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"Danger - if you meet it promptly and without flinching - you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never!" But can Hayley, a 22 year old girl dreaming to become a fashion designer, identify & escape from her stalker?

Thriller / Mystery
Shibani Singh
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The Beginning

It's Wednesday morning 2am, you crash through your apartment door & fall over the coffee table. You steady yourself & stare into the mirror hanging above the couch. Your top is ripped in parts & your mascara is all over your face. Your back hits against the wall & you curl into a ball on the floor to continue crying, you can't get tonights events out of your mind.

Hayley- I got away, I got away. I'm okay, I got away.

You say this to yourself again & again, but you don't believe it. He will come again. There will be a next time..

Two weeks earlier

You work at the Clayton's supermarket & you're trying to stack pot noodles in a neat row on the shelf with your colleague who also happens to be your friend.

Theo- So how did the date go?

Hayley- Umm.. Not well, not well at all.

Theo- How come? You said you really liked chatting to him online?

Hayley- The conversation just didn't flow at all, we both sat in awkward silence for the most of the night, I had to make an excuse & leave.

Theo- Whoa.. That sounds super boring. Anyways are you still talking to Liam? Do you think he'll finally want to meet up soon?

Hayley- I've no idea.. We get along really well, but whenever I talk about meeting up, he doesn't really seem interested.

Theo- Maybe he's just really shy.

Hayley- Maybe or maybe I'm just being catfished.

You let out a chuckle & theo playfully punches you in the arm.

Just then your boss Lorraine walks over with a stormy look on her face. She pretty much hated you for as long as you have worked at the Claytons.

Lorraine- Girls I don't pay to chat! Get on with your work or I will have you both working night shifts next week!

You try your best not to roll your eyes in her face.

Hayley- I'm sorry, I'll go back on the tills now; it looks like it's getting busy.

You shoot a painful look at Theo & head towards the till.

Your casually serving your customers when a striking man meets your eye. He's tall, olive skin & bloody gorgeous. He's wearing a tight red T-shirt & ripped jeans.

Hayley- Hey, I hope you found everything okay today?

You shoot him a sultry smile.

Carl- Hi, thanks. Yeah, I did. It's pretty crowded today, but I had to get some of your doughnuts, the blueberry ones are my favorite.

Hayley- Really? Mine too.. I always hope there's some left over at the end of my shift.

You let out a playful laugh not concerning yourself with the queue that's building up behind this gorgeous man.

Carl- Have you worked here long?

Hayley- Yeah, about three years now; I started when I was 19 to help pay for my college, hopefully I won't be here much longer after I graduate.

Carl- Ah, that's great! It's a shame though, I might not see your pretty face around here for much longer.

Oh my god! You feel your cheeks go a little pink. You try to compose yourself while scanning his items.

Hayley- That's 24$ please.

He hands you 30$ & a small white card. He stares at your badge.

Carl- Keep the change, it was nice meeting you Hayley.

You smile politely even though your face is now a shade of beet-root. The handsome stranger walks off. You look down at the small white card he handed you; it's a business card! It reads..

Carl Kingsley, Attorney at law, Kingslew Law firm with his phone number.

You arrive at your apartment a little after 1am, you have a few messages on your Facebook & 5 of them are from Liam. The boy you have been online dating for 2 years, but never actually met.

Liam- Message me when you're back home from work.

Liam- Are you back home?

Liam- Hope your shift was quick.

Liam- Are you ignoring me?

Liam- Hayley you should be back home by now. I'm worried. Where are you?

You sigh & set your phone down beside your bed, tonight you want to think about Carl, the handsome stranger. You're going to build up the courage to text him tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.
You toss & turned all night worrying about your final exams. You drag yourself out of bed & pour a cup of coffee. You have a day off work today & need to cram in some studying.

You can't get Carl out of your head. The way he smiled at you & the looks that went back & forth were electric. Well, he did give you his number. You take a deep breath & text him.

Hayley- Hey Carl. It's Hayley from Claytons. It was nice to meet you yesterday. I hope you enjoyed your doughnuts.

You hit send & immediately realize how corny you sound, you try so hard to play it cool but it never quite works out.

A few moments later your phone chimes..

Carl- Hi Hayley, I'm glad you have messaged. Are you free tonight? Let me take you out? I'll even save a doughnut for you.

Shit! He moves fast. A date? You tense up thinking about the last few dates you've been on, always a disaster. You love talking to Liam, but realistically there is only so long you can chat over messenger.

Hayley- Yeah! Sure.. Where do you want to go?

Carl- Let me surprise you. Wear a nice dress & I will pick you up at 7??

You snigger to yourself as you make your reply.

Hayley- You are very forward Mr Kingsley. I shall decide what I'd like to wear.

Carl- I do apologise, but you should know, that I'm a man that knows what he wants & I always get it.

Your body has just come alive, you imagine Carl dominating you around the bedroom. Your cheeks blush at the thought.

Carl- Send me your address beautiful & I shall see you tonight.

You text him your details & wonder how you will get any studying done.

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