Known Yet, Unknown?

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Kingsley's Law Firm

You arrive at around 6pm. The building is huge. You're greeted by a dark haired woman at the front desk. Behind her in big bold letters reads KINGSLEY'S LAW FIRM. She looks up at you behind her desk & smiles politely.

Secretary- Hello Miss. Can I help you?

Hayley- Yes. I'm looking for Carl. He's expecting me.

Secretary- Are you Hayley?

You smile & nod.

Secretary- Mr Kingsley is on the top floor. He's waiting for you. Just take the elevator on the left & go right to the top.

She motions towards the elevator.

Hayley- Thank you.

As you enter the lift, you laugh as there are 50 floors. After what seems like forever you reach the top. The door open & Carl is standing, waiting for you. You smile at him & for some strange reason burst into tears.

Carl- Oh Hayley. Come here.

He pulls you in for a tight hug & strokes your hair.

Carl- Your okay. We will sort this out. Don't worry.

You pull away & wipe your tears. You straighten yourself up & let out an awkward laugh.

Hayley- I'm so sorry. I don't know why I did that. I have just been holding it all in.

Carl- Please don't apologize. It's okay to be scared. Come on, let's get to the bottom of this.

You follow him along a long corridor, you stop at a room at the very end. It's Carl's office.

Carl- Right. Take a seat. I've been speaking to my colleagues, & the first thing we need to do is make a chart. We need to put on every single person you know. Man or woman.

Your eyebrows shoot up.

Hayley- Well, I don't know that many people.

He laughs.

Carl- You will know more than you think. I'm talking everyone. Everyone you work with, every professor at the university, old friends & boyfriends. That way we can cross them off one by one.

Hayley- Well, we better get started then.

About an hour passes & you think you have absolutely everybody. Even people you have spoken two sentences too.

Hayley- I can't think of anymore.

Carl looks at you & then quickly looks away.

Hayley- What? What is it?

Carl- What about Aaron?

Hayley- What about him?

Carl- You haven't put him on the list.

Hayley- Oh well, I mean you can. I just think you would be wasting your time.

He comes closer to you & struck a strand of hair behind your ear.

Carl- I don't want to overstep my mark, but are you 100 percent sure that he has nothing to do with all of this?

Hayley- Why do you think it's him?

Carl- Well, you have ran straight into his arms since all this started.

You stare at him, not really knowing what to say.

Hayley- That's what it may look like, but it was my decision.

Carl- You sure about that? Are you sure you're not just so scared that you needed to be with someone familiar?

His words hit you like a brick. Do you actually love him? Or is Carl right? Did you just need him because you were scared?

Hayley- I.. I..

You start to stutter.

Carl- Hey? I'm not here to judge you.

Hayley- I know you're being really helpful. I can't thank you enough. I just.. My feelings are all just so scattered right now.

He wraps his arms around you.

Carl- I really thought we had a connection.

You squirm a little in your seat. The tension in the room has shifted. You have always been attracted to this man, but you don't wanna do something that you'll regret later.

Hayley- I.. I should go.

He leans into your ear.

Carl- But I think you should stay.

Hayley- I really don't think that's a good idea Carl. I'm sorry. I should have said, but I'm kind of back together with Aaron.

Carl- If that's what you really wanted I would tell you to leave, but I don't think it is. Let me show you how great we would be together.

He kisses you softly & for a split second you kiss him back. You pull away & stand up quickly. What are you doing?

Hayley- I can't do this Carl. I'm sorry.

Carl- That's okay Hayley. I'm a patient man. I know you're with a wrong guy. I'll wait until you realize it.

You're not sure if it's his words or the fact that you have wanted this to happen from the moment you met him. You move towards him with pace & kiss him hard.

Carl- You're so beautiful.

You think about Aaron & your mind freezes. You push him back.

Hayley- I need a minute. I need to use the ladies room.

Carl- It's just two doors down on your right.

You're staring at yourself in the mirror. What have you done? Why would you kiss Carl? As if things weren't complicated enough. Can you love two men at the same time? You feel your phone vibrations & pull it out noticing you have 6 missed calls from Aaron.

A wave of guilt overcomes you. You steady your breathing & call him back.

Aaron- Hayley? Are you okay?

You hear the panic in his voice.

Hayley- I'm fine. What's wrong?

Aaron- Oh! Thank god! I saw the flowers & the note.. I thought something had happened.

Oh shit! You forgot to text him. You feel horrendous for letting him think the worst.

Hayley- I'm so sorry. I should have messaged. I came straight to Carl's office. I'm here now. He's going to have his people look into it for me.


Hayley- Aaron? You still there?

Aaron- Can he hear me right now?

Hayley- No. What's wrong?

Aaron- You need to leave immediately Hayley.

Hayley- I'm confused. Why?

Aaron- I rang Sargent, Thomas when you weren't here. He came straight over. He has been looking into more leads.. He.. He..

Hayley- Spit it out.

Aaron- He says when Liam got arrested, Carl was the one who rang Liam. He offered to be his lawyer free of charge.

You furrow your brow in confusion.

Hayley- Why would he do that?

Aaron- It gets worse Hayley. He had a wife & she died a few years ago.

Hayley- Yeah. His sister told me. What about it?

Aaron- It was ruled as suicide, but her family are adamant that Carl killed her.

You gasp & nearly drop your phone.

Aaron- Sargent, Thomas thinks that he may be the one leaving you notes.

Hayley- I.. I'll leave now.

Aaron- I'll come & get you. Just start walking.

Hayley- Okay.

You hang up the phone dumbfounded. They may be wrong of course. There may be an explanation, but you want to get out of here.

You steady your breathing & walk back into Carl's office.

Hayley- So, umm.. It's getting pretty late. I'm going to head off. Thanks for all your help.

Carl- You okay? You look pale.

Hayley- Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired.

Carl- Okay, so when will I see you again?

He comes towards you & kisses your lips.

Hayley- Soon. I'll call you.

Carl- Sounds great.

You head towards the door & are about to turn the knob, when a noise stops you dead in your tracks.

The ringtone.. The eerie ringtone. You would never ever forget that sound. You slowly turn.. It's ringing from Carl's desk.

Tears immediately pool in your eyes & you look up to meet Carl's gaze.

Carl runs his hand through his hair.

Carl- Well, I really wish you hadn't heard that.

He comes towards you & you scream.

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