Known Yet, Unknown?

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You give your full statement to the police. Aaron & Theo are with you the whole time.

You finish up & Sargent, Thomas tells you that they will go & arrest Liam, & bring him in for questioning.

You are beyond tired & just need to go home & get some sleep. You're mentally exhausted but also relieved that they have finally found out that Liam is behind all of this.

Theo- Let's get you home.

Theo takes hold of your hand.

Aaron- I'll call a taxi for us.

You look towards them feeling overwhelmed at how wonderful they are.

Hayley- Thank you both so much.

Theo- Don't be silly. We would do anything for you.

Hayley- Will you stay with me for a few nights? Just until they arrest him?

Theo- Oh, I really would Hayley but I have to watch my little brother for a couple of nights. You can stay with us though.

It might be nice to spend time with them, but before you answer Aaron interrupts.

Aaron- I'll stay with you..

You raise your eyebrow & smirk curls along your face.

Hayley- You can't stay with me Aaron, that's totally inappropriate.

Aaron- I will stay with you. I'm not letting you out of my sight until he's locked up.

Hayley- What about Rose? She's not going to want you to stay with me. It's not fair to her.

You look at Theo & she shrugs her shoulders.

Theo- I would actually feel safer knowing Aaron's with you.

You roll your eyes at her.

Hayley- Honesty Aaron, He's going to be arrested in a few hours. I'll be fine at Theo's place.

Aaron- Look, I will just come as your friend. Rose will understand. I'm not leaving you alone.

You're so torn, you want nothing more than Aaron to stay with you, just until you feel safe again. But you know this isn't fair to his girlfriend.

Hayley- You'll ask Rose first?

Aaron- Yes, I will ask her. Okay?

You nod & the taxi soon pulls up. You sit silently looking out of the window. Your past conversations between you & Liam are going through your head. Did you bring this on yourself? Did you lead him on? Did you say something wrong?

Aaron must sense your unease & grabs your hand & pulls it in his. You drop Theo off at her house & then make your way home.

As soon as you're through the door, Aaron turns to you.

Aaron- Right. Do you want a cup of tea?

You laugh.

Hayley- I'll have a cup of tea, after you ring Rose.

He smirks & takes out his phone. You walk to your bedroom to give him some space.
You wake up around 4pm. You squint your eyes open & hear Aaron shuffling around your kitchen.

Hayley- Hey, I'm so sorry I fell asleep. What you been up to?

Aaron- That's okay. I was just making us some dinner. You hungry?

Your chest feels full. You're so happy he's here right now. You walk up to him & just wrap your arms around him.

Hayley- Yeah, I'm starving. Thank you.

He returns your hug & kisses you on top of your head.

Aaron- Right. Well, you better set the table then.

You're both eating dinner & catching up on things that have happened over the last couple of years. You don't want to bring up Rose, but can't help but wonder how Aaron feels about her.

Hayley- So is Rose okay with you staying here?

Aaron- Yeah, absolutely.. I explained her that someone was stalking you & she understood.

You shoot up your eyebrows in surprise.

Hayley- Really? She was okay with you staying at your ex girlfriend's house?

You say that sarcastically. Aaron looks uneasy & shuffles in his chair. You can tell he's lying. You know him too well.

Hayley- You're lying. What did she really say?

He sighs & gets up from the table.

Aaron- Just leave it Hayley.

Hayley- No! What did she say Aaron?

Aaron- She wasn't too happy about it.

Hayley- You should go back & sort things out with her.. I'll stay with Theo.

Aaron- It's okay, honestly. We're over.

Your jaw drops.

Hayley- That's not okay Aaron. I didn't want that to happen. I'm so sorry.

Aaron- I wanted it to happen Hayley. It's not your fault. She told me I had to choose either stay here & lose her or come straight home & never see you again.

Your gut twists with guilt. You have unintentionally split them up.

Hayley- Go apologize, I'm sure she'll forgive you.

He lets out a chuckle.

Aaron- I don't think you get it Hayley. I don't want to make amends. The moment you walked back through my door, I knew that I didn't love her.

You stand from your seat & walk over to him in the kitchen.

Hayley- You really didn't have to do it for me, but I'm glad you're here. Thank you.

He tilts up your chin & you stare into his gorgeous eyes.

Aaron- I was so scared when I couldn't find you.

Hayley- It's okay. I'm okay.

He pulls you into a hug & you stand for a few minutes, silently. You're not sure what this is right now with Aaron, all you know is that you want him here.

Aaron- Come on, let's watch some chick flick.

You look up towards him & laugh.

Hayley- I thought you hate watching chick flicks.

Aaron- Well, yeah, but you love watching it.

You're cuddled with Aaron on the sofa watching Bride wars. Your phone begins ringing, you glance down & see that it's Sargent, Thomas.

Hayley- I better take this.

You move from Aaron's embrace & answer the phone.

Sargent, Thomas- Hey Hayley. How are you feeling?

Hayley- I'm okay. Thanks.

Sargent, Thomas- I called you to inform that we have Liam in our custody. He's here at the station.

Your heart beat quickens.

Hayley- What has he said?

Sargent, Thomas- Nothing yet. He won't tell us where he was on Wednesday night. He is refusing to speak to anyone & his lawyer is on the way.

Hayley- What happens next?

Sargent, Thomas- You will have to come down to the station as he wants to talk to you.

Hayley- Do you think it's a good idea?

Sargent, Thomas- We might be able to pull out a confession if you're around but it's totally your decision.

You start to tremble. The thought of being face to face with him makes you frightened, but you also need your answers.

Hayley- Will you be in the room with me?

Sargent, Thomas- Of course, I'll be right next to you.

Aaron is frantically shaking his head, looking like he is going to implode.

Hayley- I'll be there in 30 mins.

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