Known Yet, Unknown?

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Your sat on the edge of the bath tub. Carl has wet a small towel & is gently rubbing the blood of your mouth.

Your voice comes out weak & wavering.

Hayley- So where are we going?

Carl- I have a place up north. I think that'll be the best place to go.

Hayley- Carl? Listen to me. I don't want to go. I want to stay here in Cambridge. Please, if you love me, you'll let me go.

You look deep into his eyes, pleading with him. He lets out a small chuckle.

Carl- You know nothing of love Hayley. When you truly love someone you don't let them go.

With all of the energy you can muster, you fly your hand up & deliver a slap to his right cheek. You don't let up. You keep hitting again & again, your hands flying around. You shout straight into his face.

Hayley- I will never ever love you, you psycho. I love Aaron.

He laughs at you & restrains your hands. He spins you around & takes hold of your jaw, holding you in place. He leans down & whispers into your ear..

Carl- Were you thinking about Aaron in my office? Cause I don't think you were..

You instantly cry. He's right. You've made such a huge mistake. You want to see Aaron again & have him hold you in his arms so badly. You're about to respond when a loud knock on the door sends Carl into a massive panic. He immediately lets you go. He turns to you, his words laced with promise.

Carl- If you make one sound, I'll fucking kill you. Do you get it?

You nod & he locks the bathroom door behind you. You rush straight towards the door & press up your ear so that you can listen.

You're listening intently, then hear more bangs on the front door. Suddenly the bathroom door flies back open, causing you to stumble backwards. Carl is standing looking panicked.

Carl- Follow me quickly.

He doesn't give you much of a choice as he yanks your arm. He leads you out into the corridor & you see the shadow of a man standing behind the door. You hear his voice & immediately recognize it.

Sargent, Andrews- Carl, if you're here, I need you to open the door.

You can't contain your emotions. You immediately cry out as loud as you can, immense panic takes over you.

Hayley- It's me.. I'm here. Help me.

You're interrupted when Carl's hand flies over your mouth, muffling the sound. He then slams your head hard against the wall. You instantly feel dizzy.

Sargent, Thomas- Hayley? Hayley?

You almost sigh of relief, he heard you. You hear the Sargent begin to kick the door, but Carl starts to drag you back down into the basement.

Hayley- No! No! Stop!

You grab onto the edge of the door. He's too strong. Your fingers lose the grip & he tosses you back down the last couple of steps. It feels like your rib cracks when you hit the ground. You wince & curl into a ball on the floor. Carl looks the basement door behind him, then bolts it shut.

Hayley- Are you going to kill me?

You look up to him & watch as he paces around the floor.

Carl- It's okay. We will get out of here. We will still head north. They are not going to stop us being together, Hayley.

You spit out some blood onto the floor & sit up, steading yourself.

Hayley- Carl, the police are outside. We can't go anywhere. Please don't make this worse, let's just open the door.

You motion up towards the basement door.

Carl- Do you think I'm stupid? You're not going anywhere Hayley!

You drop your head to the ground. You realize you will be dead, long before they get in this room..




Aaron pulls up outside the flat & notices two police cars, already parked. He quickly jumps from his car & sees Sargent, Thomas trying to knock down the door. He runs over.

Aaron- What's going on? Is she in there?

Sargent, Thomas- Yes, I heard her. She's inside.

Aaron immediately starts braying on the door.

Aaron- Hayley? Hayley?

The Sargent gives one last kick & the door flies open. Both men rush inside & Sargent draws his gun.

Sargent, Thomas- Aaron, you have to wait outside.

Aaron ignores the Sargent & starts running into rooms around the flat.

The Sargent turns to one of his police officers.

Sargent, Thomas- I need two men round the back of the building. Now.

The police officer nods.

Aaron- Sargent...

Sargent, Thomas rushes towards Aaron.

Sargent, Thomas- What is it?

Aaron- Blood. Look..

He points to the hall wall & then at the basement door. Little specks of blood are on both. Sargent immediately trys the door.

Sargent, Thomas- It's locked.

He gives the door a good kick. Then doubles over in pain. Aaron tries the same. Sargent then takes out his walkie.

Sargent, Thomas- Bring me a ram now.

He looks to Aaron.

Sargent, Thomas- Don't worry, we will get in..




You hear small banging sounds coming from the basement door.

Carl- Shit!!

Hayley- Look Carl, they're going to get into the room. Why don't you just open the door? It will look good if you cooperate.

He walks over towards you. He picks you up off the floor & plonks you back on your seat. He stares into your eyes.

Carl- I did kill my wife.

You gasp. Taken aback.

Hayley- Wh.. Why???

Carl- She cheated on me, Hayley. She was going to leave me. I loved her more than anything in the whole world & she broke my heart.

Hayley- I'm so sorry that happened to you.

He snaps at you.

Carl- No, you're not! You're just as bad!

Hayley- No, Carl. I'm not! Think about what you're saying. You were married. We have never been in a relationship.

Carl- We kissed, we made out. Is that not a relationship to you?

You let out a sigh. If you want to stay alive, you have to get into his head.

Hayley- No, you're right. I guess we were. I have just been confused. Confused with my feelings.

Carl- I didn't mean to kill her. I really didn't.

His eyes gloss over. He leans into you & the only thing you can do is wrap your arms around him.

Hayley- Look, it's not too late. You can straighten this all out. Just open the door. Yeah?

You think you may be finally getting through him, when all of a sudden there's a big bang on the door. It's slightly opened.

Aaron- Hayley? Hayley? It's Aaron. Are you okay?

Your eyes fly up towards Carl, who has immediately let go off you. His whole demeanor has changed. He stalks over towards a little draw under the stairs & pulls out a gun.

Carl- Always Aaron. Isn't it?

He cocks the gun & you scream.

Hayley- He has a gun!!! He has a gun, Aaron!!!

He pulls you into his arms & places the gun on the side of your head.

Sargent, Thomas- Carl!!! Put the gun down!!!

The door flies open & Sargent, Aaron & a police officer run down the stairs. The Sargent has his own gun pointed on Carl.

Your eyes immediately links with Aaron's. He looks you up & down, taking in your cuts & bruises, tears begin to pool in his eyes.

Carl- You're going to put down your guns & let us walk out of here or I'm going to shoot her right now in the head.

Sargent, Thomas- That's not going to happen Carl. Let's not make this worse.

Aaron- Let her go Carl!!!!

Aaron steps closer towards you & Carl. He is baiting him.

Carl- Ah, Aaron. It's always not so nice to see you.

Carl moves his direction of his gun & points it straight to Aaron. You struggle in his hold & cry out.

Hayley- No Carl.. Please don't.

The next few seconds seem to blur past you. Two gun shots pop off, you throw yourself down to the ground. You pat yourself over, almost checking to see if you have been shot. You haven't. Your eyes fly up towards the rest of the room. Oh, No... No.. Noooo!!!

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