Known Yet, Unknown?

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You throw up against the wall, the crack to your back echoes through you. You cower, trying to shield your face. His hand grasps around your throat. You meet his stare. He has a balaclava, covering his face. You stare into his eyes, trying to make out the, but it's too dark.

He grabs at the top of your dress, beginning to rip it down. You try to squirm from his grasp & cry out, but his hand is too tight around your neck.

Hayley- Stop please.

You manage to whisper out. He moves his hand up to your face & wipes a tear from under your eye.

You're trembling, this is him. You're face to face with your stalker & you still have no idea who he is. He's toying with you, taking his time. His hand is starting to move up your leg when all of a sudden you hear a phone ringing.

You've never heard a ringtone like it. It's eerie. It's his. He loosens his hold on your neck, leaving you doubled over rapidly breathing for air. This is it, your only chance. You straighten up, while he is distracted you kick him as hard as you can on his crotch.

You run as fast as you can back towards the entrance of the club. You don't stop to look back once. You see Theo & Aaron standing near the taxi. They spot you & rush straight over.

Aaron- Oh my god. What happened to you?

You immediately begin to cry, hard. You manage to stutter out.

Hayley- He's here. He attacked me.

You motion towards the alleyway. Aaron's face glosses over with pure anger. You have never seen him look like he could kill before. Without saying a word he runs straight down to the alleyway.

Theo- Hayle, What did he do to you?

She begins to cry & pulls you into her embrace. She begins to shush you like a newborn baby.

Aaron reappears.

Aaron- Nothing. Theo take her home & call the police, I'm going to ask the club if they have CCTV.

Theo- Okay. Let's get you home, Hayley. You're going to be okay. We will find out who did this. Okay?

You're still in shock, you've nothing to say. Your lifeless body just follows Theo to the taxi.

It's Wednesday morning 2am, you crash through your apartment door & fall over the coffee table. You steady yourself & stare into the mirror hanging above the couch. Your top is ripped in parts & your mascara is all over your face. Your back hits against the wall & you curl into a ball on the floor to continue crying, you can't get tonights events out of your mind.

Hayley- I got away, I got away. I'm okay, I got away.

You say this to yourself again & again, but you don't believe it. He will come again. There will be a next time.. Theo looks down at you & wearily crouches next to you.

Theo- You did get away, you're okay. I'm here. No one is going to hurt you. I promise.

She puts her arm over your shoulder & you lean into her.

Hayley- Did you call the police?

Theo- They're on the way & so is Aaron.

Hayley- Why is someone doing this?

Theo- I don't know. God. I'm so sorry I took that. I should've never left you.

Hayley- No. Don't. It's not your fault.

She smiles at you clearly in pain for what you've been through. There is a bang at the door.

Sargent, Thomas- Hayley, it's Sargent, Thomas. Can you let me in?

Theo opens the door & Sargent, Thomas is standing with Aaron.

Aaron immediately runs over towards you. Pulling you into his embrace.

Aaron- I'm so sorry baby. I should've never taken my eyes off of you.

You step out of his hold.

Hayley- I was drunk. This is no one's fault but mine.

Aaron- No! This monster is to blame, not you! Don't you dare blame yourself.

You look up to him & once more tears start pooling in your eyes, Sargent interrupts.

Sargent, Thomas- Hayley, I'm so sorry for what you've been through, but I need you to tell me exactly what happened.

You nod. You relay the events, as much as you can remember. Sargent, Thomas takes notes as you speak. You can see how uneasy Aaron & Theo feel hearing what happened. Aaron begins pacing the living room.

Sargent, Thomas- Okay, now this might be a lot to take in Hayley, but since someone broke into your home, we followed up with the boy you were talking to online. I'm sorry it has taken so long, I was actually coming to see you tomorrow.

Before he can finish Aaron stops dead l, he interrupts.

Aaron- Someone broke in?

He stares at you. Furious..

Aaron- Shit Hayley. Why didn't you tell me? Theo? Did you know about this?

Theo shakes her head.

Theo- No, I didn't. I thought it was just one note Hayley?

Aaron- I'm sorry, I just didn't want to worry you & Sargent, Thomas was looking into it.

Aaron scoffs & looks at Sargent.

Aaron- Yeah. What a good job he's done.

Hayley- Aaron!!

Sargent, Thomas- I'm so sorry we have let you down Hayley. It took us a while to get past firewalls & gather some evidence. But, I think I know who's behind this.

You, Theo & Aaron all look towards Sargent.

Sargent, Thomas- Liam.. Who you talk to online, We checked the details that you have for him. You said his name is Liam Welch & he lived here in Cambridge?

Hayley- Yeah, that's what he told me.

Sargent, Thomas- Well, he's actually called Liam Rathbone & lives in Suffolk. We also pulled files from his drive, he has lots of pictures of you, he has saved them all from your various online profiles.

You stare at him.

Hayley- But he doesn't know where I live or work.

Sargent, Thomas- It's really not hard to find out such details. Anyone who is good with computers can do that.

You gasp.

Hayley- He did message me earlier asking If I could meet him, he said he had something to tell me?

Sargent, Thomas- I think we should bring him in for questioning. I also need you to come down & make a statement. If you're not up for it right now, we can do it tomorrow.

Anger washes over you. Liam? Liam? How could he!

Hayley- No! I'll come now.

You look towards Aaron & Theo..

Hayley- Will you come with me?

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