Known Yet, Unknown?

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The next week flies over. You've been staying at your dad's house. Enjoying him taking care of you. Between working & studying you haven't had much time for anything else. You did text Carl the day after the BBQ, but said you were busy all week, studying. This was true, but you also needed a break from it all. You haven't received any notes from whoever sent them & hope they were just playing a stupid prank & are bored now.

It's Wednesday & you have a day off work. You're getting ready when your phone chimes.

Liam- Hey Hayley, I'm sorry I was angry the last time we spoke. I was serious about meeting up though. I need to tell you something, explain why I have never wanted to meet before. I think you deserve that.

You gasp. You honestly thought that you would never hear from him again.

You reply, your hands shaking.

Hayley- I don't think it's a good idea Liam, I'm sorry, but I've met someone. I'm not interested in a relationship with you.

He quickly replies..

Liam- I'm not looking for anything, I completely understand if you've moved on. You've been one of my closest friends for two years & I just want a chance to explain.

A part of you is really curious. You wonder what could he possibly want to say. He's also right, you've been friends for two years. He was great to talk to. You're not sure what to do. You know you don't want anything more than friendship with Liam, but you also don't want to make your life any more complicated right now. You reply..

Hayley- Let me think about it please? I have a busy few days coming up, but I will get back to you.

Liam- Okay, No problem Hayley. Let me know.

You sigh & pull out your notebook. You're reading through articles on different stitch techniques, but you're interrupted by a phone call from Theo.

Theo- Hey girly, I need a night out. I'll pick you up at 8pm & we'll go to Truth?

You giggle.

Hayley- Do I have an option to say No?

Theo- NO! You've been in a shell for days. Just come have fun with me?

Hayley- Okay, just because it's you, I'll see you at 8pm. Pick me up from home, though. My dad's going out of town for a couple of days, so I'm going back home today.

Theo- Sure, why have you stayed there so long anyway?

Theo still doesn't know that someone broke into your home. In fact, you've only told Carl about that. So you lie.

Hayley- I just wanted to spend some time with him.

Theo- Ah, sweet. I will see you soon. I got to go. Love ya. Bye.

You arrive back home around 5.30pm. You've spent most of the day studying. You pull on a short black dress with a plunging neckline & red heels. You take some time on your hair & make up. You want to dress up tonight to make yourself feel better.
Theo arrives a little early & she does this so you can share a bottle of wine before you go.

Theo- Oh my god! You look fab.

You shake your head & giggle.

Hayley- Right back at you. I love your dress & I've just the thing for you.

You head to your bedroom & appear holding a small purple clutch. You present it to Theo.

Hayley- Here, this matches your outfit perfectly.

Theo- This is beautiful. Where is it from?

Hayley- Umm.. I just finished making it a couple of days ago.

Theo- You made this? You are so talented.

You blush.

Hayley- Thanks Theo. You can keep it.

Your friend looks at you with deep adoration.

Theo- Honestly, it means a lot. Right. Drink this glass of wine & let's get out of here.

You both arrive at Truth about 30 mins later. You're already slightly tipsy & Theo's ordering more drinks at the bar. She makes her way over to your table slightly nudging people out of the way.

Theo- So did you enjoy the BBQ at Carl's house?

Hayley- Yeah, It was interesting.

Theo- Interesting?

Her eyebrow shoots up.

You laugh nearly spitting out your drinks.

Hayley- No Theo, I didn't. I like him though. I'm going to ask him out for lunch next week.

Theo- Lunch is good but drinks are better.

She giggles & you smile. You love Theo, You think you should tell her about everything. Accusing Carl, making out with Aaron but you don't want to bring it up & ruin your night.

Theo- Any boy who takes your mind off Aaron is a good thing.

She pauses when your eyes shoot up.

Theo- Hayley? You haven't seen him again.. Have you?

Hayley- No! No! I haven't.

You lie through your teeth. The truth is you're still not sure if you did the right thing by letting him walk out of the door the other night.

You excuse yourself to go to the washroom.

You touch up your make up & brush your hair. You don't really feel good about lying to Theo. She's your best friend. You know how she feels about Aaron & it hurts that you can't ask her for her advice. You're leaving the washroom & that's when you spot him, making his way across the dance floor.

Hayley- Aaron?

Aaron- Hayley? What are you doing here?

Hayley- I'm here with Theo. What about you?

Aaron- Work event.

He snaps at you.

Hayley- Ah, okay. Well, have fun.

Just as you're starting to walk away, you hear a female voice.

Rose- Aaron, babe? Are you going to introduce me to your friend?

Oh shit. His girlfriend.

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