Known Yet, Unknown?

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When you arrive at the police station, the lady at the desk tells you to take a seat. Aaron is nervous, you can tell as he is shuffling in his chair & tapping his hands.

Hayley- Aaron It's fine. We're in a police station, nothing is going to happen.

Aaron- I know, but I just don't think you should talk to him.

Hayley- I have to. I want to know why he would do that.

Aaron- Come on, you know why he did that.

You look at me all confused.

Aaron- Well, he thought he had a chance with you & when he realized that he didn't, he tried to attack you.

Hayley- Normal people just go on about attacking people. I want to know if it's something that I did or said to him that he wanted to hurt me.

Aaron- It frustrates me that somehow you feel this is your fault.

You're about to respond when Sargent, interrupts.

Sargent, Thomas- Hello Hayley, I know it must be hard, but thank you for doing this. I'm going to be with you the whole time so at any point if you feel uncomfortable being in there with him, you can walk out. Okay? Follow me.

You look back towards Aaron.

Hayley- I'll be okay.

Aaron- I'll be right here.

He pulls you into a quick hug before you follow Sargent, Thomas down a long corridor. He stops outside a door & you take a deep breath.

Sargent, Thomas- Now his lawyer is not here so it's just going to be us. I have a recording device & hopefully he will confess to the attack.

You nod along as he is speaking.

With that he pushes open the door & there he is. You actually can't believe that he looks just like he does in the picture, you expected him to be totally different. He speaks first.

Liam- Hayley..

He goes to stand & Sargent steps in front of him.

Sargent, Thomas- Please stay in your seat.

He nods. Then continues.

Liam- I can't believe that after all this time I finally get to meet you.

You're at a loss of words. Your breathing is rapid. You feel sick. Luckily Sargent speaks for you.

Sargent, Thomas- Right, Liam, you said you wanted to confess about something to Hayley. She's here so let's hear it.

He looks straight at you with sympathy in his eyes.

Liam- How are you Hayley? I can't believe someone attacked you? How are you holding up?

You look at Sargent all confused.

Hayley- How am I holding up? Really? Why don't you cut the crap & get straight to the point. Why did you do it Liam? We know it was you.

Liam- Hayley? I've lied to about a lot of things, but I never attacked you.

Hayley- Then tell me what have you lied to me about?

Liam- Okay. But, please don't get mad.

You stare at him dumbfounded. He doesn't at all seem fazed that he's in a police station.

Hayley- Tell me?

Liam- Okay. So my name is Liam Welch & I live in Suffolk. I'm sorry I should have been honest, but I'm married & I have two children.

There's silence.

You look at the detective & he looks as confused as you are.

Hayley- That's all you wanted to tell me? That you're married?

Liam- Yeah, I know I shouldn't have been talking to you, god. I love my wife. I just thought you were really beautiful & I really enjoyed our chats. I did save your photos & I shouldn't have but I really liked to look at them when I missed you & wonder what are life would be like together.

Hayley- So that's why you could never meet up?

Liam- Exactly. I didn't want to cheat on my wife or break my family.

You look to the detective not really sure where to go from here.

Sargent, Thomas- That's a nice story, Mr Welch but where were you on Wednesday night?

Liam- Oh, I was in Manchester all week. I actually only got back early hours this morning. Then you came & arrested me.

Sargent, Thomas- Why didn't you just tell me that? Why the silence?

Liam- I actually wanted to see Hayley, to explain & apologize.

Hayley- It seems convenient that you were in Manchester. Where did you stay?

Liam- I assure you my lawyer will bring everything that you need. Hotel bills, car rentals, work meetings. You have the wrong guy.

Hayley- I don't get this. Why didn't you say this when the police came to arrest you?

Liam- It's stupid. I know. I just wanted to see you once.

You sigh, frustrated. He must be lying. If not, you have now accused 3 men & been wrong every time. You look down at your feet.

Sargent, Thomas- Right then we will look into the story & until then you will remain here.

He nods & then turns to you.

Liam- I'm truly sorry Hayley. I shouldn't have lied to you. I hope you find who is behind this. I won't bother you again.

Hayley- You shouldn't have done that to your wife. I want you to delete every picture you have of me.

Liam- Oh, don't worry about that, my wife already has. After I got arrested, I had to tell her everything. I just hope she can forgive me.

Sargent, Thomas- Come on Hayley. Mr Welch you stay here, your lawyer will be here soon.

You're both about to leave the room when someone knocks, the door & swings it open.

Carl- Don't say another word Liam.

Your eyes fly to Carl.

Hayley- Carl? You're his lawyer?

Carl- Oh my god. What are you doing here?

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