Known Yet, Unknown?

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Officer Sargent, barges in & pulls you out of his hold & your face is as pale as a dead body.

Sargent, Thomas- Are you okay? Why are you here?

Hayley- He's not going to leave me alone. He'll find me when he's out. He'll find me. Sargent, he killed his wife. He'll kill me too. You can't let him get out of jail.

Carl laughs & has a satisfied grin on his face, seeing you scared.

Sargent, Thomas- Calm down, Hayley. Let's get you out of here.

Tears are now flowing down your face. You take a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves. You gasp & sit down on your hospital bed.

He comes over to you & pulls you into a strong embrace, you nestle into his chest, finding comfort in the most unlikely person.

Sargent, Thomas- You've been through a very stressful time Hayley. I get it. You need to remember what a strong person you are. Do you know what beats all these monsters in the end? Their victims living a long & happy life, not ever giving them a second thought. Don't give him the satisfaction.

His words shoot through you like a bolt of lightning. You look up to him, a warming look in your eyes. At that moment that was exactly what you needed to hear. You are a strong person. You will be okay in the end.

Hayley- Thank you for everything.

He lets go of you & walks towards the door.

Sargent, Thomas- I'm going to leave one of my officers outside of your door. I hope you understand, I can't have you walking around the hospital freely.

Hayley- I understand.

Sargent, Thomas- Get some sleep.

You snuggle into the thin hospital blanket & try to drift off. It takes a while, you can't stop thinning about Aaron. You want to see his gorgeous eyes again & hear his laugh.

Theo- Hayley? Hayley? Wake up..

You squint open your eyes to see Theo hovering over your bed. Her face looks flustered.

Hayley- What is it Theo?

Theo- Aaron's awake.

Your heart skips a beat. You have longed to hear those two words since you awoke yourself.

Hayley- Is he okay?

Theo- I think so. The doctors are with him now, but they said he has been talking.

Hayley- Oh, thank god. Can we go see him?

Theo- Once they're finished. Why don't you eat some breakfast & get ready? I brought you some clothes. I'll go check with the doctor.

You nod to your best friend & then rush around the room in a panic, you've never felt so relieved about something.

Theo comes back 20 minutes later.

Theo- Doctors said we can go see him. Are you ready?

Hayley- Yes, yes! Let's go.. Come on.

You rush out of your room after telling the officer where you're going, he insists he will have to accompany you. You understand, of course. As soon as you're outside Aaron's room, your heart starts beating faster. You push open the door & practically run to him.

Hayley- Aaron? Omg. You're really awake. Are you okay?

The words rush out of you like you can't get them out fast enough.

Aaron- Hayley? I can't tell you how happy I am that you're okay. I'm fine. I just feel a little foggy.

You plant a soft kiss on his forehead, then sit down on the seat behind him.

Theo- I'm glad to see you're okay Aaron. It sounds like you saved Hayley's life. Thank you..

Aaron- Well, I don't know about that Theo, but thank you.

They smile at each other.

Theo- Right. I'll go get us all some coffee & leave you two alone.

You turn your attention back to Aaron.

Hayley- I'm so sorry this happened to you baby.

He lifts his hand up & strokes your cheek.

Aaron- I'm so sorry he hurt you. When I saw you in that basement, it broke my heart.

You hold your tears back & stare into his gorgeous eyes.

Hayley- He's going to go to prison for a long time. I'm not going to give him the satisfaction of talking about him.

You remember Sargent's words. You finally feel a little happy again. Aaron & you are going to be okay.

Hayley- I just can't wait for you to get out of this bed & then we can go home... Together.

Aaron clears his throat & adverts his gaze. You notice immediately.

Hayley- What? What is it?

Aaron- Nothing I'm fine.

You study his eyes & pull back slightly.

Hayley- You can tell me Aaron. You can tell me anything?

Aaron- Shit Hayley. Just leave it. Let's not do it now.

You burrow your eyes in confusion.

Hayley- Do what now? Please baby? I'm just confused.

Aaron- Leave it. Please. I'll talk to you later.

Hayley- I love you Aaron. I'm sorry if I didn't say it enough, but I really do. I have never been so scared in my life.

He sighs & takes your hand in his.

Aaron- I love you too & I always will Hayley.

There is such a strange tension in the room & you've no idea where it's coming from. Aaron is shutting himself off from you. You almost don't want to ask your next question.

Hayley- Why do I feel like you're saying goodbye?

He runs his hand through his hair & shuffles in the bed.

Aaron- I said I don't want to this now.

His voice is slightly raised & you can see he is annoyed. This wasn't quite the reunion you were expecting. You throw your hands up as if to surrender.

Hayley- Okay, I'm sorry. You must be tired, you just have me a little confused. I'll come back later.

You start to get up from your chair & he grabs your hand.

Aaron- I'm so unbelievably happy that you're okay. I have never been so scared, I would take a bullet for you over & over again, but I don't want to come back. I need to be on my own.

Tears fall down your cheeks. You can't quite believe what you're hearing. Your voice comes out low & raspy.

Hayley- Why?

Aaron- I know.

Hayley- Know what?

Aaron- That you made out with Carl before he attacked you.

Silence. You've no idea what to say. You just stare at him. He looks unbelievably hurt & angry. There's nothing you can say to make this better, he will never know how much you regret that moment.

Aaron- In fact, I watched the whole fucking performance, along with Sargent, Thomas & a random woman, so thank you for that. Yes, Hayley. I love you, but right now I'm finding it hard to look at you.

You look down towards your hands. You want to run, run as fast as you can, but can't escape your shame. You look up towards him..

Hayley- I'm so glad you're okay. I'm going to go & let you rest. I'm so unbelievably sorry that I kissed him. I regret every second of it. Please know that.

You walk out of the room & curl into a ball on the floor. You didn't know your heart could ache like this.

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