Known Yet, Unknown?

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You rush to your feet, wincing from the pain in your side. Tears are streaming down your face, you kneel down near his body. You pull him into your embrace & shake him slightly.

Hayley- Oh Aaron. Please. Please open your eyes.

You sway his body, rocking back & forward. You're clutching onto him so tightly. The guilt that is coursing through you is immense. He's here because of you. Because you knocked on his door & disrupted his life.

Sargent, Thomas- We need two ambulances at 315 Church street immediately.

Your eyes flick up towards the Sargent & you look around the rest of the room. Lots of police officers have entered & everyone seems to be rushing around. For you, the time has stopped. Sargent, Thomas bends down beside you.

Sargent, Thomas- Hayley? We need to get him in the ambulance, You need to let go.

Hayley- I want to stay with him. Please.

Aaron's eyes begin to flicker open, you pull him even closer.

Hayley- Aaron it's me. That's it Aaron. Keep your eyes open.

You place a strong kiss on the side of his head, then let go..

Hayley- I love you...

You see two paramedics hauling Carl up onto a gurney. He has been shot in the stomach. You look to the Sargent.

Hayley- Is he dead?

Sargent, Thomas- No, we are going to get them both to the hospital. You too, Hayley, you need to get checked over.

Hayley- Oh yeah, I think my rib may be cracked.

You move towards the Sargent. All of a sudden you feel extremely light headed, it's like your body knows you're safe now & finally gives in.

Sargent, Thomas- Hayley? Are you okay?

He catches you, you fall into his arms. The last thing you remember is seeing Aaron, getting put into an ambulance. Then everything goes dark.




Theo- Nurse? Nurse.. Quick she's waking.

Hayley- Theo?

Theo- Yes. It's me. You're okay.

Hayley- Where are we?

You start to cough & splutter.

Theo- Here, drink this.

She hands you a glass of water. You slowly sit up. Your body feels better & then you remember.

Theo- You're in the hospital sweetie. There was a pretty bad bruise on your head. You were internally bleeding, but they managed to stop it & you've been asleep since.

Your eyes flick up to hers.

Hayley- How long was I out?

Theo- 10 days.

Hayley- 10 days? Where's Aaron? Is he okay?

A nurse enters the room & starts to check you over. Your eyes never leaves Theo's. After a while she leaves, telling a doctor will be with you soon.

Hayley- Tell me? Aaron? Is he okay?

Theo- He is a coma Hayley. They had to operate him & there were some complication. He's not breathing well on his own, so they put him in an induced coma.

Hayley- Oh god.

You cry out & your best friend rushes to your side.

Theo- He's strong Hayley. He will wake up. Have faith.

You cry into her & you both sit for a few minutes while she holds you.

Theo- Do you feel okay?

Hayley- A little sore. But okay.

Theo- I can't believe it's Carl, all that time.

Your expression turns cold, you don't want to hear his name. You spit out the words.

Hayley- Is he dead?

Theo- Um.. No. He's alive & he's actually awake. There's police officers outside his door, a few rooms down.

Hayley- He's just down the hall?

She must sense the panic in your voice.

Theo- Yes, but don't worry, you are safe. He can't even get out of his bed yet.

You nod & she changes the subject.

Theo- Your dad has been here. Every day. He just nipped home to get some PJ's for you.

Hayley- Is he okay?

Theo- Yeah.. As much as can be expected. He is confused though.. You didn't even tell him about the attacks.

Hayley- Ah, Theo. He must be so angry.

You bury your head in your hands.

Theo- You just concentrate on feeling better okay?

Hayley- I need to see Aaron. Will you take me to his room?

Theo- Yeah, as soon as the doctor checks you over. Okay?

You sigh & nestle back into the bed.
The doctor comes 10 minutes later. He checks you over & tells that all of your vitals are looking good. You politely thank him & ask if you can go see Aaron. He says it's okay so you get out of the bed & pull a jumper on.

Hayley- Can you take me to his room?

Theo- yeah. Come on.

You walk down the hospital corridor & Theo stops at one of the doors. She turns to you.

Theo- I'll wait out here.

Hayley- Thank you Theo.

She gives your hand a squeeze & then you turn to enter the room.
You let out a small gasp when you see him lying there. He has lots of machinery around him & he looks peaceful. Your heart physically hurts. You didn't realize how much you love this man, & now it might be too late. You grab your left hand & sit beside him.

Hayley- Aaron? I don't know if you can hear me. But it's me, Hayley. I..I.. Just need to tell you how sorry I am. I'm so sorry you got hurt. I love you so much. I need you to know that. It's always been you Aaron, I'm so sorry I did that to you.

You cuddle into the side of him & lie there as long as you can. Eventually a nurse comes into the room & you, you need your rest.

You're walking back to your room when you notice two officers standing outside a room further down the corridor. Carl.. You walk straight up to them.

Hayley- I would like to see Carl.

Policeman- That's not really a good idea. You should go back to your room.

You grab at his arm & show a pleading look in your eyes.

Hayley- Please officer. I need a closure. I have to see him.

The officers once again look at each other.

Hayley- You can come in with me if you need to, I just need to speak to him.

Policeman- You can have 5 minutes. We'll be right here.

You smile & nod at him.

Hayley- Thank you.

You take a deep breath & enter the room. He looks up immediately, shock on his face.

Carl- Hayley?

Hayley- Carl..

He sits up..

Carl- Well, you are the last person I expected to see..

You notice he is handcuffed to the bed. You still don't move any closer though.

Hayley- I came to show you that I'm fine.. You didn't break me..

Carl- I was never trying to break you Hayley. I was only trying to love you.

Hayley- You know what's really sad Carl? Somewhere in that sick brain of yours, I think you believe that.

Carl- I know that I love you. Even now, after everything that you've done.

You scoff & begin pacing the room.

Hayley- After what I've done? You smashed my head off a wall, you pushed me down the stairs, you punched me & slapped me. You think that's love? I'm really glad you're going to get the help that you need.

Carl- I will get out one day you know & when I do, I'll come find you.

He laughs & you stop dead in your tracks.

Hayley- No, You won't!! Not when I tell them how you killed your wife.

Carl- Ah. But that's your word against mine. Isn't it? & fortunately I happen to know some very good lawyers.

Anger starts building up inside you. He's never going to leave you alone. You begin to walk towards the door when he speaks again.

Carl- How's Aaron? Is he dead yet?

You slowly turn around. How dare he? You're so consumed by hate that you stride straight over to him & give him a tight slap on his face.

He laughs & pulls you towards him & whispers in your ears..

Carl- This is not the end, Hayley Evans.

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