Known Yet, Unknown?

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You look at Aaron, who looks awkward, you hold out your hand & decide to take the lead.

Hayley- I'm Hayley. I'm an old friend of Aaron's.

She shakes your hand & you give her your best smile, but you also feel like the worst person in the world right now.

Rose- Hi, It's nice to meet you. I know who you are, Aaron's spoke of you a lot. I'm Rose, Aaron's girlfriend.


You & Aaron shuffle awkwardly, not really knowing what to say or do next. You didn't want to know her name or hear her speak. Rose continues..

Rose- Are you here with your boyfriend?


Hayley- Umm.. No. I don't have a boyfriend. I'm here with my friend Theo.

You look over in Theo's direction, getting her attention. You stare at her intensely begging her to come over with your eyes. It works & she strides towards you.

Theo- Well, well Aaron, fancy seeing you here.

Her voice is laced with sarcasm.

Aaron- Theo, it's nice to see you too. I hope you're well.

Rose- Why don't you both come & join us. There's a few of us there.

She motions over to a large table, where you immediately recognize some of Aaron's friends. You & Aaron quickly both speak over each other.

Hayley- No, no! That's really okay.

Aaron- No babe, I'm sure they're enjoying their night.

Your eyes flick up to. You can't help but feel a pang of jealousy when he calls her babe. You both stare at each other for a moment. The tension in the room is unbearable, you can't even hear the music anymore. Theo pulls you out of your thoughts.

Theo- Come on Hayley, let's go get another round of drinks. It was nice to meet you Rose.

Hayley- Yeah, it was nice to meet you Rose.

Aaron- See you around Hayley.

Rose- Bye. Nice to meet you both.

You slump back into your chair & down on your vodka.

Hayley- I need another drink.

You sit at the bar for another half an hour drinking shot after shot. Your words are starting to slur. You see Aaron & Rose on the dance floor & your eyes are transfixed. You are so unbelievably jealous that you feel right down to your core.

Hayley- Theo? Theo? Should I? Should I Theo? Should I say something?

Theo- Hayley definitely no more drinks for you. What would you even say?

Hayley- That I.. I shouldn't have let him go. Let him walk out of my door.

Theo- What door? What are you even saying?

Your head is swaying & it hits down on the bar.

Theo- Right. That's it.. We're leaving now.

Hayley- I just.. Just need the little girls room now.

You giggle uncontrollably.

Theo- You're completely wasted.

Theo helps you adjust your dress, she splashes some water on your face. Her phone starts ringing & she looks at you.

Theo- I have to take this, you stay right here & don't move a muscle. Okay?

You stand still like a robot for a while before deciding to go find her.

Hayley- Theo.. Theooooo? Where did you go?

You're in the corridor that leads from the washroom to the bar.

Aaron- Hayley?

Hayley- Oh Aaron.. Have you seen my lovely Theo?

Aaron- You need to go home. How much have you had to drink?

Hayley- The door Aaron. I need to speak to you about the door.

Aaron- Right, that's it. We need to find a taxi.

Aaron is pretty much holding you up, you lean up into him & plant a kiss on his cheeks.

Aaron- Hayley? Don'!

Hayley- Why?

Aaron- You're drunk, you need to go home & sleep it off.

You scoff at him.
You know you're drunk & acting like an idiot, but he has wounded your pride.

Hayley- I'm not going home. I'll go find someone else to kiss.

You fold your arms & Aaron's stares at you. He's getting angry & impatient.

Aaron- Don't make me put you over my shoulder. You're getting in a taxi right now.

You steady yourself against the wall. Rose appears & walks over to you both.

Rose- Aaron, your friends have to go, are you coming to see them outside?

She notices you in your state.

Rose- Oh Hayley. Are you okay love?

You stare at her. You hate her right now. You're annoyed at yourself for that. She actually seems like a nice person, which annoys you further.

Hayley- I'm fine. I want you both to leave me alone. Now.

She takes a step back looking back.

Rose- Come on Aaron, let's go. Just leave her.

Aaron- I can't leave her alone. Just look at her.

Hayley- Run along Aaron. Be a good boy.

You snarl at him. You can't believe how nasty you are being right now. As they continue to argue in the corridor, you slip past them & make your way into the club. You're trying to find Theo, you need to go home. Once you're outside, the fresh air hits you & you feel sick instantly.

You run around the corner of the club to a little back alley way. You violently hurl up against the wall.
You're standing up, composing yourself when your head gets suddenly jerked backwards. The pain shoots straight to your scalp instantly bringing tears to your eyes. You feel immediately sober, someone is dragging you backwards by your hair..

Hayley- Ugh..

You let out a blood-curdling, but a large hand clamps down on your mouth, muffling the sound. Your life flashes before your eyes, your tears are now free falling, your heart is beating so fast that you feel like you're getting closer to your death.

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