Known Yet, Unknown?

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Sargent, Thomas & Carl arrive at Kingsley's law firm around 25 minutes later. Aaron runs straight up to the lady on reception.

Aaron- Where is Carl? We need to see him now!!

Secretary- I'm sorry, sir. Did you have an appointment?

Sargent, Thomas steps in & flashes his badge to the receptionist.

Sargent, Thomas- We don't need an appointment. We need to speak to Mr Kingsley, right now. It's urgent.

A wave of confusion passes over her face.

Secretary- You have just missed him. Is there something I can help you with?

Aaron- Was he alone?

Aaron blurts out getting visibly agitated.

Secretary- No, he was with a girl, Hayley.

Aaron- Was she okay?

Secretary- Mr Kingsley was taking her home. She had too much to drink. He carried her into a taxi out front.

Aaron & the Sargent, exchange looks. Sargent, Thomas pulls out his phone.

Sargent, Thomas- I need units to Hayley Evans & Carl Kingsley house. Now.

He snaps his phone shut & looks back to the receptionist.

Sargent, Thomas- Where is Carl's office?

Secretary- Top floor at the end of the corridor.

He motions to Aaron.

Aaron- Why are we wasting time checking his office?

He follows behind the Sargent & steps into the lift.

Sargent, Thomas- We are looking for evidence. See if they left anything behind, anything that might help us see where he's gone. You know, Aaron, after this, I think it's best for you to head home. I promise you, I will find her.

Aaron- You really think I'd go home? She's the love of my life, I'm not going home until we find her.

They both step out of the lift & head straight towards Carl's office. The door is already swung open & the room is a mess. Papers are flung all across the floor & a chair looks like it has been thrown over. Aaron gasps & grabs Sargent's arm..

Aaron- Look..

He points to a large black stapler that's sitting on the desk. It has fresh blood on it.

Sargent, Thomas- He must have hit her to knock her out..

Sargent, puts his gloves on & carefully puts the stapler into a clear plastic bag. He then notices a device at the top of the window.

Sargent, Thomas- Look up there..

He points & Aaron follows his finger.

Sargent, Thomas- A camera. Come on, we can watch the footage....




You slowly open your eyes. You immediately feel sick. There's a throbbing in your head. Your eyes take a while to adjust to the dimly lit room. You whip your head around panicked. You have no idea where you are, you try to yell out, but your mouth is covered with duct tape.

Carl- Hello beautiful.

Oh god. It's all rushing back to you. It's him, It's Carl!!!! All this time.. You thrash about in your seat, but it's no use. Your hands are tied behind your back. He comes over to you & tucks a strand behind your ear. You flinch away from him.

Carl- Hey, I'm not going to hurt you. I will take this off your mouth if you promise not to scream!

You nod. Blinking tears away.

He rips the tape off your mouth & almost immediately you scream out as loud as you can. Carl looks taken aback, then delivers a strong slap om your right cheek.

Carl- Shall I put it back on or are you going to behave?

You stare up at him & stifle a sob.

Hayley- Why Carl? Why have you done this?

Carl- Well, that's a very long story Hayley, but I suppose we have time.

He lets out a small chuckle. You're terrified. You need to be clever if you want to get out of this.

Hayley- I'm listening. Help me understand.

Carl- Well, quiet simply. I love you & I have for a long time. We are going to be so perfect together, you'll see.

Hayley- Carl? You wouldn't hurt someone you love.

Carl- That was your fault Hayley. I'm willing to let it go, if you are.

You take a deep breath & steady your breathing.

Hayley- My fault? I'm confused Carl. What did I do?

He drags a stool along the floor & stops directly in front of you. He sits down & folds his arms.

Carl- I watched you at Claytons for months. You were so beautiful. I was completely overwhelmed by how much I liked you, when I had never even spoken to you before.

A smile creeps upon his face & you nod along as he speaks.

Carl- I finally built up the courage to hand you my card. I was ecstatic when you messaged me. Then we had our first date, I thought it was amazing. I knew I had finally found the one.

You interject.

Hayley- It was a great date. We had a lovely time, but then why did you leave that note in my locker?

Carl- I like games Hayley. It was just supposed to be a bit of fun.

Hayley- Fun? I was terrified.

Carl- I was going to whisk you away on another date & leave you another note. It was going to end with an engagement ring. Kind of like a scavenger hunt.

Hayley- An engagement ring? We only went on one date Carl. Don't you think it would've been too soon?

You're very careful with how the conversation is going. An engagement ring? He is completely delusional. You need to tread carefully.

Hayley- So what happened?

He stands from his seat & runs his hand through his hair. He looks like he is loosing it.

Carl- What happened? You have a nerve Hayley. Aaron happened!

He continues pacing around the room while talking..

Carl- I was watching. I watched you get in your car & drive off. I was curious so I followed you. I found it amusing when you were shouting at him, at his door, but then you went inside. I saw you Hayley. You made out with him. How could you do that straight after our date Hayley?

Hayley- I don't know. I'm sorry, but you have to understand I have a lot of history with Aaron.

You're finding it hard to keep your composure. You feel sick that you're apologizing to this monster.

Carl- I was so furious Hayley. So I went straight to your apartment. I know I shouldn't have called you a whore, I apologize, but I was just so angry.

You stare at him, not sure what to say next. You flick back to the memory of walking into your bathroom & seeing the words written in your lipstick. It's finally starting to make sense. You need to appeal to his twisted love for you, if you have any hopes of leaving.

Hayley- I understand why you were mad. I really am sorry. You know that I want to be with you right? I don't care about what has happened, let's just start again?

He puts his face inches from your own. He begins to kiss you, you can't help but slightly flinch. He pulls back straight away & starts to laugh.

Carl- You're not a very good liar Hayley.

You let out another blood-curdling scream.

Hayley- You're sick. Let me go!!!!

You scream at him. He laughs & puts the tape back over your mouth.

Carl- We will finish our conversation later once you've calmed down a bit.

He leaves the room & shuts the door behind him. You sob. How are you going to get out of this?




Aaron & Sargent walk back up to the Secretary.

Sargent, Thomas- I need you to pull up the video feed from Carl's office.

Secretary- Oh, okay. Give me a second.

She taps on her computer & both Aaron & Sargent move around the desk to watch the screen.

Secretary- She arrived around now.

She presses play & Hayley can be seen entering Carl's office, then taking a seat.

Sargent, Thomas- It looks like they're making a list. Can you fast forward a little please.

She obliges.

Aaron- Wait.. Stop!

Sargent, Thomas- Oh god. Aaron, you don't have to watch this.

Aaron- What is she doing??

On the screen, Hayley & Carl are making out on Carl's desk.

Sargent, Thomas- Come on. You don't need to watch this. Can you fast forward it, please?

Secretary- Yes, of course.

Tears begin to pool in Aaron's eyes.

Aaron- I can't believe she would do this to me..

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