Known Yet, Unknown?

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Aaron steps away from the desk. Sargent, Thomas continues to watch & sees Carl hitting Hayley over the head with the stapler.

Sargent, Thomas- I need a copy of that footage.

He turns to the secretary who in turn, nods her head.

Secretary- I can't quite believe it. Carl's actually a great man.

Sargent puts his hand gently on her shoulder, then turns to Aaron.

Sargent, Thomas- Are you okay?

Aaron- Let's just find her.

Sargent, Thomas- Both of their places have been checked. There is no one there. I will go back to the station. You should go home. I will call you with updates.

He takes out his phone & barks commands.

Sargent, Thomas- I need a list of every single property Mr Kingsley owns. Yes. Right now.

He snaps his phone shut.

Aaron- What if you know he has already killed her?

Tears pool in Aaron's eyes. He feels completely helpless.

Sargent, Thomas- Hey? Look at me. He's obsessed with her. I don't think he'll kill her.

Aaron nods & they both leave the building.




You wake up & can barely open your neck. You know it's morning as a line of sunshine is shining through a small window. You are still strapped to a chair. Your eyes dart around the room & you let out a sigh when you realize Carl is not in the room.

Hayley- Think Hayley. Think!!!

You say to yourself. You look around the room for anything that might help, but it's no use. The room is completely bare. You think you're in a basement, due to the position of the one window in the room. You stare up at it, could you fit through there?

Your thoughts are interrupted by the turning of the door handle. You quickly snap your eyes back shut & pretend you're still asleep.

Carl- Good morning sleepy head.

Ugh. His voice alone makes you sick. You flick your eyes towards him & notice he has a bowl in his hand.

Carl- Eggs?

You shake your head & look away.

Carl- You need to eat baby. We have a long day ahead of us today.

He rips off the tape down your mouth & you wince.

Hayley- What do you mean by a long day ahead of us?

Carl- We are going to go away tonight. You know. A fresh start.

Hayley- Where to?

Carl- Somewhere far away.

He reaches his hand up & touches your cheek.

Carl- We can be really happy together Hayley. You'll see.

He smiles sweetly & brings the fork up to your mouth.

Hayley- Carl? You attacked me. How are we going to be happy?

Carl- Okay. I know I have some more explaining to do, but I'm sure you'll understand.

He pushes the fork to your mouth & you oblige. You think you will need your strength.

Carl- Okay, so after I left the message on your bathroom window, I honestly felt terrible. I was just so angry.

He continues to feed you while you're listening to his explanation.

Carl- When you came to my BBQ, I was going to tell you everything, but then I whispered in your ear about playing a game & you completely flipped out. I knew then I couldn't tell you.

You look straight into his eyes.

Hayley- Listen to me Carl, you don't have to explain. I promise we can just forget about everything. Please let me go. Please.

He puts down the bowl & stands up leaning over to you.

Carl- If I let you go. Everything has been for nothing. God. Everything was going so well at my house. Then Aaron. Again! I'm starting to think he's the problem here.

He is shouting & getting increasingly frustrated. Your eyes fly up to his, you need to calm him back down.

Hayley- Hey? Aaron's not here. It's just you & me. Finish explaining to me. I'm listening.

Carl- Well, you went quite on me Hayley, after the BBQ. So I started following you again, & again, you were always with Aaron. Cheating on me.

You nod along with him. Tears pooling once more in your eyes. You can't reason with him, he's irrational.

Carl- So I followed you to the club. I saw you go down the back alley.

He sighs & sits back in his seat.

Carl- I'm so sorry. I just wanted to touch you. I wouldn't have actually hurt you.

Hayley- But you did Carl. You slammed ne against the wall.

Carl- I just struggle to control my temper. Can you forgive me? I honestly felt terrible. Then I knew I had to help Liam. I couldn't let him get punished for something that he didn't do.

Hayley- So you called him & offered to be his lawyer?

Carl- Exactly. I felt so guilty. I promised myself that I'd leave you alone after that, but when I saw you so upset, I just wanted to help.

Hayley- So why send the flowers after that?

Carl- Well, they did exactly what I wanted, they brought you to my office. And look what happened, we were drawn to each other. Finally together.

You scoff & shake your head.

Carl- What? You don't believe me? Honestly Hayley, I will make this all up to you. I'm not a monster, I would never actually hurt you.

You begin to laugh. You're not sure if you're hysterical or just so unbelievably tired, but you can't believe the words coming from his mouth.

Carl- I don't believe you Carl. I think you would hurt me. I think you've done this all before.

You stare at him intensely & sense his unease.

Carl- Why would you say that?

You scream the words out..

Hayley- You killed your wife.. Didn't you?

The blow happens quickly, you're not even sure what even happened, but you're on the floor still attached to the chair & there's a throbbing pain in your jaw. He punched you. You groan & try to get your hands free from the rope.

Carl- Shit! Look what you made me do Hayley.

He comes over & lifts you from the ground with ease. You're a little dizzy. He frees your hand & pulls you towards the door.

Carl- Come on. Let's clean you up. We're leaving sooner than I thought.



Aaron's phone starts ringing & he rushes over & answers.

Sargent, Thomas- Hey, Carl has a property in London. It's a small flat, but it's the only place we haven't looked yet.

Aaron- Text me the details & I will meet you there.

Sargent, Thomas- I don't think it's a good idea. I'm only telling you to keep you informed.

Aaron- Do you think she's there?

Sargent, Thomas- I believe so. Yes. I spoke to Carl's sister, he told her that he was staying there for a few days. I'm already in the car on the way. I'm going to get her Aaron, do you hear me?

Aaron- Text me the address & I'll meet you there. I'm not arguing about this. I'm going to kill that bastard.

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