Known Yet, Unknown?

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Date Night

It's 6.40pm & you have paced around your living room for the last half an hour with a bottle of wine in your hand. You keep looking in the mirror & adjusting your hair. You're so nervous, partly because you can't wait to see Carl again & partly because you suck at dates.

You have such an instant attraction to him, you don't want to mess up. You text your best friend Theo.

Hayley- Theo what if he doesn't show up? I mean he seems too good to be real right?

Theo- Hayley, you're beautiful. Of course he wanted to whisk you out on a date! Stop worrying.

P.S put down the wine girl.

Ah.. She knows you well.

Hayley- Alright. I will text you later. Wish me luck. Let's hope I can act like a normal human.

Just then your door bell rings & with one last look in the mirror you take a deep breath & walk towards the door. It swings open & there he is. Oh my! He is even hotter than you remembered.

Carl- Hello beautiful.

Your inner self just groans. He looks dashing.

Carl- You ready to go.

You just give him a warm smile & try to compose yourself so that you don't look like a total fool.

Hayley- Hey. Yes. I'm ready.

He leads you out of the door to the taxi that's parked outside, you scoot along the back seat & he sits next to you. There is a strange tension between you both when his fingers brush past your own & your breathing halts. You feel as though he will be able to hear your heart rate & try to look away, but just then he turns your face towards him & looks deep into your eyes.

Carl- I'm going to kiss you Hayley.

You sit silently staring at him, definitely not objecting. He takes your chin between his thumb & fore finger & lifts your face. He brushes your long hair to the side & begins to part your lips with his. The kiss becomes stronger as you both hungrily pull each other closer. His hands are dancing up & down your body. When you finally part you're breathless & it takes you a moment to compose yourself.

Hayley- Well, Mr Kingsley, what's in store for the rest of the night.

Carl- We are here, look.

He points towards a small club. You both jump out of the taxi & Carl settles the fair. The club is called Truth. You have been here before with Theo & Nate. There are always live bands playing & they do the best cocktails in town. Carl puts his hands on the small of your back & walks you inside.

Carl- What would you like to drink?

Hayley- I'll have a bloody Mary please.

Carl- I had you pegged for a wine drinker.

Hayley- I am a woman of many drinks Mr Kingsley, but Truth does amazing cocktails.

Carl- Oh, I see, you must have been here for lots of dates then?

He shoots you a devious smile, you decide to play along.

Hayley- Ah yes. I come here all the time, but I was most looking forward to this date. Colin.. Oops. I mean Carl.

He playfully pulls your hips towards him.

Carl- Colin eh? Who's Colin?

You let out a cheeky laugh & he gently bites down on your lip. You pull at the back of his head & tenderly kiss him back. You then take his hand in yours & move towards a quiet area of the bar. You both sit down on the red leather chairs.

Hayley- So what is it like being one of the top defense lawyers in London?

Carl's eyes shoot up.

Carl- Did you google me?

He laughs & nestles back in his chair.

Hayley- I may have googled you. I like to know who I'm dealing with. A girl can't be too careful.

Carl- I will tell you all about my job if you tell me your surname.

Hayley- My name is Hayley Evans. I grew up in Cambridge & have lived here all my life.

Your phone interrupts, chiming from your pocket. You quickly lift it out to see another text from Liam.

Liam- Hayley, you have me worried. You haven't responded to my texts from last night. Is everything okay?

You look up to Carl, who hasn't taken his eyes off you the whole time.

Hayley- Sorry. It's just my friend. Where were we?

Carl- You were telling me about yourself.

Hayley- Oh no Mr Kingsley, I do believe it's your turn.

Carl- Hmm, okay. I grew up in London & then went to Cambridge University to get my Law degree. I opened up my own law firm 3 years ago & bought a house here in Cambridge too.

Hayley- Wow. That's pretty impressive. My aunt left me a flat here when she passed away. I used to live here with my Dad before that, he just lives a few blocks away now.

Carl- I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt.

He takes your hand in his & you both just stare into each others eyes. You have never felt anything like this so quickly before. You give him a shy smile & quickly move on with the conversation; not wanting to go into a detailed conversation about your Aunt.

Hayley- Anyways, I am doing a fashion degree at the moment. I just have one practical exam & one written left to do, then hopefully I can graduate.

Carl- Fashion wow. What do you like to design?

Hayley- Bags mostly.

You show a brilliant smile.

Hayley- I love designing them. All kinds of bags.

You let out a little snort as you laugh. Your cheeks blush & you look down towards your drink.

Carl- I think it's great that you're so passionate about it. Defense Law is a love/hate job. I will back my clients 100 percent as that's the only way you can do the job effectively, however, sometimes you can't help but let your conscience creep in, especially when you feel someone might be guilty.

Hayley- Yeah, that must be so hard.

You finish last of your drink & set it down on the table.

Carl- Do you want another one?

Hayley- Sorry, but I have to head home. I have had such a lovely night, but I'm opening the shop tomorrow.

He lets out a groan, then reluctantly lets go of your hand.

Carl- Come on then, we will flag down a taxi.

You follow Carl out of the club. You both cannot keep your hands to yourself in the back seat. He's kissing you with such passion. He slips his hands into your hair. You notice the taxi driver smirking in the mirror so you pull away from Carl & look down to your hands. He takes your hand in his & pulls it up towards him, he places a strong kiss on the back of your knuckles.

Carl- Thank you for coming out with me tonight.

Hayley- Thank you for inviting me, Mr Kingsley.

You lean in & peck him on the lips.

Hayley- Until next time.

You wink at him & leave the taxi. He pulls you back in for one more kiss. His touch just makes you melt. You have never felt this worked up since your ex, Aaron. You don't want it to end, but finally he pulls away.

Carl- Until next time, Miss Evans.

You walk into your home in a slight state of delirium. Best first date ever. You pull out your phone to ring Theo & notice more texts from Liam.

Liam- We okay Hayley? You have never been this quiet on me before.
Have I done something?

You feel terrible as you have generally messaged Liam everyday for the last two years. He was the one who was there for you after your horrendous break up from your first boyfriend Aaron. You open the chat to message back.

Hayley- Hey Liam, so sorry, been super busy with work & studying. How has your week been?

Liam- You sure that's all it is?

Hayley- Yeah of course, what else would it be?

Liam- Maybe you have met someone?

Maybe you have been cheating on me? Is that what it is Hayley?

Hayley- Liam even if I was with someone that hardly makes me a cheater. Yes, we have been chatting for a while, but we are not in an exclusive relationship! We haven't even met.

It takes him a while to reply. You sit wondering if he will take the hint & that will be that. Then your phone chimes.

Liam- Well, it's about time we change that. See you soon.

You stare at your phone dumbfounded. You see that Liam has quickly gone offline. You feel it's best not to reply until you speak to Theo. No matter how long you have been speaking to Liam; Carl has just come along & knocked the wind out of you, you don't think you even want to meet Liam anymore. You set your phone down & try to close your eyes. You stir to your morning alarm at 6am & dose off.
You jump out of bed & get ready for the day. You're just pinning on your name badge when a text comes through.

Carl- Hey beautiful, I miss you already. You fancy coming to a BBQ with me tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Saturday & you are supposed to go shopping with Theo & Nate.

Hayley- Hey Carl, I miss you too. What time would this BBQ start?

Carl- It's my BBQ, I throw one often. Just for friends & family.

Family? You have only had one date & he wants you to meet his family? You smirk as you type your reply.

Hayley- I will get back to you Carl. I need to check if my busy schedule will allow for such an event.

You hit send then glance at the clock. Shit! You grab your bag & dash for the door.

You arrive 5 minutes late to work, luckily you're opening the shop so you're the first one there. You pull up the shutter & quickly run around the shop switching on lights & turning on the registers. You're walking towards the staff room when you hear a bang. You stop in your tracks. The noise came from the staff room. You shout out..

Hayley- Hello?? Hello?? Is someone there??

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