Known Yet, Unknown?

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The End?

6 Months later...

Theo- You ready girly?

You take your best friend's hand & give it a squeeze.

Hayley- I'm ready.

A huge smile creeps across your face. It's your graduation day, you passed your exams & you've completed your degree..

Theo- I can't believe we did it. You're going to be a kickass designer & I'll be a smoking hot lawyer.

You both giggle. They start calling names one by one & you sit eagerly waiting. You can't help but keep glancing at the door.

Theo- Did you think he would come?

You turn to your best friend & sigh.

Hayley- Yeah, I really did. It's been months. Do you think he will ever forgive me?

Theo- Oh, Hayley. I don't know, but he would be crazy not to.

Aaron got out of the hospital 5 months ago now. You've tried your best to contact him, but he made it quite clear that he needs his space. You understand, of course, he had been shot & you devastated him.

Theo- Did you tell him about the after party at the club?

You nod your head.

Hayley- I don't think he'll come.

She's about to speak when your name is called. You put on your cap & walk to the stage, this is it, you did it. You have achieved your goal, but you feel so empty.

Theo- Woohoo.. Yay Hayley.

Theo cheers you when you receive your certificate. She follows not long after you, you're so proud of her. The afternoon is filled with talking to professors & lots of hugs from your very proud dad.

Theo- Right. You? Time to get our party going.

She grabs your hand & you laugh. You thought this moment would feel like a fresh start. It's time to put all of the horror behind you. Carl, is in prison & awaiting trial. You haven't seen him since that awful night at the hospital. He still creeps into your thoughts & you feel you'll never be able to really feel safe again.

Theo plants a shot down on the bar in front of you & you scrunch up your face.

Hayley- Theo, come on. It's too early.

Theo- The rest of our lives starts today & we never have to work at Claytons again. So, drink the bloody shot & celebrate with me.

You can't help but laugh at her, she's adorable. You clink your glass against hers & then knock it back.

Hayley- To the rest of our lives.

Theo- Yes, to the rest of our lives & rock & roll times.

She bursts out laughing, you think she may have had already a little too much at the university.
You recognize your fellow students piling up at the club & the place is getting more & more crowded. You & Theo dance for a little while & then move back to the bar for more drinks.

Theo- Don't make it obvious, but that guy over there is staring at you & he's totally hot.

You try to discreetly turn to see who it is.

Hayley- Ah, That's Tyler. He was in my class.

Theo- He studied Fashion?

Hayley- Yeah. Men's fashion.

Theo- Oh shit!! He's coming over. Just start laughing & pretend like we're talking about something else.

You roll your eyes at her & do as she says.

Tyler- Ahem. So sorry to interrupt Hayley. Just wanted to say congrats.

You smile up politely.

Hayley- You're not interrupting & you too... Well done.. I can't believe we made it through all those boring lectures.

He laughs & points at the seat next to you.

Tyler- Is this seat taken?

Hayley- No, help yourself.

Theo- I'm going to go to the ladies room. Excuse me.

She gives you a wicked smile & then she disappears.

Tyler- What arr you drinking?

Hayley- I'll have a glass of red please?

He shouts back at the bartender who comes back quickly with our drinks.

Tyler- I hope this isn't too forward, but I've noticed you for a while now.

You smile & put a stand of hair behind your ear & shuffle in your chair. You're so not ready to date yet.

Hayley- Thank you. That's sweet of you, but...

He interrupts you mid sentence.

Tyler- Would you like to go on a date with me?

You open your mouth, you're about to let him down gently, but before you can. You hear a voice from behind..

Aaron- No, she wouldn't. Now move.

You gasp, looking up at Aaron. He came..

Hayley- Aaron?

Aaron- Hey.. You look cute in that hat.

He flicks the cap on your head & you continue to stare at him. He hasn't spoken to you in months & yet he's acting like nothing has happened. Poor Tyler quickly gets up from his seat.

Tyler- I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were in a relationship.

Hayley- I'm sorry he can be really rude.

You shoot a look at Aaron & he smirks.

Tyler- I'll leave you to it.

He shoots off & you shout over the loud music.

Hayley- Sorry. Thanks for the drink.

You turn to Aaron.

Hayley- Was that really necessary?

Aaron- What? I was actually quite nice.

Hayley- Nice? That was really rude.

Aaron- Congratulations.

You blush & smile.

Hayley- Thank you. I thought you might have come.

Aaron- I got held up with work.

You nod at him & feel overwhelmed with emotion & tears start to pool in your eyes.

Hayley- Aaron, I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you like that. I don't even know why I kissed him. I think I was trying to find a reason for us not to work, because I was so scared of being in love with you again.

He leans forward & wipes a tear rolling down your cheek.

Aaron- Are you still scared?

You quickly respond.

Hayley- God. No. I want to be with you more than anything.

He grabs your hand.

You follow him outside. You think you might burst witg joy. He actually wants to talk.
You both go to the back of the club, there's a little seating area outside, with an outdoor heater.

Aaron- God, I've missed you.

Hayley- I've missed you too.. You've no idea. I thought about you everyday.

Aaron- I was so angry Hayley. I honestly didn't think I could get over it.

Hayley- But, you think you can now?

You say, looking hopeful.

Aaron- I thought about what you were going through at that time. How stressful everything got. I think I understand why it happened. We all make mistakes right?

Hayley- I'm so sorry Aaron. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I feel sick thinking about it. I want to make it up to you. I promise you're the only person I want to be with. I want you to be able to trust me again.

Your tears are now free falling down your face. He pulls you into his strong embrace & kisses your forehead.

Aaron- I do trust you baby. It's taken a while for me to think about it, but I can't live without you.

Hayley- So you think you want to be my boyfriend again?

He laughs & kneels down in front of you.

Aaron- I think I can do one better.

He pulls out a red velvet box & your heart is beating out of your chest.

Aaron- Hayley? I can't even put into words how much I love you & I do not want to spend a day without you. God, you drive me bloody crazy & I'm sure we'll have many, many arguments, but I never want to wake up without your face beside me. You are it for me, always have, always been. So.. Would you make me the happiest man alive & be my wife?

You gasp as he opens the box & presents to you a beautiful ring. It's a silver band with one oval shaped diamond in the middle.
Tears pool in your eyes, you've never felt so elated. God you love him so much.

Hayley- Of course I will. I love you soo much.

You leap to your feet & jump into his arms. He spins you around & you both passionately kiss. Everything is going to be fine. You know you will be happy as long as this man is beside you. The worst thing in the world happened to you a few months ago & you thought you'd die. Now you will live every day like it's your last with the man you love.

Carl's lawyer- Hi, How are you holding up?

Carl- It's not as bad as I expected. Just keeping my head down.

Carl's lawyer- Well, Bennett drives a hard bargain, but we finally came to a plea agreement.

Carl's eyes shoot up.

Carl- What have they offered?

Carl's lawyer- Well, They have you on one count of kidnapping & one count of attempted murder. Due to your influence within the community & the fact that you have no previous convictions, they're willing to offer 8 years if you plead guilty.

Carl sits back in his chair & runs his hand through his hair.

Carl's Lawyer- Look as your lawyer & your friend, I'm telling you, you do not want to go to trial. A jury will be so much harsher.

Carl- Did they say anything about good behavior?

Carl's Lawyer- Yes, with good behavior you can get out of the jail in 6 years. Take the deal Carl. 6 years is nothing.

A smirk appears across Carl's face.

Carl- Okay. I will accept the deal & plead guilty. I can wait for 6 years.

Carl's lawyer- Wait for what?

A crooked smile apoears across Carl's face.

Carl- To see her again..

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