” She berated.

“I don’t see why this is so important!” I hissed not liking being bullied into anything.

“Guys are stupid for cars. If he thinks you like cars he’ll like you more.” Malika explained as if she was talking to a simpleton. I hope she remembers she likes to copy from me. I just might put some wrong answers after this little talk.

“Fine.” I agreed with a huff and sauntered back to Brian with a false eager smile. “I’d love to see it.”

We walked to his Dad’s car and he gushed about the model, transmission, paint, engine, and some other stuff but I zoned out and barely heard him until he asked, “So what do you think?”

“It’s great!” I answered a little too enthusiastically.

“You know nothing about cars, do you?” He stated, catching me in the lie.

I shamefully shook my head.

“Do you even care about all this stuff I said?” He asked.

Again, I shook my head.

“At least one of us is honest?” Brian muttered under his breath, but I heard the words anyway and looked at him puzzled. “Let’s, go see the movie.” He declared suddenly guiding me back to the theatre.

For a first date, I was disappointed. I expected more…I don’t know…something! Brian was cute, let be honest, he was fine! But I felt nothing. After the initial excitement of “OMG! A HOT GUY ASKED ME OUT!!!” I sat next to him bored out of my mind. To make matters worse the movie was total crap!

“I wanna go home,” I whispered to Malika. I wasn’t feeling this date. My little rebellion wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

“What about your first kiss?” She prodded.

I glanced at the sexy chocolate goodness sitting on the other side at me. Was he worth it?

“I think I’ll pass.” I murmured.

Malika looked at me like I had lost my mind. She opened her mouth then shut it then opened it again as if she couldn’t quite find the words to express her shock. Her next words shocked me though.

“Can I have him?”

“I don’t think it works like that ’Lika!” I whispered quickly.

“Of course, it does. You don’t like him. I have a brain and I do!” She said it as if switching dates was a normal thing.

“What am I supposed to do? Tell him the date is with you now!” I asked.

“Yes!” Malika answered as if it’s perfectly reasonable to give a guy a different woman from what he asked for. “Just ask him how he feels about me.” She suggested.

This is crazy. I thought but did as she asked.

“Brian?” I whispered poking his broad shoulders to get his attention. He leaned down giving me his ear “Malika wants to know if you like her?”

That sounded strange even to my ears and I was the one saying it! Brian frowned and even in the dark I could see his face turn from friendly to …not so friendly.

With a cold look in his eyes,- he said, “Both of you?”

“What?” I was confused for a second before I caught on. “No!” I corrected and not quietly enough as people started shushing me into silence. “No,” I repeated quieter. “She likes you… I don’t.”

“Was this your plan all along?” He asked coldly staring at the screen.

“No!” I blurted out, again too loud, and continued softer “I thought there would be…more. I don’t feel…anything.”

“What did you want to feel?” He asked softly as he turned to face me.

“I don’t know…something?” I whispered.

“This is just the first date,” Brian murmured as he caressed my face. “You’re young, innocent, you’ll learn.”

His words made no sense. I liked his gentle caress but still…nothing!

A sharp poke from my left side reminded me of Malika’s presence.

“So,” She whispered furiously. “you changed your mind, didn’t you?”

“No.” I corrected. “But he’s not eager to switch.”

“I see.” Malika said and pursed her lips as she turned back to the screen.

“You see what? What is it?” I asked.

“He likes ’em light.” That was all she said, and I wanted to slap her.

It was a constant thing with her. Whenever I got something she would blame it on that. I got good grades – the teachers liked me ’cause I’m light-skinned. I got picked first for plays – It’s because I’m light. I came first in the spelling bee – I’m light! She blamed the complexion of my skin for everything when she didn’t have her way.

“Maybe he doesn’t like pushy bitches!” I replied fuming.

I wanted her to slap me so bad just, so I could have a reason to tear her stupid braids out! But as we sat in our seats just staring each other down because we both knew that if either one of our mamas caught us fighting – we’d be dead!

Malika stood, and I did too, and the patrons of the movie theatre knew there was going to be a better show than the one on the screen. Brian pulled me away, much to the rage of the cinema patrons saying, “Maybe I should drop you guys off.”

Being in total bitch mode I suggested “She can take the bus!”

“It’s no problem. I can drop her off. Then take you home.” He suggested, to ease the tension.

“Thank you, Brian!” Malika purred pushing out her cow udders. It was the one thing she had that I was totally jelly of.

I narrowed my eyes at her and even though I didn’t feel that way about Brian, he was still my date. The bitch had no respect!

I sat stiffly in the front seat while Malika sat in the back. I didn’t speak to her the entire trip home. She got out and thanked Brian giving him another view of her overinflated boobs while totally ignoring me. I did the same, sticking my nose in the air like she was a bad smell.

“Will you guys be okay?” Brian asked as he drove off.

“We’ll be fine.” I ground out and strangely enough it was the truth. It wasn’t the first time we almost came to blows and in fact, we did once before and got our asses handed to us by our moms. The next week, however, it was like the fight never happened.

“Good,” Brian said relieved. “I don’t want to come between you too.”

“You won’t…” I replied good-naturedly. It never took this long to get to my house. Malika and I live on the same street. “Where are we going?”

“Our date got cut short. I feel robbed.” He grinned clutching his chest. “I’m taking you for a little do over.”

Panic set in but I covered it saying “I kinda just want to go home. After the fight with Malika…are you speeding?”

“Does it feel like I’m speeding?” He asked over the roar of the engine.

“Yes, you’re definitely speeding! Stop now!” I ordered.

“Okay.” He replied simply pulling into a driveway. He pressed a remote and the garage door opened.

He barely stopped the car and I was already out. I was about the head to the closing garage door when strong hands lifted me off my feet but before my scream came out a needle was shoved in my neck. What scared me the most wasn’t how fast it all happened, but it was the fact Brian wasn’t anywhere near me.

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