Known Yet, Unknown?

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Your whole body comes alive when he touches you. You can't believe you have lived without him for so long.

Hayley- I'm so happy I knocked on your door.

Aaron- Oh, you mean when you were yelling at me in the middle of the street.

A gorgeous smirk appears on his face & you laugh.

Hayley- I'm sorry about that.

Aaron- I forgive you plus you're insanely hot when you're angry.

Hayley- Is that right?

You grin & he bites down on your lips.

Aaron- You better get in that bedroom.

You spend the night laughing & cuddling in each others arms till morning. It's the best you've slept in a long time. You wake up to your alarm & Aaron's still sleeping. You plant a kiss on his forehead & jump out of the bed. After a quick shower you walk into the kitchen to see Aaron flipping pancakes.

Aaron- Good morning beautiful.

Hayley- Good morning.

A dazzling smile creeps over his face.

Aaron- Did you sleep okay?

Hayley- Mm hmm the best.

There is so much you need to talk about with Aaron. You live far apart & you're not sure how this is all going to work out.

Hayley- So how long are you going to stay here?

Aaron- I'll stay here until they catch the creep. I'm not going to leave you alone.

Hayley- Thank you. But, what if it takes months?

Aaron furrows his brow.

Aaron- Do you not want me to stay here?

Hayley- I do, I really do. But, I feel like I've come along & disrupted your life.

Aaron- I can take some time off work so please don't feel like that. I want you to feel safe, we can sort out everything else after.

He pops a pancake down on your plate & plants a kiss on your nose.

Aaron- I'm going to pop home today to pick up some clothes & I'll swing by the shops. Do you wanna come?

Hayley- I can't, actually. Today is my final exam at the University. I have to be there at 2pm.

Aaron- Why didn't you tell me? Do you want to take it? I'm sure if we call the university & explain, they would be okay for you to do it another day.

Your exam hasn't entered your thoughts for days. Too much has been going on, but you do know you can do this. You want everything to get back to normal.

Hayley- I'm okay, actually. I'm ready for it.

Aaron- Right. Why don't I meet you after for dinner?

Hayley- Yeah, sounds good.

You lean over to kiss him, but are interrupted by his phone ringing.

Aaron- Sorry give me two minutes. It's Rose.

Aaron comes back after two minutes looking frustrated.

Hayley- Is she okay?

Aaron- No, not really. She's at my house & she wants to talk.

Hayley- You should go. She deserves a face to face conversation, just explain everything to her. She must be confused.

He paces around the kitchen.

Aaron- Yeah, you're right. I just feel terrible about it. I didn't mean to hurt her.

Hayley- I know. Just be honest with her.

Aaron- Okay, I'm going to get going. I will meet you for dinner later, text me when you're done. Good luck for today, you will be amazing.

He kisses you softly.

Aaron- I love you.

Hayley- I love you too.

You spend the rest of your morning cleaning up & looking over some last minute notes. You arrive at the university with 10 minutes to spare. You walk straight into the hall & take your seat.
You finish 2 hours later & think your exam went well. You knew the answers to most of the questions & are feeling confident. You take out your phone & ring your best friend.

Hayley- Hey lovely.

Theo- Hi Hayley. How did it go?

Hayley- Good I think. I can't believe I've to look for an actual job now.

Theo laughs.

Theo- You & Me both.

Hayley- What are you up to? Aaron & I are going for dinner. Would you like to join us?

Theo- Ah. I'm sorry. I'm at work later. So are you guys back together?

Hayley- Yeah, we are. I know you don't like him, but he really is different.

You brace for her response.

Theo- Actually, I agree with you. He does seem different. I'm happy if you are.

Hayley- That means a lot Theo. Thanks. I'll see you at work tomorrow.

Theo- See you then & please be careful. This whole thing has me terrified.

Hayley- I will be. Aaron's going to stay with me until the stalker is caught.

Theo. Bye Hayley. Love you.

Hayley- You too.

You jump back into your car & text Aaron.

Hayley- Hey, everything went all. Hope things are okay with Rose. You ready to grab some food?

He shoots a text straight back.

Aaron- I'm sorry baby. I can't. Things are a little complicated. I'll be back later on & explain everything. Glad it went well.

Oh god. Complicated? What does that mean? Does he still want to be with her?

Your fingers are shaking as you text back.

Hayley- Complicated? Do you still have feeling for her?

Aaron- No, Hayley. How can you even think that? Her father passed away last night. She really needs a friend right now.

Oh god. You feel stupid. Poor Rose. You can't help but feel a pang of jealousy, though, which makes you feel like the worst person in the world.

Hayley- I completely understand, take as long as you need. I'm just heading back home.

You put your phone away & drive straight home. The moment you enter, you notice a large bunch of flowers sitting on the table. You smile & walk over to them. They must be off Aaron, he is so sweet.
You lean over to smell them & notice a little card. You pull it away from the bunch & open it up. Your stomach sinks & your hands start to tremble.

It reads...

To my love, I almost had you. I'm counting down the days till we meet again, you won't get away this time. Wear my favorite lipstick, the one I pulled from your locker. Lots of love your knight in shining armor.

You feel sick & the room starts spinning. You're fed up of these stupid games. You want to end this once & for all. You pull out your phone, It rings for a while before he picks up.

Carl- Hayley? Are you okay?

Hayley- Yeah. Hi. What you said at the police station that you could help me? You still up fot it?

Carl- Yeah, of course. Did something happen again? Your voice sounds shaky.

Hayley- Yeah. Another note.

Carl- Can you get down to my office now. I'll set down a meeting with my investigators. I promise you, we will find out who this is.

You take a deep breath.

Hayley- I'm on my way.

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